Jigsaw Puzzle (Part 2)

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A man struggles to understand his past to work out where he is going to

Submitted: May 06, 2008

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Submitted: May 06, 2008




JACK is standing in a corner. He watches how people are talking but not actually saying anything worthwhile. The men are wearing tuxedos. JACK is not. However DANNI’S dress corroborates with the other women. JACK is drinking beer, others are drinking champagne. JACK watches as a man younger and better looking than him is talking to DANNI. BRIAN comes over to speak to him. He is also wearing a tuxedo.

BRIAN: Hello Jack. Interesting outfit.

JACK: Its a suit.

BRIAN: I thought I said tuxedo.

JACK: Nope you definitely didn’t who is that geezer?

JACK indicates towards the man speaking with DANNI.

BRIAN: Colin Cunningham. A complete genius. New Actor. Fantastic. Come on.

BRIAN and JACK walk over to speak to COLIN.

BRIAN: Col, this is Jack Bennett, up and coming writer.

COLIN shakes his hand.

JACK: Did you want to fuck my girlfriend?

COLIN: You what?

BRIANS face contorts into horror. DANNI is naturally embarrassed.

JACK: I said did you want to fuck my girlfriend?

COLIN: Now listen mate, I was only...

JACK: You can sniff around her all you like, but...

JACK leans over and speaks into COLINS ear.

JACK: but you continue to conduct yourself like that, I’ll cut them off.

JACK barges into COLINS shoulder and walks out the building. DANNI hands her drink to COLIN.

DANNI: I’m so sorry.

DANNI tries to run out of the room, but is constricted by the dress she is wearing.


JACK is walking off into the night. He still has his beer in his hand. DANNI tries to catch up with him.

DANNI: What the bloody hell are you playing at?

JACK stops to finish his drink off. This gives DANNI the opportunity to catch up. As he finishes the last gulp, he throws the glass on the floor. DANNI steps back at this. JACK continues to walk. Some shards of glass fly upwards and cut DANNI.

DANNI: Jesus.

She stops walking and starts to remove the pieces of glass. JACK turns to look. He looks at her and makes a couple of steps towards her before reconsidering and he walks off once more.

DANNI: (Quietly) You bastard.


JACK is quietly getting wasted in the corner. He downs a tequila and stares into space.

LISA: I can’t believe you.


LISA is standing over STANLEY. He is holding CHARLIE in her arms and feeding him with a bottle.

LISA: Why would you keep quiet about a thing like that?

STANLEY shrugs his shoulders.

STANLEY: Why would you care about it?

LISA: Don’t be so bloody naive.

STANLEY: Wrong word.

LISA: Yeah, you can be clever in front of me. Well done big man. What we supposed to do for money?

STANLEY: Well, why don’t you look for a job and I’ll look after Charlie. How would that suit  you.

LISA laughs at this suggestion.

LISA: You don’t even know how the washing machine works. You think I’d entrust you with my baby.

STANLEY: Right, well, you’ve made it pretty clear where I stand. I’m off.

STANLEY gets up from the sofa and virtually barges past LISA.

LISA: Thats it, walk away, like you always sodding do. You coward.

The door slams shut.


JACK slowly wakes up. He is still wearing his suit. He has covered himself with a newspaper. He sits up on the bench and rubs his face. A couple of joggers run past him. Their image of freshness is a contrast to his own. He slowly stands and staggers off.


JACK rips open a packet of Nurofen and shoves a couple into his mouth. He washes the pills down with an entire can of redbull. He crunches the can and looks for a bin, but as there isn’t one, he puts the can in his pocket.


JACK pulls his keys from his pocket and holds them in the air, trying to find the keyhole. However the door opens and DANNI is standing there.  She is dressed for work.

JACK: Alright?

She looks at him with disgust before walking back into the house. JACK follows her in.


DANNI is preparing her lunch for the day ahead. JACK lumbers into the room. He sits down and looks at her.

