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In the Patriot, Jordan discovers a video camera, which she enevtually decides to put to good use.
In this sub-series, things will be explained in a little more detail, things that were left out will work their way in and it may even leave you asking quiestions at the end. -If I can be bothered going into psycological stuff xD -

We continue to follow Jordan and the rest of the group as we discover emotions, memories and thoughts we didn't know where there before.

Submitted: November 01, 2011

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Submitted: November 01, 2011



The date is the twenty third of April. My name is Jordan Hearth. We are on our way to Knight Island.

It’s been, as far as we know, over twenty four hours since the plague hit New Zealand shores.

I will record these messages in case our group doesn’t survive this ordeal. I will share; experiences, memories, emotions and any knowledge we have on the creatures that now haunt our homes.


It’s been about three hours since we left the motel. The time is ten thirty, morning. My plan to drive to keep my mind off the nightmare I had, failed. The images haven’t left my mind, and I can still feel the pain in my shoulder.

My nightmare consisted of me being separated from our group. I was in a shopping centre; I think I just imagined it up, because I didn’t really recognise anything there. Hundreds of those things were after me. They just kept growing in numbers.  Eventually, I had nowhere to run and was cornered in a game shop. The faces were so vivid… solid. I can still see them so clearly. They moved in, getting closer and closer until they grouped over me and blocked any light escaping into my view. I wasn’t sure what was happening, but I felt a sharp pain in my shoulder. I knew they were starting to eat me then, but that was when I woke up.

I’m honestly so grateful. I’m grateful for a normal start to the day. Grateful for meeting up with these whores. Haha. Grateful for a hope. A hope that there are other survivors out there. That we aren’t the only ones left.

I keep thinking, and I’m positive I’m not the only one, about what we’re going to do if we get to Knight Island and Emiri’s uncle isn’t alive. What if the plague spread that far? I suppose we’ll stay there. There would be enough crops to feed us, and we could use the livestock – If Manu is willing to chop it up, because I don’t think us girls have the stomach for that kind of thing. But, it’s a terrible thing to think about. We all just want to get there and live. I guess that’s the ultimate goal to this fucking up, no restart/respawn game. We just want to get through the horror as quickly as possible and not worry about having to die.

Uuuh. Right now, we’re on xxx motorway, heading north. The trip is supposed to take three days by car, but it will probably take longer with our lack of driving skills. Hopefully we’ll get there.

Hey! Turn off here!

Manu! Shut up, the camera’s gonna pick your voice up!

No! Dammit!

Fuck you! Now the videos not gonna be as sensitive and emotional as I wanted it to be!

You can’t make anything sensitive, except a persons’ arm!

I’ll make your arm sensitive you prick! Now shut up!

And these are my friends~

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