An Office Romance part 4 onward

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A continuation cause for whatever reason, the other story was being a fucktard.
Almost done by the way.. But I might do extras

Submitted: August 23, 2012

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Submitted: August 23, 2012



An Office Romance

Part 4

The morning began as usual. Sun seeped through my window and onto my face, forcing me to cringe and roll over, but of course, that only disturbed me all the more. I opened my eyes, glancing at the alarm clock, but not actually registering what numbers where glowing on it. I shifted uncomfortably. For some reason, the pillow beneath my head was—for whatever reason—harder than it should be. I looked down, trying as hard as I could without having to turn my head. An arm? It couldn’t be mine. I turned back, following the length of the arm back to Hayden, who lay naked beside me, fast asleep and content. That dampened my morning already. Reliving the night before hand was rough; now I had to live on knowing that I preferred men. I sighed and looked at the alarm clock again. This time though, I actually registered the time. I shot up, practically ripping the blanket off Hayden and myself. I glanced back at Hayden’s nude body and grimaced. It wasn’t the most pleasant thing to see first thing in the morning. I grabbed my pants, which had been so rudely chucked onto the floor next to the bed in the heat of the moment last night. I pulled them on, and did the zipper and buttons up.

“Get up!” I said, throwing Hayden’s clothes at him after I had collected them all. “We’ll be late for work, and you still have to go home and get changed.” I left the room, muttering something about how I should have made Hayden leave last night after we finished. I went out to the kitchen and began making coffee and toast. Hayden soon emerged from the bedroom, no life found in his eyes. I sighed at him. “At least I know you’re not a morning person,” I shook my head and handed him a cup of coffee. “Thank you,” he replied lifelessly. He sipped the coffee a few times, and eventually his senses came back to him. I looked at me for a moment, which freaked me out a little, so I turned away and pretended to tend to the toast. I think he knew I was uncomfortable, because when he got up from his chair, I flinched. He moved over to me and hugged me from behind. “H-Hayden, what are you doing so early in the morning?” I tried to squirm out of his grip, but he didn’t like that idea. Hayden pushed my body until I was forced to face him and he stared into my eyes. “You’re still half asleep, aren’t you?” I asked him, still squirming. “Nope,” he replied. “I just wanted breakfast.” “I’m making it! Let go!” Of course, I doubted that the toast was the breakfast he wanted. He leaned in; closing what little gap there was between us and pressed his lips to mine, and entangling them together. He didn’t risk a French kiss so early in the morning since as men we were certainly more prone to getting turned on when we were still half asleep.

Eventually, the lack of oxygen got to me and I pulled away, drawing as much air in as I humanly could. “Hayden,” I gasped. “I understand that you’re happy, but we’re already running late.” I think the temporary moment of near suffocation had also gotten to him, since he was also panting. “Sorry,” he said. “I’m just happy I finally have you.” I looked away. I didn’t really know what the situation was now. Were we dating? Were we still just friends? It was hard to tell; after all, Jake and I had had a brief relationship and we weren’t dating. Hayden must have picked up on the insecurity I was feeling. “Craig,” he almost sighed. “Do you return my feelings?” The question caught me off-guard, and I sort of slunk back as far as I could into the bench behind me. “I don’t know,” I finally replied. This time, Hyden really did sigh. “I understand,” he said, looking a little dejected. “Then let me reword my question. ‘Will you be my partner?’” How embarrassing; as if I was going to even gratify that with answer. I simply whacked him over the head with my hand, my previous demeanour returning. “Stop talking nonsense,” I said pointing to the chair he had sat in while drinking his coffee. Obediently, he sat back in his seat and continued sipping his coffee. It wasn’t long after that that the toast popped out from the toaster. I set it up on the table and put a few different things down (butter, vegemite, peanut butter, jam, etc.) to have on them. Hayden didn’t hesitate as dove straight in. It wasn’t surprising; he still was a growing boy after all.

After we finished eating, I practically pushed Hayden out the door and told him to go home and get dressed properly. In that time, I cleaned up the dishes, got dressed and made myself presentable. It was at that time that the recognisable tone of my iPhone sounded. I picked it up looking at the notification that sat on the screen. A text from Jake? I opened it up and read it.


I’m sorry, but I can’t protect you from Hayden anymore. I’ve entered a new relationship… I think, so if I continue to protect you like I have been, my new boyfriend will probably become really jealous. I can still be friends with you, but this guy is pretty… scary. Sorry, for everything that’s happened.

I’ll talk to you again soon.

I couldn’t tell whether I was relieved or upset. I had only known Jake for a few days, but I had become extremely close to him and he had helped me a lot. Thinking about it though, I didn’t have a say in it. I decided to reply to him.

It’s alright, Jake.

Things have progressed differently than what I anticipated anyway. I’m glad you’ve found a new relationship; it saves you having to stick to someone who is only confused. I hope he makes you happy.

I sent it and put my phone down, wanting to collect a few documents to take to work, but I only got a foot or two away before my phone tolled again.

You slept with Hayden!?

Are you serious? Even after all the work I went through? Are you dating him?

I sighed. I thought this may have happened. I was happy for Jake, I don’t understand why he couldn’t just be happy for me, even though I wasn’t actually dating Hayden.

No. I did sleep with him, but only to confirm whether I preferred men or not. He asked me to go out with him, but I avoided the question. Let’s talk about it next time we see each other. I have to go to work now. Thank you for telling me.