DANNI: Right I’m off.

DANNI leans over and kisses him in the cheek. Once she has left, JACK is unsure what to make of this. JACK gets up from the table and slowly climbs the stairs to his room.


JACK crashes down onto the seat in front of his computer. He switches it on and stares at the screen.  He starts to type.


STANLEY is clearing out his locker. There is little in there. A couple of shirts, a photo of a the Christmas party and a newspaper cutting regarding STANLEY. STANLEY carefully folds the photograph and places it in his pocket. The newspaper cutting and shirts are shoved into a plastic bag.


THE CHIEF is staring at STANLEY but he is looking down. There a large mark on the door from where STANLEY kicked it.

THE CHIEF: I’ve got bad news Stanley.

STANLEY shrugs.

THE CHIEF: I’ve been speaking to Connors Mum and she definitely wants to pres charges over this one....there is nothing I can do.

STANLEY: There is. You just choose not to because you don’t want to help me.

THE CHIEF scoffs at this.

STANLEY: Its true. The irony is, you would have acted exactly the same at my age.

They exchange a look.

THE CHIEF: I’m on your side Stan...I’m one of the very few people that is. You must see that?

STANLEY: No you’re not. Look, I realise where this is probably going, so I’ll leave now and then I’m no further cause for embarrassment am I?

STANLEY gets up from the table and walks off.


BRIAN is sitting at the table. He is still in his suit from the previous evening. He examines the trinkets of BRIANS desk. There is an unrecognisable award, a stack of scripts but no form of personification. BRIAN enters the room, closing the door behind him.

BRIAN: I think we need to chat.

BRIAN slowly walks over to the desk and sits. He smiles at JACK.

BRIAN: I had a word with Colin, I explained to him the amount of pressure you were under. I said you were never normally like that. He is willing to let you buy him a pint or two. What do you reckon?

There is a moments silence between them

JACK: What did you think of the script then?

BRIAN: There’s elements I like, definitely elements, but I think you’re straying from the whole race issue. I think you’re creating too much empathy towards the police at the moment and the Mother, I don’t like the Mother, I want her to be more in your face you know...you know like one of those old school protesters...like them.

JACK: Yeah, they were marvellous weren’t they?

JACK smiles at him insincerely.

BRIAN: Exactly, it’s the kind of story that needs to be told. Prejudice, racism all that stuff, it’ll be perfect.

JACK: But that isn’t my story is it?

BRIAN starts to laugh at this.

BRIAN: Oh Jack...and I also think we need to spice up the whole relationship with Stanley and Lisa. More sex.


LISA is washing vomit out of her top. STANLEY arrives home and slams the door.


STANLEY walks into the living room and stops on the spot. LISA enters the room. She walks past STANLEY and sits on the chair and looks at him.

LISA: Well? You swan in and out without a word, Charlie’s starting to forget who you are, this place is a state, not gonna get no help from you am I?

STANLEY slowly turns to look at her. He drops the bag of the floor, and calmly walks towards the window. He punches the pane. LISA jumps. STANLEYS hand starts to drip with blood but he ignored it. He calmly walks over to LISA. He places his hands on the arm of the chair she is sitting in and moves his head towards hers.

STANLEY: Well at least that won’t need washing now will it...you are a nag woman, you never listen to what I have to say. I’m going to be charged, I will face a fine, I may go to prison. Between that time, I’m going to do what I want.

STANLEY wipes his bloodstained hand over her top. She slaps him around the face. He does not move.

STANLEY: I wouldn’t do that. I’ll let you off this once though.

STANLEY picks up CHARLIE and takes him upstairs. LISA is shaking slightly from the ordeal.


JACK is typing when he comes to a stop. He stares at what he has written. He leans over and picks up his phone. He starts to dial. It switches to voicemail. JACK considers hanging up.

