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Did this as my english essay for my Junior certificate exam last year. A horror short story, Nothing special.

Submitted: December 19, 2011

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Submitted: December 19, 2011




It all started one Friday evening, I was sent home from school early because I was getting these really bad headaches. When I got home I started to get a temperature and pains all over my body. While watching t.v. from under a blanket I suddenly began to feel very tired so I went upstairs to bed.

When I slept that night horrible things happened to me I’m just a normal fifteen year old boy. My life was perfect. I had lots of friends, I was with my girlfriend for almost a year now and I never did anything wrong. I didn’t deserve anything that was to happen to me…

When I say that horrible things happened that night I mean nightmares. I know, I know, nightmares. So what? But these were no ordinary nightmares, I was being tortured and tormented by a boy my own age but not only that, I could feel the pain from the dreams when I woke up, and if he hit me hard enough I would have a bruise in that place.

In the first dream it wasn’t too bad, he was wearing formal clothes from the 1920’s or something and had his hair combed to the side. In this dream he ran at me and I went out to push him away but he caught my arm and bit me. He locked on hard. I started to scream in agony and tried to hit him off. He backed off after a minute or two and stared at me, he had no expression on his face. It was the way he looked at me. I couldn’t move…

These nightmares started to worsen as time went by, they went from pinches and bites to breaking bones and torture. Because of these nightmares I became paranoid and afraid. Which sometimes annoyed my friends. However, after a few weeks the nightmares stopped.

The first night I had in ages I had a good sleep I awoke to something worse then a nightmare. At the end of my bed I saw two white, writhing eyes peering over the top of my bed, I then sat up to see what it was and what I saw shocked me. There was no doubt about it, it was the boy from my nightmares, and he had that same white, dead, expressionless face that he always had.

I didn’t know what to say, I didn’t know what I could do but I knew what I felt. I felt scared. Frightened. Frozen. All I could think in my mind was to say “oh no, oh no..” I repeated these words in my mind a hundred times. He knew I wouldn’t move but he stayed there, not moving a muscle. Not blinking once.

After a minute or two of looking at each other, I built up the courage to speak to him, although every fibre in my body was telling me now to. I finally said, in a shaky voice, “what do you want?”

It was the way his eyes moved, he entered my mind and I immediately knew what he was here for. He hated me.

And I don’t know why. After I found this out I was too scared to talk again. I laid back in my bed, hoping he would go away and tried to sleep. Suddenly I heard this giggling noise, I sat up. He was after moving to the corner of my room. He raised his hand, put it over his mouth and giggled again. I felt a sudden agonising pain in my stomach, I lifted up my shirt which I realised was soaking wet. There was a long cut on my stomach, a straight vertical line. Blood was gushing out. I looked at the corner. He was gone. The pain went away and I looked back to my stomach. The wound had disappeared.

I sat up for a while, being very caution but soon my tiredness got the better of me and I fell asleep. I awoke at two o’ clock in the night. I really needed to go to the bathroom. I was half asleep so I forgot about the boy. I walked out of my room into the dark hallway running through my house. I heard a giggle from the end of the hall which made me jump. I took one step further down the hall and stopped. I waited a few seconds…

… A loud creaking noise came from the end of the hall. It was the floorboards, quickly followed by the noises of quick, “pitter-patter” footsteps. I said very quietly, “who’s there?” of course I knew who it was but I said it anyway. There was a sudden loud bang, followed by a second louder bang, I stepped back. About 5 seconds later I heard quiet weeping.

I started to walk down the hall and the weeping noise sounded closer. I walked to the guest room doorway and stopped. He was in there. I pushed the almost closed door slowly open. I stepped into the room, he was sitting on the floor facing away from me. I walked further in and the door slammed behind me but I didn’t move. I kept my eyes on him. His head slowly turned towards me.. The more it turned the more his cries turned into a laugh. He looked at me with crazy eyes. He stopped laughing and put his hand to his mouth and did that horrible giggle of his. I started to panic.

Once again he entered my mind, I knew straight away who he was, what his life was like, his family and all the people he had haunted before. I saw their deaths. His name was Frank. I ran to the door, struggling to turn the knob. I turned back around with my back to the door. He was standing up and had stopped giggling, his eyes looked evil and he looked angry.

His face went even whiter then it usually was and he lifted his arm and pointed at me. My face started to burn and his eyes started bleeding. He said in a screechy, frightening voice, “You.” He ran at me exposing gritted teeth, I screamed and cupped my hands over my eyes.

I woke up. I had realised it was just another dream. I sat up. My face was sore, and what I saw shocked me. There he was with his two writhing eyes peering at me just over the end of my bed.


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