I got no reply, so I assumed he wanted to stop disturbing me. I left right on time, which was amazing considering how long it usually took me to get ready. I knew Hayden would make it in late so I decided to talk to the chief of his department. Lucas was a stern looking man, but he was one of those people who really didn’t mean any harm. I rode the elevator to Hayden’s floor and hopped off, searching for Hayden’s department. I eventually found it, Lucas yelling at someone as usual. I chuckled, and he noticed. “What is it, Craig?” Lucas wasn’t a close friend like Jonathan was, but I still enjoyed his company. Not in that kind of way, thank you, to all the dirty minded people reading this. “Nothing,” I replied. “But you’ll never get a girlfriend like that, you know?” This made all the younger employees laugh, but those who had worked there for a few years kept their mouths shut as Lucas glared at everyone who laughed. “Is it safe to assume you’ve found a girl then, Craig?” he asked turning back to me. “You could say that,” I replied with a slight smile. “This isn’t about that though. Hayden will be late today. I asked him out drinking last night and he didn’t exactly beat me.” It wasn’t a truthful excuse of course, but I wasn’t going to announce that I was sleeping with a man almost ten years my junior. “Okay,” he replied, going back to his desk. “Since it’s you, I’ll let it slide.”

It was certainly on benefit to being Vice-president. The day was filled with the usual work, but what really stood out during the day was my lunch break. I was leaving my office when Hannah appeared from the other side of the hall and asked if I would go and see Jonathan. Obviously I obliged, since she seemed as though it was a little urgent. I hurried off to Jonathan’s office, knocking on the door and letting myself in. “Ah! Craig, good,” he said standing up. He hurried over and made a motion where I thought he would shake my hand, but instead, he took my hand and sort of hugged me. Was he in a good mood? “Jonathan, is something wrong?” I asked, almost worried. “No, no,” he said hurriedly. “I have good news, well, sort of.”

The two of us walked over to the lounge area where a whole heap of Chinese takeaway was piled up for us. Oh it’s one of these moments. Jonathan was about to share something with me that he probably wouldn’t dare tell anyone else. “I’ve found someone,” he said, sitting down across the coffee table. I blinked for a moment, I was sort of expecting this, but I didn’t think Jonathan would try and start a relationship so early on. “Are you sure that they’re right for you?” I asked, concerned for his wellbeing. “Yes!” he instantly replied. “I want to spend my life with him!” HIM? “Wait,” I asked, trying to get my bearings. “You are in love with a man?” Well if that wasn’t the turn of the century, I don’t what was. “Yes, and not only that,” Oh dear God, there’s more? “We’re going out.” Jonathan pulled his phone from his pocket and tapped at it before he turned the screen. There, lying down and asleep was Jake. I was about ready to have an epileptic fit. I didn’t want to hurt Jonathan, but I had to tell him the truth. “Craig? You okay?” “Aha-actually, I’ve slept with him before.” His smile dropped. “What?” “It wasn’t by choice, I swear! I didn’t even know he knew you!” “We met last night,” he said. I couldn’t help but sigh in relief.

“I’ll explain everything to you,” I said. “I got really drunk a few days ago and I think I may have bar hopped to a gay bar where I met Jake. I don’t remember much, but I do remember our… time together.” “Oh, well as long as there’s nothing serious between you.” “There’s more,” I looked down. “Hayden, the trainee, attacked me and Jake has been protecting me from him, but now I’m sort of in a relationship with Hayden.”

Jonathan stared at me blankly. “So,” he finally said. “You’re not with Jake?” “No.” “You’re with Hayden?” “Yes-No-I don’t know.” The situation was becoming desperate. “Do you love Hayden?” “I don’t know. I only realised I was gay last night.” Jonathan sighed. “Well this is weird.” “You’re telling me?” “I don’t mind you being friends with Jake, but no more sleeping with him.” “I only did it once!” There was a moment of silence and then we both started laughing. “You can have Jake,” I said. “I really don’t think it’d work between us anyway."

“Oh yeah? So, you picked an older on than Jake, how’s his ass?” Another moment of silence. “What do you mean?” “You know,” he laughed. “It’s tighter than a woman, right?” Another moment of silence. “Oh don’t tell me you were the one being fucked?” he yelled. “Shhh!” I warned him. “You don’t need to announce it to the world. Wait. Does that mean you did Jake?” “Of course; I’d never be the bottom.” This was escalating far too quickly for comfort.

“Well, whatever you like,” Jonathan said, opening up one of the boxes of Chinese. “You should hurry up and start dating Hayden. From the way he stands at your door before going in for reports must mean that he really loves you.” “He’s young, his heart will change,” I sighed, but Jonathan just stared at me. “Jake’s heart may change too, but do you see me getting all closed off because of it? Life is about risks. And hey, if we ever become single again; I’ll comfort you.” I glared at him. “That really doesn’t sound the same as it did nine years ago.” He laughed and we continued talking as we ate.

It didn’t feel like too long before Hayden was knocking on my door to give me his report. “Come in,” I said. My chair was turned from him. I didn’t know how to face him now. I had decided that I wanted to try a relationship with him, but I didn’t know whether he still wanted to after this morning. “I’ve come to give you my report, Cr-Mr Tanning,” he said quietly. I could tell he didn’t want to be here. “Good,” I said. “Out with it then.” Hayden gave his report all too quickly and as he went to leave, unconsciously, I stood up and called his name. It surprised even me. “I—Uh,” I began, trying to find a way to structure what I wanted to say. “You see—the thing is.” Hayden stopped me. “its okay, Mr Tanning, I know you don’t want to be with me, so I won’t bother you anymore.” Anger welled up in me. How dare he put words in my mouth! “Whoever said I didn’t want to be with you?”

I had done it again. My face turned bright red and I lost any composure I had. “Well—That is, I want to be with you… if you still want me.” It was less than a second before I was in Hayden’s arms. Was he always this warm? “Thank you,” he said. I could feel warm tears hitting my neck. “I’m unbelievably happy.” “You’re such a kid,” I chuckled, but I was cut off when his lips found mine. This was the first time I had ever been this happy to be kissed. Things were going to be so different now.
“Hayden,” I said, smiling at him. “I love you too.”

An Office Romance

Part 5

“Hayden,” my voice came quickly. “You’re going too fast. I know you’re happy, but I want to savour this too.” It stalled him for a moment. This afternoon, I had taken Jonathan’s advice and gotten over myself, and my fears. I told Hayden the truth, that I loved him. Although, you’re reading this and probably thinking ‘bullshit, you’re an asshole and you’ve acted like one all throughout this!’ And if you didn’t, you are now. Even as the main character of a story, I have a few secrets, even from you. “I want to love you slowly, Craig,” Hayden said, resting his head on my shoulder. “But it feels like a dream. I need to take you now, before you slip right through my fingers.” I couldn’t help but sigh and smile. I wanted Hayden too. The situation was completely surreal, and Hayden wasn’t the only one who felt as though it might end at any moment.