JACK: Look, I’m sorry about yesterday, I was drunk and I was a twat. I know this isn’t enough. I hate arguing, you think I would’ve learnt I’ll never win...Call me back when you get this...if you want to.

JACK hangs up.


There are groups of families wondering in and out of the carpark, many of them appear happy. The ones entering the fair full of hope the ones emerging, looking content. Children are running around playing with Balloons and various other fairground trinkets.


The young JACK is sitting in his parents car. His eyes are welling up with tears but he makes sure he wipes them away before they can form. In the front seat, PERRY and his Mother, BEVERLEY are arguing.

PERRY: You stupid bitch, you stupid bloody bitch.

BEVERLEY: You don’t even know why you’re calling me that. You’re only saying it to sound like a big man.

PERRY: I should smack you in the mouth for talking like that. You’re just a whore.

BEVERLEY: What do you know about me eh?

PERRY: I know you’re a dirty whore, who spreads her legs when I’m not there.

BEVERLEY slaps him. PERRY slaps her back, with more force. JACK winces at the sight of this but refuses to react. PERRY starts up the car. BEVERLEY holds her face.


JACK is staring at the screen. He rubs his face and starts to type.


STANLEY is lying in front of the television screen. LISA is ironing her clothes. There is a knock at the door. There is no movement from STANLEY. LISA slams down the iron.

STANLEY listens as she opens the door. He recognises the voice.  It is MATT. MATT enters the room. He notices the back door is boarded up.

MATT: Hello mate.

STANLEY nods without looking at him.

LISA: You’re wasting your time.

MATT: Yeah, well, he’s gonna have to listen. Stan....

MATT gets up from the sofa and switches the television off. STANLEY looks at him with disgust.

MATT: Oi, don’t start all that. Just listen to what I’ve got to say alright and then you can return to your pit. That boy’s Mum came in.


The room is empty apart from a table which MATT is sitting at. Opposite him are CONNOR and DEE.

DEE: Look, I’m not some crusader, but I want you to understand, he is my son, so I want to see something done. You can understand that?


STANLEY: What kind of excuse is that?

LISA: You said you smacked him.

STANLEY: Well I wouldn’t expect you to take my side would I?

LISA looks at MATT and then shakes her head.

MATT: All I’m saying is, I don’t think the whole apology thing is going to work?

STANLEY: It was a bloody accident.

LISA: How can you hit someone by accident?

STANLEY: Its not that hard.

The pair exchange a look.


DEE: I mean Connor is skinny, but I know for a fact he has been in enough fights and he has never looked like that.

MATT looks at her sympathetically and rubs his face in his hands.


STANLEY: Thanks a lot mate.

MATT: What?

STANLEY: You didn’t do anything to help.

MATT: What do you want me to say?

STANLEY gets up and walks off. He slams the door behind him.

MATT: What can I do? Why am I the one whose being made to feel guilty?

LISA: That’s what he does.

MATT: We need to question him again aswell.

LISA: Jesus.


JACK is sat at his computer. He pulls his fingers away from the keyboard and stares at the screen.


JACK is sitting at the table with his friend THOMAS and a girl called FAYE. JACK is sitting opposite the pair.

THOMAS: You don’t know the answer?


THOMAS starts to laugh at this, FAYE soon joins in.

JACK: I tried. I was trying to do it right.

The laughter increases. It spreads around the room to the other children including the teacher.


STANLEY is lying stretched out on the bed. His eyes are closed, but occasional twitches and movements suggest he is not asleep. He is wearing his shoes. LISA comes into the room. She sits on the end of the bed, staring at his face until he wakes up.

LISA: I know you’re awake.

STANLEY: So what do you want?

LISA: I need to talk. Something Matt said.

STANLEY: His undying love.

LISA punches STANLEY in the leg. This makes him open his eyes.

STANLEY: For Christ sake woman.

LISA: You might be happy to piss your life down the drain but I ain’t because you’re taking me and Charlie with it. You need to sort yourself out. For once in your life why don’t you be a man?

