Speaking Metaphorically

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A while ago, my girl friend and I broke up. We have our reasons. Those reasons being that she fell for one of my ex boyfriends.
I wrote this a while back, and it's not goodm but whatever.

My ex girlfriend has snce dumped him because she found him cheating on her. The same reason I left him in the past. Ironic.. isn't it?

Submitted: October 23, 2011

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Submitted: October 23, 2011



I am the sky,
You are the sun,
He is the water.
The sky has lost sight of the sun, and the water has drowned the sun.
Now for the sky, there is noting but misery as the water rains down, in place of the sun.

The water has stolen the sun away.
Nothing but darkness remains.
The sky has pushed the sun away,
To save it from the pain to come.
Instead of being put out slowly,
The sky quickly defused the sun through the water.
So now the sky has nothing left,
to cry tears of rain, that the water provided.


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