“I’m not going anywhere,” Hayden, I said quietly, lifting my hand to his cheek. “I promise. I want this as much as you do, so please, be gentle.” And he was extremely gentle. Hayden had been gentle the first time we had sex, but this time was more so. He ravished me, and satisfied me until I had nothing left to give. We had started. Hayden had my everything and I had his.

It’s been eight months since that day, and Hayden and I are living together. Jake and Hayden have become close friends, which is good because it gives Jonathan and I some time to talk. We go out together regularly. But today is a little different. Today everyone has gathered in my apartment to throw me a party in honour of my Thirtieth birthday. It wasn’t the most appealing of occasions, but I was happy that more people than usual had turned out to help me celebrate. Jonathan, Jake and Hayden came. Even Lucas and Hannah—who obviously now knew about Jonathan and myself—came. “Craig,” I heard Hayden say, probably picking up that I was lost in my own thoughts again. “Come and open your presents.” “Don’t treat me like a kid,” I chuckled, kissing his cheek gently. I could see that Hannah enjoyed the intimacy that Hayden and I shared, because when I kissed his cheek, her face lit up with a smile and she almost giggled. Were girls always this strange? “Come on,” Hayden said again, pushing my toward the coffee table which had a few gifts on it. “Go ahead.”

I looked at the packages of various colour and size. The first on I picked up was a pink bag. Inside was a package and card. I opened the card which read;

To Craig,

Happy thirtieth birthday

It’s good to see you’ve still got it. This is a gift from me to you, so use it wisely.


I had a strange feeling. Instead of taking the package out of the bag, I left it in and ripped the crate paper off, revealing a few black leather straps. I looked at Hannah suspiciously who had a devilish smirk across her face. It was then I knew exactly what it was. I crushed the opening of the bag before anyone could see what was in it—particularly Hayden—and hid the bag under the lounge. “Hey!” Jake said, trying to pull the bag between my legs. “You have to show us what it is!” I slapped his hand. “I don’t have to show you anything. You probably already have one anyway.” It worked as a distraction as he tried to figure out what was in the bag, so I continued my ‘treasure hunt’. The next present I picked up was a grey box with no card. I looked at it questioningly. “Oh, that’s from me,” Lucas said with a smile. I smiled back at him, praying that his gift was at least a little less obscene than Hannah’s gift. I undid the ribbon that bound the box to its lid. Inside sat a silver Rolex wrist watch. “Lucas,” I said in awe. “You didn’t have to get something so expensive.” He shrugged. “If you can afford it, you might as well get it, right?” He gave a chuckle before take a sip from him glass.

That last bag sat on the table. Oh, this must be from Jake and Jonathan. I opened the bag cautiously. My suspicions were confirmed. There, in the bottom of the bag sat various boxes of sex toys. I shoved the bag under the lounge with Hannah’s ‘gift’. I looked up and glared at Jake and Jonathan, who were cuddling on the lounge adjacent from me. “Thank you, Jake, Jonathan. I’m sure your gift will go to great use.” Jonathan laughed but didn’t say anything. “Thank you everyone, for your gifts and suppo-” “Wait!” came Hayden’s voice again. “I haven’t given you my gift yet!” I was about to protest and tell him he didn’t need to get my anything, but he pushed himself behind me on the lounge and kissed me, almost completely distracting me from what he was doing with my hand. When he pulled away, I blinked and looked down at my right hand. There, positioned on my ring finger, was a silver ring with a tribal pattern situated within it and a small diamond hidden within the silver.

A hot flush crossed my cheeks. “Hayden!” I said, happy to have such a gift, but upset that he didn’t listen to me. “I told you not to get something too expensive!” “It wasn’t expensive enough,” he said gently with a smile. “These are my emotions, all conveyed by one small object; I love you, and I want to stay with you forever.” He lifted my right hand gently, and brought the ring to his lips and kissed it. “How embarrassing do you want to be?” I asked him. “One luxury item a year won’t kill you,” Jake said. “I know,” I replied.

The rest of the day was spent drinking and laughing. Hayden and I prepared food together and served it to our guests. It was all too quiet when they left. “Hayden,” I said, picking up a few plates that had been left on the table. “I’m going to take a shower, okay?” “Okay,” he said with smile. A shower was a nice feeling after a long day. It wasn’t that I hadn’t enjoyed it, it was simply tiring. The hot water felt good, running through my hair and over my body. I felt calmer. Eventually I convinced myself that I had spent long enough in the shower and regretfully turned the water off. I pulled a pair of pyjama pants on and scrubbed at my hair with a small towel. I sighed as I stepped out of the bathroom, regretting leaving to comfort of the shower, and looked up. There Hayden was, sitting on the lounge were we had previously sat and opening one of the boxes of ‘toys’, the rest were placed on the coffee table in various ways. “H-Hayden!” Hayden looked up, almost glaring at me. “You were planning on hiding these from me?”

“That’s no--” “No excuses!” It was hard to tell whether he was serious or joking around. Before I knew it, he had stood up and walked over to me, once again blocking any chance of escape. “Hayden?” “Why don’t we put your gifts to the test? God and change into the nice clothes Hannah bought you.” This was the first time I’d actually been scared of Hayden. He was fairly taller than me, and when he looked down on me like that it scared me half to death. “Y-Yes.”

