Scarlet Love

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is what happened when I go on Omegle and start up a story. I forgot who this guys was but... I don't take full credit for this! I also haven't edited this at all. RAW AND SHIT, YO!!!

Submitted: March 29, 2013

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Submitted: March 29, 2013




Daniel:i hold your hand close as we walk through the park, smiling at you, looking into your beautiful eyes

Avril: we sat down at a bench. my heart beats like a horse. i wondered if you could hear it.

Daniel:i put my arm around your shoulder and hold you close to me, secretly listening to your heart race

Avril: i loved your scent. it was like fresh cut grass and rain.

Daniel: i gently put my hand on your cheek and turn your head so its facing mine, smiling i put my forehead against yours, looking into your eyes

Avril: "i love you," i said, smiling softly at you and your deep blue eyes

Daniel:"i love you too" i say back, smiling and then slowly leaning in and kissing your lips passionately

Avril: i entwined my fingers in your hair, pulling you closer and closer

Daniel:i place both my hands on your neck gently with my thumbs on your cheeks

Avril:you finally stop kissing me, our breaths mingled together in excitement

Daniel: i look deep into your eyes, and see true love, smiling

Avril: i gazed back at you staring into your eyes deep enough to see your soul shimmering

Daniel: i slowly lean in again and kiss you more passionatly then before, holding you close to me

Avril: i hugged you for all i was worth

Daniel: i dont let go, fearing that if i do ill lose part of my heart that you've taken and kept safe

Avril: i never want this love to end

Daniel: i stop kissing you and look back into your eyes, "they twinkle like two bright stars" i say

Avril: "yours are like sapphire," i say, fingering the necklace you gave me with a sapphire

Daniel: "thats why i gave you that necklace, so you'd be reminded of me every time you look into the sapphire"

Avril: "of course," i say, thinking about the first date when you gave me it

Daniel: i smile and listen to your heartbeat still racing, beating faster than ive ever heard

Avril:"you know, my heart never beat this fast before," i said taking your hand from my hair and placing it over my heart

Daniel:"does that mean that im the one baby?" feeling your heartbeat pulse against my hand

Avril:"yeah,who else?"

Daniel:i smile and give you my most passionate kiss possible, holding you as if i never want us to be apart

Avril:i smiled through tears as i recall this moment in bed

Daniel:i continue kissing you, making sure no breath is wasted on something other than you

Avril:you held my hand as you get up

Daniel:i hold both your hands as i help you up "where do you want to go now?" i asked

Avril:"i want to go to your heart

Daniel:"your already there babe, and you will be for an eternity"

Avril:"i know, it was just my thought just now,"

Daniel:i chuckle "am i always in your thoughts? because you've completly taken over mine

Avril:"yea you are my mind, love, heart, and soul,"

Daniel:"well your my everything baby girl, so without you, i'd be nothing"

Avril:"i would be non-existent with out your love,"

Daniel:"i exsist just so i could be with you and no one else, and theres not a soul on earth id rather be with"

Avril:i smiled as i ran ahead. you caught me. i'm like a bird and you are my right wing. i cannot live without a wing i live with two. before i had you and after i had you.

Daniel: i laugh as i hold you and gently tackle you to the ground so you land on top of me, "my heart was like a puzzle with just one missing piece, that is, until i found you"

Avril:i laughed. you are my one true love. that i'm sure of.

The End.


© Copyright 2020 Miki. All rights reserved.

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