'Water-Ski' McFee!

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An Amazing, and inept, water-skier!

Submitted: April 16, 2016

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Submitted: April 16, 2016




Water, water, everywhere, and where there's water, Mcfee will sink!'

Okay, that's not word for word with the famous poem, but made you think!


Colin Mcfee, better know to the world as 'Water Ski',

never has there been a loser as hapless as he.



In his mind, at least, he was a flying duck towards water,

but the only thing he's flying towards is an H2O-inspired slaughter!



He pretends there's thousands watching as he sails high above

the deep, but the truth is he's alone, the word 'disaster' fits like a glove.


I'm pretty sure you not supposed to slash down on your head.

He's the water skier, who first aid products serve in good stead.


Repeat Pre-Chorus:



 'Water Ski' McFee will soon be splashing down.

If he were a ship, he's always run aground.

If you're watching from the shore, his flying skies are splayed,

as he splashes and crashes, as he puts on an epic-fail display!



Yes, if he were smart, he'd get another hobby,

but, he's not, and winds up water-loggy!


He flies though the air with the greatest of ease,

and spins a flying 360 to zero degrees!


Repeat Pre-Chorus:


Repeat Chorus:





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