It was the only response I could muster at the time, and I couldn’t back out now. I took Hannah’s gift bag from him and went into the bedroom. I sighed. What was Hayden thinking? Was he angry? Was he jealous? Was he bored? It was hard to tell. I took the strange outfit from the bag and laid it on my bed. Looking at it, it was a lot more obscene than I thought. There was nothing but leather straps didn’t bother to hide anything. There were even wrist and ankle cuffs. I pulled my pants off. I had of course, been planning to spend the night with Hayden, so I didn’t bother putting underwear on, but I didn’t want to do it like this. It was mortifying and degrading. I pulled the underwear-like structure of straps to my hips and tightened it at the back. I pulled the rest up and fastened the collar around my neck. I didn’t bother with the cuffs, since I didn’t think Hayden would even think of forcing me to do something like that.

“Are you done?”

I spun around to see Hayden leaning against the door frame, his face showing impatience. “Y-Yeah,” I said, sitting down on the bed, red creeping over my face once again. “No you’re not,” he argued. “But then again, it may be hard to you to put the cuffs on yourself. I’ll help.” Hayden walked over to me and reached passed me, picking up a pair of cuffs off the bed. “Wait, you aren’t seriously going to make me wear these, right?” Talking to him certainly wasn’t going to work. He pushed me back forcefully and attached the cuffs to my ankles. He was seriously going to do this. Realizing that, my reaction was to struggle. “Hayden! Wait! Seriously!” Nothing would stop him. He rolled me over and practically sat on top of me, holding me down. “I’m not letting you go,” he breathed. I couldn’t tell what was wrong. What was he upset with? He pulled my hands behind my back and bound them with the other set of cuffs. I didn’t want this. He grabbed one of the straps of the strange outfit and pulled me further onto the bed.

I felt myself tear up, but refused to cry. “Hayden,” I said, trying to keep calm. “You need to calm down.” For a moment, he paused and I thought I had gotten through to him, but that moment quickly faded. I felt his hand slide down my waist and then into my crotch. I shuddered, feeling several sensations all crammed into one. Even though I didn’t want this, and I was forced into a position where I couldn’t move, I still couldn’t deny the fact that the person touching me was Hayden, and I knew his touch all too well. Electric-like pulses surged through my body as he slid his slender fingers along me. “Hayden!” I yelled out, struggling to get my hands free. “I can’t do this!” It was at this time that I did start to cry. I looked up at Hayden, who seemed almost void of emotion, other than the pain I could see in his eyes. It was always at times like these where I would hold him, but I couldn’t do that like this.

“Just relax,” he whispered into my ear. “Don’t cry. I’ll make you feel really good.” And he held to that. He waited until I was erect before he began to stretch me, preparing me for him. Even though he had told me to relax, I still couldn’t. It shocked me when Hayden picked me up to put me in a new position. “It’s my turn to feel good,” he said, pushing on my head gently, but forcefully, and it was now that he pulled his track pants down along with his underwear and revealed himself too me, as he had done so many times before. “Go on,” he said. “You’ll feel good too.” I could tell he had somehow calmed down, and it made me believe that if I did as he wished, he might tell me what was bothering him. Gently and surely, I took him in my mouth. I struggled since my hands were still bound, but it did help that he was already slightly erect. It was nice to know that just watching me could turn him on.

While I worked on him, he continued on my behind, wriggling two fingers around until he found the right spot. He moved me again and then pushed himself into me. He did it too quickly and of course I was the first of us to cum, however, it wasn’t long before I was erect again. I may not have liked the idea of wearing this, or not being able to hold Hayden the way I wanted to, but I couldn’t deny that this was a thrilling experience. I wasn’t able to do what I wanted with my body. Hayden had total control over me. I hated to admit it, but I actually kind of liked this feeling.

I squinted at the ceiling. The light had been turned on and I was staring straight up. I flinched as I realized there was weight and warm right next to me, a warm hand with slender fingers stroking my hair. The cuffs and leather had been taken off. Hayden had obviously noticed that I had woken up. “I’m sorry, Craig,” he said, leaning down and kissing just beside my temple gently. I looked at him, angry, upset and confused. “What on Earth caused you to become like that?” I demanded. I wanted answers, and if he didn’t want to give them to me, I don’t think it would be a wise idea to stay with him too much longer. I heard him sigh. “I’m sorry,” he repeated. It wasn’t what I wanted to hear. “While Jake and Jonathan were here, they told me things that didn’t really sit well with me.”

“Told you things? Like what?” I asked. I was still confused as to what could have caused him to go into such a blind rage like that. “Jake told me the details of when he slept with you,” he said quietly. “And Jonathan was saying that he knew things—personal things—about you that you would never tell me.” Was he serous? “That’s what made you upset?” He nodded. It pissed me off to know that something so petty could cause him to do something so horrific, but I knew I couldn’t just snap. “Hayden,” I said sitting up and looking at him. “I slept with Jake once, and it wasn’t necessarily by choice. I was blind drunk, remember? Jonathan knows a lot of things about me because we’ve been so close for so long, but you really don’t need that to be the cause of your being upset. I love you, and I’m with you, right? No-one else.”

Hayden’s face lit up and he looked as though he was about to cry. He hugged me tightly and I chuckled, hugging him back. “I love you, Craig,” he repeated as he always did after a night together. I pulled his head down and placed my lips gently to his. A sweet kiss that I wished could last forever. “And I love you.”

This was the end of our happily-ever-after, but the beginning of our tale.

“Hey Craig, next time, can we try some of the toys Jake and Jonathan gave us?”

Or not.

An Office Romance

Extra 1 - JonathanxJake

“Jake! Get the table ready!”

My name is Jake Huston and I’m an amateur actor at Cain Star Industries. For nine months I’ve lived in this mansion-like apartment with my lover. It’s been really good for me, because he really knows how to please.

“Yeah, what’re we having?”


This is Jonathan, as I said, my partner. I met him by chance at a bar and after having sex, we really hit off. It was a coincidence that he was the best friend of the guy I was actually trying to get with, but luckily though, that guy got his own happy ending. I’ve been with Jonathan for nine months, and it’s been the best time of my life. But, like all happy couples, there’s a problem. Jonathan refuses to be on the bottom, and I do have my pride too. I want to do Jonathan, even if it’s just once, but he’d ever let that happen. He really pisses me off sometimes when it comes to his stubbornness.

