Stacy, Then Sarah: Prequel To a Much Bigger Thing

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A teenage boy from the 80s accidentally goes into his son's body in the present. He will find terrible surprises. This short story though is going to have an outlandish and unsettling ending.

Submitted: March 22, 2013

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Submitted: March 22, 2013



20 August 1986 - Fisherhead Town

"Wake your lazy ass up, Jack!" my father yells from downstairs. My sister is outside waiting for me. Do I hate school? Very much... But I have to get out of this rusty town called 'Fisherheads'. "Come on Jacky! Or you'll be late for school bus" my mother reminded me all the time. "Yes mom, I'm ready". "Next time, you should be on time Jack" father said, "Whatever...". "Don't you talk to me that way young man!". I slammed the door, quickly grabs my sister Martha's arms and get inside the school bus. Ugh, finally the yelling stops. I am so excited when the bus stops right in front of my best friend Rick's house. "Hi fishhead" that annoying low-pitched voice of his. "Hi torpedoface, come on grab a seat right beside me will ya?". We talk all day about chicks on Hustler and how that annoying bully Trevor is such a dick.

Finally, steps into High School for the very first time! I'm very - very excited. I even almost leave my bag at the bus. Meeting with all the new friends always will be exciting especially when you're a teenager. Then I met my best friend and girlfriend, Stacy. It's kinda stupid to date your best friend I guess because now you can't go out with many other chicks. "Hi babe, come pick me up for lunch after school?", "Sure thing babe...". We makes out for a minute, until the principle catches us and gives us a warning not to make out on the hallway. Embarassment.

Suddenly, I feel nauseus, so I run for the toilet.

I faint.



..."Ripley, wake up"

"Ripley Rip, come on wake up son!"

"Who are you!? Where am I!?" I wake up in another teenager's body. "Seriously man, are you trying to roleplay?" said this guy who disturbingly describes what I would look like when I'm older. Then, this weird flapable computer thingy right beside me says that it is year.... 2013!!?

20 August 2013 - Crystal Valley

"What's your name?" I said demandingly. "Um, Jack... but you can call me dad I guess?". Holy moly! I'm in my son's body. I look around my room to find posters that say "bitch please", "fap fap fap" and "trollolololol". Where are the cool bands posters such as "Rolling Stones" and stuff? I ask him a question again, "Where is my school bus?" he laughed and said "You're homeschooled!". Wow what a sweet life I ha- I mean Ripley had. I saw all the family potraits and all that, he is a happy kid after all.

Enough time with avoiding all the duties I must do right now, I must remember why am I here... Think! Think! Think! then I shouted "Rick!!!". "That asshole" future self responded. "What's with that asshole?" I asked, "Dude, he totally stole my girlfriend... and bestfriend". I stay silent for at least an hour until I faint...


..."Jack, wake up"

"Jacky?" Stacy's voice kinda pissed me off...

20 August 1986 - Fisherhead Town

It's lunchtime, I rushed up to see Ricky. I punch him, he punches back. Stacy shouts "Come on guys, cut it off!!!". So I ask Ricky about the whole thing. He finally answers by showing me an antena like device. That can send you to any time you like. If it's up to me I'm gonna go back and stop both of the world wars. "But why Ricky?" I said with a sad tone. "All my life, I've been liking Stacy, I've been sending her flowers, complementing her style, and listening to her complaints when you ignore her...". By her eyes, I know that she's touched by the speech. So I let her go to be with Ricky. I was never the one girl kinda type of guy anyways. P.s. poor Ripley right? Stacy isn't his mommy.

30 May 1992 - Detroit

I survived for the past 6 years. Going through the relentless complaints my parents keep yelling about. Changing girlfriends. And for the final touch, a sudden disapperance of Martha. After a year of unsuccesfully trying to enroll into one college. I decided to stop searching, just kidding... Are you serious? Stop searching? I see this really beautiful brunette girl at the thrift store. We chat, we hangout, we go into her apartment, etc. She reminded me of... Ripley's mom. She's the one! Her name is Sarah. Suddenly there is this weird control box, appearing right beside me. There's a big button that says STOP. Should I press it? Ehhh what the hell, I've been procrastinating my whole life so. Oh yeah, then there's a guy screaming "Noooooo!!!".

Unknown time - unknown place

I'm in this really weird capsule where there's this really weird helmet stuck on my head. In order to took off the helmet, I must unscrew the screw that is pierced through my skull. After 2 hours of excruciating pain and screaming, I'm finally able to took it off. The weird thing is that it heals fast. I kicked the capsule door only to find out that I'm surrounded by government officials. I run as fast as I can. I look at Sarah and Ripley's capsule. I know I have no time but oh man... I found the control room, I stole guns of two officers and demanded for the release of every human being that's being experimented. I reunite with Sarah and Ripley, strangely there are some humans that acts like zombies, we stay off from them. We run and found an eject pod that will took us to planet earth. "No matter what happens, we'll always be a family" she said it like a soothing heaven.

We look at a tablet like computer right next to the control board to find out that we're a human experiment to be mixed with an alien DNA. We looked at each other in disbelief. Finally we landed on planet earth, coordination says that we're on Kansas City. "GPS tracker Map! We have to watch out dad!". There are hundreds of men outside waiting outside waiting to kill us and they are lead by the President, my sister Martha? And then I focus back and realize that my life back in the '80s' was just a lie. "I guess this is it son" I kiss his forehead. "Wait guys!" Sarah said, hugging both of us. There are hundreds of eject pods descending, only this time when they come out, they aren't human. I saw the strike force trying hard as they can to keep these 'biters' off from them. I think that biters are pretty much a fail human experiment.

1 July 2077 - Kansas City

We saw that as an opportunity to escape.

We run and we run and we run.

And then I start to think, how can I be free? What will happen to the world? Who would've thought that maybe a little glitch in the system could cause a global catastrophe.

Then we keep running...

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