Upside Down-poem

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My Life


Wrong is right, left is right, and day is night.

Can you tell me why up is down, and dark is light?

Everything's a little off since I checked back in to reality.

I don't think I trust the things my eyes can see.


It's like a made-up scene in a made-up play,

and I'm just an untrained actor since the day

fate stepped in and I lost the hand,

and now I'm trying to move in quicksand.


Lightning-quick days give way to lightning-quick nights,

pass me by like a magician's trick, or the blink of an eye

If someone told me it would still be the monster chasing me,

I'd have said they're so wrong, negative, and crazy.



Submitted: September 29, 2015

© Copyright 2023 Mike Stevens. All rights reserved.

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Very good poem questioning the basics that we usually don’t consider within our lives. Well done.

Fri, April 19th, 2019 5:52pm

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