“What’s wrong?” I heard from close to my ear as Jonathan reached from behind me to put a bowl down. “Don’t just space out.” Of course he had made me jump, but I wasn’t going to let him know that. “There’s nothing wrong,” I said, continuing to set the table. “I was thinking is al-” I had stopped when I felt him hug me from behind and kiss my neck. “Thinking about what? About this?” His hands, which had originally started at my waist now trailed toward my stomach. I knew his touch all too well, and I was already itching for more than just his hands. “Stop it,” I said, pulling away from him. “Dinner will get cold.” I was starting to wander whether Jonathan had a thing for having sex at the most inconvenient of times.

There was one time where I had to get up at four to leave at five-thirty for work, and he ended up giving me ‘have-a-good-day’ sex during the time I should have spent getting ready. I didn’t let it affect my work, but it was still uncomfortable. I had told Jonathan, but I think it went through one ear and out the other. Looking back at Jonathan, I realized he looked a little pissed off, but he didn’t say anything. He disappeared back into the kitchen, and left me to finish setting the table. Our meal was spent in silence. “This is really good,” I said, trying to break to tension and lift his mood. “I love your cooking.” Nothing.

Honestly, I get he liked to do those things, but he should at least be a little considerate of me. After the meal, we washed up together—as we always did—but it was done in silence, and like our meal, any attempt I made to try and ease the tension failed. Jonathan didn’t talk to me, at all. He disappeared to shower, and I plotted to seduce him. If it was sex he wanted, I’d give it to him, but it was just better for both of us if he did it at the right time. When he get out of the shower, I pretended to be asleep, on the lounge; me right leg up on the lounge, my left falling off the edge. My shirt had ‘pulled itself’ up so it exposed my chest, just under my nipples and my hair messed over my face. I knew that this would get him. I heard him walk past, but when he came back, all I felt was the heat and weight of a blanket being thrown over me. Was he serious? He was going to pass up this opportunity? I couldn’t yell at him, knowing that if I did, I’d look like a complete idiot, so I pretended to wake from him throwing the blanket onto me. I blinked, acting drowsy and looked up at him. “Don’t sleep here,” he said, finally speaking to me. “You’ll catch a cold.”

Was that seriously all he had to say to me? I looked at him and sighed, sitting up. I pulled the blanket off, tossing it onto the back of the lounge and headed toward the bathroom. So seduction didn’t work, that was alright. If he didn’t want to talk to me, fine. I have ways of getting him to talk to me properly again. After showering, I pulled him phone from my pocket and asked Hayden to call me tomorrow morning at around six. Hayden never questioned a text like that, since we backed each other up during relationship quibbles. Tomorrow should be my day off, and Jonathan’s which usually meant time together, but I didn’t care. I was going to hang out with Hayden and Craig since Jonathan didn’t want to talk to me. I grabbed my clothes and tossed them into the laundry basket. I wrapped a towel around my waist and walked to our room. I didn’t speak to Jonathan, who was already in bed, reading, as he usually did before going to sleep.

If this didn’t get him, nothing would. Torso, bare; ass being clearly shown by a tight towel; and wet hair. This had to work. It didn’t. As I changed, I could feel Jonathan’s heated stare, and it turned me on, but he didn’t do anything. He was starting to piss me off! Whatever. Revenge is revenge, right? Once changed, I climbed into bed. As I always did, I kissed Jonathan’s cheek and laid myself down, making sure to face him as I fell asleep. I must have already been asleep when Jonathan eventually turned the light off and went to sleep himself, because I don’t remember it. Eventually, six o’clock came and my phone started to play ‘I’m sexy and I know it’ by LMFAO as loud as it possibly could. I groaned and practically ripped my phone of charge, putting it to my ear.

Jake? What did you want? Fighting again?

“Yeah. It’s my day off. Alright, alright, I get it. I’ll be there in about an hour.”

I hung up the phone, feeling a little sorry for Hayden, who still had no idea what was going on. I sighed and glanced at Jonathan, who looked sluggish and pissed off for being woken. “Sorry,” I said. “Go back to sleep.” I slid off the bed and walked over to the wardrobe. “Work?” I heard Jonathan ask. “Yeah,” I replied, pulling a pair of jeans and a shirt from the shelves. “One of the female models is refusing to do a shoot unless I’m her supporting model.” “Oh,” he said lying back down. I sighed again. “I hate nude shoots,” I mumbled. That got his attention. He sat up again, and I could see him glaring through the mirror in front of me as I pulled my clothes on. “What?” I asked, looking at him through the reflection. “Nothing,” he muttered. “Try not to make too much noise.”

He was really starting to get on my nerves. I left the apartment. On the way to Craig and Hayden’s, I grabbed some breakfast and coffee from a good shop I knew and headed to their apartment.

“So you were coming over,” Hayden said as he opened the door after I knocked. “I did say I was, didn’t I?” I said chuckling, and letting myself in. Craig was still in his pyjamas and rubbing his eyes. He was still pretty cute. “Stop eyeing him,” Hayden hissed at me, grabbing the food and coffee. “What’re you fighting about now?” I sighed and sat at the table, as Craig sat beside me. “Jonathan wanted to have sex before we ate but I told him not to since it was inconvenient,” I said, getting angry thinking about it. “Then I tried to make it up to him since he was angry, but he pretty much refuses to even speak to me.” Craig’s interest piqued. “Jonathan is like that,” he said, looking as though his head was about to hit the table. “You have to make sure everything is clear between you or-” “Or what?” I asked. “Well, he did this to a girl he dated a long time ago, and eventually she got so fed up with him that she threw a fit and he dumped her.” I felt the colour drain from my skin.

Breaking up with Jonathan; I really didn’t want that. “So,” Craig continued. “Why don’t I call Jonathan and get him to come over so you can sort it out?” “No!” I yelled. “I may not want to break up with him, but I still have my own pride. I want him to want me without the need to have his way all the time.” I guess the point had gotten across, because by midday, neither of them had contacted Jonathan. Or so I had thought. It was about two o’clock when the doorbell rang. Craig answered the door, assuming a guilty look when he saw it was Jonathan. “You said you wouldn’t call him!” I yelled at Craig. “I didn’t!” he protested. Jonathan didn’t say anything; he moved swiftly across the lounge room, grabbing my shirt and pinning me to the wall. Something like that would catch anyone off guard. I’d never seen Jonathan this angry; it scared me.

