Love by Death

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This is the same as my Original Too Many Books but with a better ending. I still want you guys to try out the challenge of the book titles. If you haven't read the rules, then here: you have to try to guess as many book titles as possible in the comments so good luck!

Submitted: September 17, 2012

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Submitted: September 17, 2012



Too Many Books

Ah, our hands entwined together, talking in the twilight. Eon and I sat there, breathing in the bittersweet scent of the roses. It seems like it was eternal but it wasn’t. Not for long, anyways. Would I be happy if it would last endlessly?

Suddenly, I was being kissed by an angel. Eon, my angel, is kissing me with utmost delicacy yet with so much passion. But little did I know that these precious occasions would nevermore happen. The flames of torment encased me as he would leave from time to time. I would be screaming in the silence when he was gone. Every time he would come, and cradle me in his arms. His warmth seared my heart, burning me with a desire to protect him.

Once, I had asked him if he would die for me and he answered me with forever and evermore. I wept happy tears afterward, the crystalline droplets staining my face.

His words still lingered in the air after it happened, trapping me within its sphere of despair and desire.

I made the vow, the vow to never let him die for me. But in order for me to vow it on my life, I had to make a blood promise. When Eon was away, I would cut myself until I bled constantly then fill a wine glass to the brim with my blood. After that was complete, I vowed on the blood and drank it; the rusty-metallic taste filling my body with tingles and hurt. Plain hurt radiated from behind me as he started to howl a wounded cry. I turned around and found Eon standing there, tears streaming down his face.

“Eon, why are you here?” I had asked, horror building in my heart as he backed out of the house. The blade he snatched from the table was digging deeper into his palm.

“No. You cannot be harmed. If you were harmed, I would die,” he murmured in shock, his luminescent green eyes were dark and glassy.

“Eon, no!” I screeched, as he backed up toward the edge of the cliff.

“Goodbye, love,” he said, sobbing. His wicked lovely face distorted into sadness and pain.

“No, Hetalia!” Eona, Eon’s twin sister, shrieked. She held me tightly, stopping me from running off the cliff with Eon.

“No! NO!” I bawled, burying my head in Eona’s shoulder. I can’t shiver, it is too cold for that since my love, and my warmth disappeared from me, from this world. My fragile eternity with Eon shattered.  A rupture in my heart started to burn and writhe in pure agony.

The night after that, Eona’s soothing voice guided me into a dreamless world where my nightmares can’t reach me. That night, I prayed to God to give me his darkest mercy. But God has forsaken me, then I shall forsake God, too. I seal away all prayers. However, who protects me from the most frightful; myself?

I hadn’t realized that I had fallen in love. Not until his death. But our love will be everlasting. Won’t it?

“Vis venire mecum in regno mortuorum?”  Will you come with me to the realm of the dead? They whispered, pulling at me.

“Aio,” Yes. I said, letting them pull me into the abyss of the dead. My last sight of this beautifully wretched world was a low red moon, reminding me of my loss and my pain.

Goodbye, the world that has made me love, laugh and die.

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