The View From Mike's Face--April 18

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More ranting and complaining--not that it'll do any damn good!

Submitted: April 18, 2016

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Submitted: April 18, 2016



Hold onto something, cause I'm going to write about something I've never written about, ever--err--okay, it's the same complaint I've written about many, many, many times before. Our media's a joke, an unfunny, exasperating, they-should-be-embarrassed, joke. A huge earthquake in Ecuador, with hundreds dead or missing--a huge story that we should learn more about, right? Wrong! I had turned it to the BBC to get away from the incessant Trump-Cruz, Hillary-Sanders presidential races, and I saw actual news being covered. With Aljazeera going tits up, The BBC is about the only place to find what used to be known as full-coverage public service news. Instead, we get round-the-clock nausea-inducing speculation about the presidential race, as if that's the only news story that anyone cares about. It's a disgrace!

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