“You said you had to work,” he growled. “I-” “I don’t want to hear any excuses!” I wasn’t even able to give him an excuse. Jonathan looked at Craig, still holding me against the wall. “Let me borrow your spare room,” he said. Craig simply sighed. “Clean up after yourselves,” he said, nodding toward a door. “Craig, wait!” I tried to protest. “You can’t just let him ‘talk’ to me in private! What if he beats me up?” Craig looked at me, almost sympathetically. He seemed to be saying ‘Believe me; being beaten up is the least of your troubles.’ Crap. Jonathan—his hand still clutching my shirt—dragged me across the lounge room toward the bedroom. He opened the door and practically tossed me inside. It was amazing knowing the difference in strength between Craig and Jonathan. I looked up at Jonathan from the floor where I had fallen, as he shut and locked the door behind him.

He walked over to me and knelt down, looming over me and forcing me to lay back. There was no way I could falter now! “Why did you lie to me?” he asked, his voice still as menacing. “Are you trying to get with Craig again? I won’t allow you to leave me.” How cocky. I wasn’t trying to get with Craig, or leave Jonathan, but I was sick of being treated like his possession. “And how are you going to stop me?” I asked, chuckling. “It seems as though you’ve gotten tired of me anyway.” The comment caught him off guard. “What does that mean?” he asked, his mood almost lightening slightly. “You know what it means,” I said, my own anger rising. “I asked you to stop last night for a reason, and then I gave you two opportunities to pounce and you refused to take them! Don’t act like I’m the one trying to end this relationship!” That had really caught him off guard. “I never wanted to leave you,” he said quietly, thinking back to last night. “Last night I was just trying to respect your space. I’m sorry if I seemed angry.”

How could he act cute at a time like this? That wasn’t playing fair. “It’s okay,” I said. “I’m sorry I brushed you off, but you need to understand that there is a time and a place.” Jonathan chuckled. Great, his good mood was back. “Like right now?” he asked. “We’re in someone else’s home!” I yelled. “It’s okay,” he said. “I got Craig’s permission, remember?”

“That’s not a good reason to do it in someone else’s house!!!”

When I awoke after a long round, Jonathan wasn’t in bed next to me. I sighed. Did he really feel the need to leave after we had sex like that? “Fuck him,” I mumbled, rolling over and burying my face into the pillow underneath me. I flinched as I heard the door open. “Oh you’re awake?” hearing Jonathan’s voice. “I brought you some water. Sorry, I meant to be here when you woke up.” I shifted my head and looked at him slightly pissed off. “Feed me the water,” I said, rolling over. Jonathan chuckled and took a sip of the water, leaning down, our lips touching and the cool liquid dripping into my mouth. “Mmm... Tastes like you.” “Want more?” “Yeah.” The process was repeated several times until all the water from the glass was gone. We had gone back to the content couple we had been before any of this stupid misunderstanding had started.

“Come on you guys!” Hayden said opening the door. “Get out of here! It’s already evening. It’s rude enough that you came in on our day off, but having sex in our house is going over the border line!”

“Oh, you’re just moody because you can’t have sex with Craig,” I said to him, pouting at being kicked out. “That’s not true!” He protested. “I just want you out!” “He’s moody,” Jonathan chuckled. “He has a point,” Craig said, poking out from behind Hayden. “I’m not too keen on keeping you here either.” “You guys coop yourselves up too much,” Jonathan said. “I’ll treat you to dinner.”

“Well,” I said, chuckling. “Looks like things are back to normal.”

An Office Romance

Extra 2 ‘Hannah’s Hidden Interest’

Hello to all the readers out there.

My name is Hannah Lillith and I work as the secretary of Reing Corps’ President and CEO. While I may be just your average, drop dead gorgeous secretary, I’ve never once been advanced on by my boss. When I first got the job, I didn’t think anything of it, but I soon found out that my boss; Jonathan Reign was married, so, why hadn’t he tried to have an affair with me yet? It always happens in the movies, right? I’ve worked for Jonathan for five years now. An amazing time for a girl he hasn’t touched if you ask me.

It was only recently that I found out why he hadn’t touched me. Three months ago, Jonathan finalized the divorce with his wife. I had initially thought that this was my chance! I had prettied myself up every day after that. I wore revealing skirts and even showed off some cleavage. Nothing seemed to work at the time. It was during that period where he divorced his wife that a small problem arose. A little pest who got in my way in getting my hand on Jonathan. Jake Huston met Jonathan at a bar one night and they instantly hit it off! It’s so frustrating! I’ve been trying to seduce Jonathan for five years now and along some seventeen year old boy comes along and ruins my chances.

That was how I thought three months ago when I found out about their relationship. But, when Jake would come to the office and flirt, cuddle and kiss while I tried to talk to Jonathan about his schedule or work, I—and this may be really weird—liked it. I enjoyed watching them. And I soon found out that it wasn’t just them. Weeks later, I found out there was an office affair between the companies’ vice president, Craig Tanning and one of the companies’ trainees, Hayden Brown. I had been heading off for my lunch break when Craig’s flustered movements from around the corner caught my eye. Of course I was curious. I eavesdropped, hearing something about last night, and that it was only a one-time-thing, but then muffled noises. I quickly looked around to see Hayden forcing a kiss of Craig.

Dear God, what was going on? Was this whole company full of gays? But, it wouldn’t be bad if it was. Seeing that someone of high power within the company was being forced into a kiss by someone who had only just entered the company and was still being trained at that, was making me hot and heavy. Was that weird? Wasn’t it more normal for a male to get hot over two females? Well, this was probably some sort of fetish—I wasn’t going to let it die too quickly. I had found something I liked more than an office affair. In the small span of time that Jonathan and Jake, and Craig and Hayden have been together, I have become a trusted friend; and that works to my benefit.

