Of Failing And Broken Arrows

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Inspired by Thor:

"Did they really think I was this unintelligent or did they assume I would ignore them and let this pass? What did they take me for? A helpless child who collapsed into their commands? I hoisted my arrow sachel over my shoulder and hoisted my bow likewise. My cloak then covers my body from head to toe. I take my first step."

Submitted: July 30, 2012

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Submitted: July 30, 2012




Crystal waters rushed thousands of feet below my dangling legs. The evening star hit my back with comforting heat. Sounds of the river and animals echoed from around the trench. 
Melodies vibrated in throat while I hummed beneath the music around me. My long fingers scrolled over the cool steel of my bow while my mind ventured into the depths of thought. 
When would he return home? Why was he banished in the first place? Would I ever see his face again? 
The booming horn took me from my thoughts. I ignored it. What can they do to me? Nothing. They never have, never will. 
I hoisted an arrow into my bow and searched for any target to hit. 
A tenate perched on a feeble branch on the other side of the trench. 
Breath in, take back, breath out. 
The spikes of the animal followed gravity with only the echo of the shot to occupy it. 
I sighed in satisfaction and yet as I look to my hand, it's still unconciously shaking with tremors.
I feel the rage whell up inside me. The heat and energy rise to a point of no limitations. 
All my arrows are gone now as I sit back down with sweat dropping from my brow. My breaths are quick and heavy but amount to nothing compared to the vibrating noises of the echoing arrows hitting all around. 
I wipe my face with my hands. 
They're still shaking. 

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