"Keyboard Cassanova"

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Jane Louder is not only drop dead gorgeous, but she's also a powerful attorney in a prestigious New York City law firm...Jane finds herself so turned on by the sensual emails she keeps receiving from a "mystery man"....She's a married woman but she cannot help but fall into the spell of this "keyboard cassanova".....

Submitted: February 06, 2014

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Submitted: February 06, 2014



Jane Louder crossed her legs and stared at her keyboard as people strolled by her desk and peeped over her shoulder. "
"You look absolutely gorgeous today", the mystery man replied. This man had been sending her messages for the last two weeks.  Jane giggled at this message but she loved the fact that a man was telling her how beautiful she was. Jane's husband hadn't paid her a compliment in years. He was too busy trying to make partner at the firm where he worked. Her sex life was completely dull and eventhough she loved Mark Louder very much,the attention from another man was quite refreshing. "I would love to nibble on your neck and lightly rub in between your legs" he said. Jane found herself becoming extremely horny and was now becoming quite wet. She logged off her computer and quickly headed toward the ladies room. She was soaking wet When she entered the stall she immediately unbuttoned her skirt and lowered her thong panties to the floor. She thought about the seductive words from her "mystery" man as she rubbed her clitoris. Jane tried not to moan too loudly. She had noticed that someone was in the stall next to hers.  Jane Louder had everything. She had a huge house on the beach. She had a booming career as one of New York's most sought after attorneys. Her two daughters were both honor roll students at a private school in lower Manhattan. Jane was sexually starved though. She needed to be fucked like a slut and her husband definitely wasn't up for the task.


When Jane returned to her desk she was greeted by Old Man Bill. Old Man Bill was a older hispanic man who worked as a janitor at Jane's law firm. He was obviously very sweet on Jane Louder. "You smell great",he said. "Why thank you Bill",she replied. Jane was probably the only person at the firm who actually talked to Bill Laundry. He often smelled like alcohol and would ramble on and on about his days in the Navy. Jane would sit patiently and listen as he talked about his days on the USS George Washington. Her father was in the Navy,so she was actually quite entertained with Bill's crazy "drunken sailor" stories. Bill stared at her long legs as he emptied the trash can beside her desk. "Your husband is such a lucky man",he said. Jane smiled politely as she typed away on her computer. Bill was harmless. He was just a older man who constantly told Jane how pretty she was. Jane Louder actually had a few guys at the firm who were quite sweet on her. She was tall,blonde,and had legs to die for.,,,,Jane couldn't help but wonder who the "mystery man" behind the keyboard was. He definitely worked at the firm because he would always compliment her on what she was wearing and describe her clothing to a "tee". One would think that this preppy little "barbie" from Southern California would've been a little creeped out by a man sending her sexy instant messages but she was becomimg more and more turned on by the day..........


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