I was going to help both couples keep their relationships going as long as possible. I wanted to document everything. Videos, letters, diary entries; anything I could get my hands on! I wanted it all!

It has now been a year since the couples began their relationships. Well, for Jonathan and Jake, a year and one day to be precise, and I have surprises for both parties. I had invited both couples out to dinner that night, to share a gift with them that they would never forget. Ever. I wasn’t cheap either. I booked at one of the most expensive restaurants in the city.

“Hannah, you didn’t have to bring us somewhere so expensive,” Craig said to me as we sat down and he looked around. “Hey,” Jonathan butted in. “She can afford it.” “Thanks ‘John’,” I said, knowing perfectly well that he hated to be called that. “I had to bring you here. It goes well with your gifts.” Jake and Hayden looked at each other. I had been there to celebrate everyone’s birthday, and each had gotten a rather inappropriate gift, so I think their thoughts were trailing to other things. Fifteen minutes passed and we eventually ordered. After our drinks arrived at the table, I finally broke the ice.

“I’d like to make a toast,” I said, smiling happily. “It’s been a long year that these two couples have been together, and such lovely couples they are. A year commemorating their commitment, that otherwise could be going into their work. A year of naughty deeds and interesting gifts—but today my gift is a little more appropriate for the environment.” I knelt down and pulled a package from my hand bag. All four men looked at it strangely, almost as if they were expecting something to jump out at them.

“It’s a shared gift?” Jake asked. “You could say that,” I replied, grinning at him. Jake, being the only brave one there, ripped the brown paper off the package and pulled out four soft-covered books. The faces they all pulled were priceless. On the cover sat four model men, in twin couples and half naked. The title read ‘An Office Romance’ and at the bottom, my name lined where the author’s name should be. “You wrote a book about us!?” Hayden practically yelled, but Craig shushed him. “Don’t worry, I changed your names and made up a company name.” Jonathan laughed. I think he enjoyed the idea. I couldn’t tell what Jake was thinking, and Craig and Hayden looked as though they wanted to crawl into a hole and die.

I think it’ll be fun toying with these four for a long time. Maybe I could make a sequel—or a movie.

An Office Romance

Extra 3 – Lucas’ Ordeal

I’ve always considered myself fairly more tolerant of homosexuals than other people. I never thought much of it; I mean, as long as people were happy, it didn’t matter, did it? Of course I wasn’t gay though. I had never been hit on by a gay, nor had I ever hit on one; or, at least I think.

It didn’t bother my much when I found out my boss; the President of the company was in a relationship with another male. It did bother me when I found out the vice president was in a relationship with one of the male trainees in my department. Don’t get me wrong, I’m accepting, but it’s a pain with Hayden is off in the land of fairies thinking about Craig. I was fairly close to both couples, so I had no problem with gays.

“Heading home?” Craig asked. His face was red from drinking, and his personality had become a lot more flamboyant. I wasn’t much of a drinker, so I didn’t much enjoy these social gatherings. “Yeah,” I replied. “I still have things to do tomorrow.” “You’re so up-tight,” Jonathan bellowed. Jake was leaning over the top of him, almost like a hooker. It’s not like I wasn’t comfortable, it just made me feel a little lonely. I left the bar; putting my coat on since the seasons had changed over to winter. It felt like it might snow. I headed down the street. I didn’t live too far from the bar. I could walk there within twenty-minutes, which was good, because I wasn’t into drink driving either. “Hey, mister,” I heard from behind me. I turned around to see a shadowed figure staring at me. Was he going to mug me? “Wan’a round?”

Was that some sort of slang? “I don’t do drugs,” I said, turning away, but the once shadowed figure had emerged and grabbed me arm. “I meant a round of sex,” he said. Looking at him, he didn’t look too young, but not that old either. I didn’t think that should be my main concern though. “I’m not gay,” I said, almost grimacing at the idea of taking a strange man home. “Doesn’t matter,” he replied. Was he serious? “You look like you need release. Being male or female doesn’t matter as long as there’s pleasure, right?” Okay, this guy was pissing me off. I raised my hand, balled it into a fist and forced it down hard into his jaw—he fell to the ground, clutching where I had hit him and groaning. “Your kind is the kind that gives bad reputations to homosexuals,” I said, turning away once more and heading along the street.

“That’s okay,” I heard him chuckle. “I can just find someone else.” I stopped walking. I knew it wasn’t any of my business. This was a grown man, and he made his own decisions. I sighed and looked at him as he dusted himself off. “How much for the night?” I wasn’t pleased at myself. I didn’t like the idea of letting a strange man, who possibly could have slept with hundreds of people, stay at my apartment for the night. He tilted his head, possibly questioning whether I was really in it for the sex or not. “Hmm,” he said. “Since you’re not gay, I’ll give you a discount. Three thousand for the whole night—one thousand for a couple of hours.” I could deal with that price.

“Fine,” the whole night it was. I headed down the street, the man running up, and getting rather close as he spoke. “So what’s your name? Do you pick up girls a lot? This is your first time with a guy right?” I could tell that it was going to be a long night. “Just call me Luke, and I’m not obligated to tell you the other information.” I didn’t want to get too close to him. It was a one-night-stand. I did, however, have a personal question for him. “You don’t have some sort of disease or infection, do you?” The man looked at me in shock. “Of course I don’t! You think I’d be stupid enough to pass it along to others if I did?” “Sorry,” I muttered. He smiled. “You can call me Canadiya,” he said, trailing slightly in front of me but looking back and smiling. “Canadiya?” I asked. “Where did you manage to come up with that?” “I’m not obligated to tell you that,” he joked. “Well, whatever,” I replied.

