2. she dies

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2nd song out of my album cloud x

Submitted: March 06, 2012

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Submitted: March 06, 2012



In the night she sits alone

No one cares what she can do

She cuts herself until she can see bone

They come running for the shrew.


With blood shed everywhere

With the tears within her eyes

Her family didn’t even care

As she sits there and dies




As her family leaves the room

She slowly passes away

In the dim light of the moon

As her soul starts to decay


At the funeral the next week

Her body in the grave

When everyone starts to seek

She was not dumb but very brave




Now she is gone

In the grave that she lies

Everything that was sawn

At the day she died


Several weeks have come and gone

And every one still does not care

With their tea and their yawn

As they sit down in their chair



Her sprit still haunts the home

And the owners get the creeps

With the blood and bone

No more on  the sheets


Her friends were the only ones to care

They made a marmoreal in her shed

With the love and despair

They still care but she is dead



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