Dead In My Mind

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Can you feel me

Submitted: October 27, 2011

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Submitted: October 27, 2011



Trapped inside my skin

My mind tangles my life

The sun is out

But I can’t see the day

Blind to all the smiles

I’m tied up in a spider web

Not sure if I’m the fest

Or the king at the table

My hands held high for help

God can’t feel my life

Walking through the unknown

Looking back

How did I lose so many days?

My memories over flow

I’m blind to the good times

I’ve taken many chances

The bank is full

I have had many women

The best sex!

I even had true love

I somehow killed it all


The shadows have run away

Cold tired eyes are all that’s left

That place in my mind still ticks

I can’t turn it off!

Why me?

I look out the window

Families walk by having fun

Soaking up the sun

They say there prays before bed

Sleeping sound and safe

My eyes are wide open

Always looking behind me

Trying to see who’s calling me

My mind bent to realty

Deep thoughts take me

The day has slipped away

One more time

The sun is down

My skin severs words roll around

I try to sleep

But I’m up looking in the mirror

Trying to see that shadow behind me

I can’t turn it off!


No one hears or understands me

The mirror is perfect

But through my eyes it’s shattered

I puke up my pain

I grab the air with my hands

Squeezing with anger

Shut up!

Shut up!

Leave me alone

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