Once we got to my apartment, I took my coat off and pointed out the bathroom to Canadiya. I told him he could shower and that I would wash his clothes overnight. He shrugged, disappeared into the shower and left his clothes on the floor. I took them, and left a fresh towel on the bench for him. I left and put his clothes in the wash and set it to dry after the cycle was completed. It wasn’t long before Canadiya soon emerged from the shower. I was taking off my tie when he snuck up behind me and grabbed my shoulders. Honestly, I had almost jumped out of my own skin when he did that. I wasn’t expecting it at all. “You’re a lot slimmer than you look,” he whispered into my ear as his hands trailed down my arms, eventually resting on my waist. I pulled away, turning my head so he couldn’t see the pink that had crept onto my cheeks. “I don’t get a chance to work out much, sorry,” I said, about to head into the bathroom to take my own shower. “It’s not a bad thing,” I heard him say before I felt the heat of his hand on my wrist. It took me a moment to register what was happening, but before I knew it, I had been flung back onto the bed.

“You don’t need to shower. You’re fine the way you are,” Canadiya said calmly as he crawled on top of me. Sorry, but there was absolutely no way I was going to give this guy the satisfaction of fucking me when I was paying three grand for his company in the first place. “Oi,” I said, trying to push him off. “Doesn’t the buyer get to choose who does and who receives?” Canadiya simply laughed. “Nope,” his response pissed me off. “Virgins have to be done. They need to understand what kind of world they’re going into during this… ‘Transaction’.” “What’s that supposed to mean?” I never got an answer. Instead, Canadiya began to nibble gently at my ear, and at first, it wasn’t that great. It felt gross, actually. He unbuttoned my shirt and slid his hands along my chest, simultaneously nibbling my ear and playing with my nipples.

It really wasn’t a turn on. My nipples felt itchy and my ear felt like it had melted. “Not used to this, huh?” Canadiya asked. “No,” I replied bluntly. “This is why I should be the one doing it.” Canadiya gave me this look that said it all. There was no way he would let me do him. He hopped off the bed and disappeared into the bathroom. I sat up curiously, wondering what he could be doing. Did he want to stop this after all? That thought was flushed down the drain when Canadiya soon came back with a small bottle. “What’s that?” I asked, looking at it suspiciously. “It’s an aphrodisiac. It can be used as lube,” he said, climbing back onto the bed. He lost his towel and not long after, he had taken my clothes off as well. Both of us were completely naked and had nothing to feel shameful about.

“That’s cold!”

Canadiya had poured some of the liquid into his hand and he had begun to rub my dick gently. At first, all I could think about was how cold the gel was, but soon, strange sensations began to pulse through my body. Heat surged and Canadiya got the reaction he wanted. They were hard—both my dick and nipples. “Damn,” I breathed. Whatever was in that gel—it worked. Canadiya chuckled, and his lips met my nipple in a kiss. “Ah!” It wasn’t itchy this time, in fact, the heat that welled up in the areas he touched felt like heaven. My voice, which was usually used yelling at the trainees at work, had become a string of silk-like moans. My head tossed itself from side-to-side as my body and mind attempted to accustom themselves with the strange and new sensations.

I heard Canadiya chuckle as he watched me squirm. “You’re better than I thought you’d be,” he said. I saw him lick his lips as he concentrated on stroking me. I struggled to breathe my words out. “It’s… Nice to know you… had such a low standard set… For me,” I said. “That’s not what I meant,” he said, his eyes levelling with my own. “Here’s a good question for you; do you want to do or be done?” “Huh?” “Oh never mind,” he sighed. “It’d be nice to do it this way anyway.” I had no idea what he was talking about, until I saw his fingers slide into his own asshole. “W-What are you doing!?” I yelled, trying to pull his own hand from him. “I’m pretty sure that’s an exit.” “Oh get over it,” he breathed. “It’s better than me doing it to you isn’t it? Just lay there.”

I watched on as he continued to stretch himself as he kneeled over my body. My body had lost almost all feeling, save for the feeling down below. “I think that’s enough,” he sighed, pulling his fingers from himself. “This’ll feel really good.” Before I could respond, he had my dick nuzzled up to his ass, and forcing his own body down onto it; he swallowed me whole. I knew anal would be a lot tighter than a woman, but this was strange. Wasn’t it weird that so far, I was enjoying this far more than sex with a woman? It had to be strange.

I grunted as my eye lids pried themselves from one another. The first thing I noticed was Canadiya’s smile. It was pure, and almost innocent. “Do you watch all your clients sleep?” I asked, turning my head. “Nope,” he replied. “Just you. You’re handsome, you know? Oh and you’re not a client. You were so good that I’m letting you have it for free.” Honestly, that made me feel a little uncomfortable. But even with my protests, he still insisted on a ‘free meal’. Canadiya pulled himself off the bed. “Where’s your laundry?” he asked, looking at him. “Down the hallway,” I said. “First door on the left.”

It wasn’t long before he found it. He came back in; dressed in the clothes he had had on last night. He sat back on the bed and I felt his lips touch my forehead. It wasn’t quite a kiss. “Thanks,” he chuckled. “I must admit, you were the best so far.” Again, he got off the bed. I couldn’t just let him leave like that. Before I could stop myself, my body had shifted and I grabbed his hand. Canadiya looked at me in surprise. “I-I,” I couldn’t get the words out of my mouth. “You’re not going to find other strangers to have sex with, right?” I watched as a smile danced over his lips. “That depends,” was his reply. “It is my profession, but if you would rather keep me, I’d be happy to stay.” “A-Aah..” I was speechless. What was it about this man that made me so drawn to him? “I-I… Want you to stay.”


Weight fell on top of me as Canadiya jumped back onto the bed. “I can tell you my real name then,” he chuckled, looking up at me from my thigh. “Name’s Trey Banning.” “Trey,” I repeated happily. “Say,” he soon added. “How old are you, ‘Luke’?” I blushed, knowing that he knew Luke wasn’t my real name. “’Lucas’” I corrected him. “And I’m twenty-seven.” “Seriously!?” He asked “What month were you born in?” “April.” “No way,” he laughed. “You’re four months older than I am.” “And you treated me like an old man this whole time!” “Sorry, sorry,” he laughed. “But since I know you can handle it; let me fuck you next time?”


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