STANLEY: (Laughing) The manhood putdown.

LISA: Its not a putdown.

STANLEY: There pretty much nothing left for you to say to me anymore Lis, I mean we’ve not been together that long have we? Yet you’ve said it all.

LISA: I know you don’t listen.

STANLEY: Just sod off will you? I’m trying to kip.

LISA: You don’t want to hear what I’ve got to say then?

STANLEY: I don’t, but I’m sure I will.

STANLEY closes his eyes.

LISA: Alright, alright. I won’t tell you, I won’t tell you that they want you to go in to be questioned.

STANLEY opens his eyes. LISA walks out of the room. He jumps up from the bed and follows her out. She has gone down the stairs. He leans over the banister.

STANLEY: Oh you’re very clever aren’t you? We know you’re more intelligent than me, we know I hold you back.

STANLEY rushes down the stairs, almost tripping up.


LISA is slicing a cucumber.

STANLEY: So what did he say?

LISA: That was it. Speak to him.

STANLEY: There must have been more, was there?

LISA ignores him.

STANLEY: Was there?

STANLEY grabs her arm, she turns aggressively to shrug it off, she slices his finger as he does this. He sits down at the table and holds the cut. LISA looks at what she has done. She pulls a piece of kitchen roll from the holder and tenderly wraps it around his finger. There is a look between them. She ensures the paper is tightly wrapped before walking off.


JACK and DANNI are sharing a couple of drinks together. JACK is a little drunk. DANNI is sober. Her glass is more full than his. DANNI is dressed in her work clothes. She has deliberately buttoned up the jacket.

DANNI: You’re message was pathetic.

JACK: I know.

DANNI: The little boy act.

JACK: I know. You don’t have to shove it down my throat.

DANNI: You should have seen you the other day. It was a joke.

JACK: I was hammered and he was too good looking weren’t he?

DANNI: So? Just because he was better looking than you doesn’t mean I’m going to go off with him.

JACK: Thanks.

DANNI: You know what I mean.

JACK: I’m going for a piss.

JACK gets up and walks off. DANNI takes a small sips from her drink and looks around the pub. It is virtually empty. There are a couple of lads playing pool. One of them continues to look over at her. She smiles back. He starts to walk over to her. He is dressed older than he is.

LAD: You want a drink?

DANNI: Do I look like I need a drink.

LAD: You smiled.

DANNI appears a little confused by this remark.

LAD: You wanted me to come over.

DANNI: I did?

LAD: Come on love.

JACK walks back into the room. He sees the situation that is unfolding. He walks back to the table and sits. The lad turns to look at him.

JACK: You carry on.

JACK sips his drink.

LAD: I see. Cockteaser.

The lad slumps off back to the pool table.

DANNI: Little tosser. He is barely shaving.

JACK: Yep.

JACK smiles at her sarcastically and continues to drink.


JACK is a little more intoxicated but he is still in control. DANNI is a little drunk also. She is in control but her voice has increased. JACK leans over towards DANNI but then sits back.

DANNI: What?

JACK: Nothing.

DANNI: No, what?

JACK: It was nothing, don’t worry.

DANNI sits back in her chair.

DANNI: Thats so annoying.

JACK: What is?

DANNI: That is?

JACK: What?

DANNI: When people do that?

JACK: Do what?

DANNI: Doesn’t matter....what were you going to say?

JACK: It doesn’t matter..I mean it does but it doesn’t. You know what I mean?

DANNI: You’re a dick.

JACK takes another long sip of his drink.

JACK: I’ve done something. I think you’ll be happy with it, but I’m not entirely sure, I know you’ve a tendency to fly off the handle.

DANNI: Yep, kettles, pot, black.

JACK: Yeah whatever. Look I need to show you what it is.

DANNI: What are you banging on about/?

JACK: Just finish that.


JACK is walking along, holding DANNI’S hand, he is virtually dragging her. They come to his old house. They are on the opposite side of the road. They stop walking.

JACK: This is my old house.

DANNI: Good.

DANNI’S eyes are half closed, and she is perched on the edge of a brick wall. JACK looks at his watch.

JACK: Bang on.

The door of the house opens, and the man who lives there steps out, he walks over to his car and gets in.

JACK: Right.

JACK grabs DANNI by the hand and drags her across the road. They reach the steps of the house before.

JACK: Listen, you’re gonna think what I’ve done is mental. I apologise but I wasn’t acting maliciously. Wait here.

DANNI perches on the edge of the little wall in front of the house. She is sitting with her back to the house.

JACK unlocks the door. DANNI turns to look. JACK is beckoning her toward the house with his hand. She stands and slowly walks up the steps. The speed of JACKS beckoning increases. She reaches the porch.

JACK (Whisper): Get inside.

JACK virtually pushes her into the house. He quickly looks around before following her in. He quietly closes the door.


DANNI is staring at JACK. She appears puzzled. JACK  is not paying any attention to her at the moment. He walks through. He is breathing heavily and quickly. He has to sit on the floor. DANNI walks over to him.

DANNI: What the hell are you playing at? Who gave you them keys.

JACK looks up at her and then at the wall.

JACK: Nobody....I did it myself....they were under the mat.

DANNI: Oh my God.

DANNI walks towards the door. JACK jumps up and rushes after her, grabbing her by the arm.

JACK: Just listen to me.

DANNI: You’ve lost it.  Too much time in that room writing. Its pickled your brain.

JACK: Its where as I lived as a child...I just wanted to go back.

DANNI shakes her head.

JACK: Don’t do that. You never listen, you never bloody listen.

DANNI: If we’re going to have this argument, how about we do it at home?

JACK: This is my home.

There is a silence. DANNI takes both JACKS hands in hers.

DANNI: Look, I don’t understand what this is. Just talk to me about it. I’m not having a go.

DANNI moves her hands up to his face.

DANNI: Get rid of that key and we’ll talk about it.

DANNI: Please.

JACK looks at her.


STANLEY is sitting in the same clothes as the day before. He has a small bandage wrapped around his finger. He is sitting opposite MATT and the CHIEF. STANLEY is clearly unhappy.

STANLEY: Very nice of you to do this sir...thought you might have been too busy.

THE CHIEF: I wanted to help.

STANLEY: Oh I see.

STANLEY smiles wryly at this. MATT presses record on the machine.

MATT: Interview commencing with STANLEY MALLOY at 10.30am.

STANLEY: I taught you him how to do that.

MATT: Stanley.

STANLEY: Not that difficult I know, but he is pretty thick.

THE CHIEF: Stanley, Connor Chambers has made an accusation that...

STANLEY: Its not an accusation is it, we know its the truth, we know I did it. The whole point of me being here is to prove that I acted correctly. If I was placed in the same situation I do it again.

THE CHIEF leans over to turn the recorder off.

STANLEY: You shouldn’t do that.

THE CHIEF: Stop acting like a bloody kid.

STANLEY: Oh here we go.

THE CHIEF: Stop blaming everyone else Stanley. Be a man.

THE CHIEF leans over and presses record. STANLEY belches.


CONNOR is sitting in front of MATT.

MATT: So can you tell me what happened next?

CONNOR: I dunno really, I saw him, your mate, he came towards me I put me hands up like this.

CONNOR indicates.

CONNOR: But it went nuts.

MATT: What do you mean?

CONNOR: Well what do you think I mean eh?

CONNOR indicates towards his bruised face.


MATT and THE CHIEF are still interviewing STANLEY.

STANLEY: We’re just going in circles. The whole thing is bloody pointless.

THE CHIEF: You need to be honest.

STANLEY: I thought that was my problem.

There is a look between them.

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