The Boy and the Kraken

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

During a normal trip through the sea on the ship which his father captains, young Neal ventures on deck during a sudden and violent storm. Looking over the rail, he spies something in the water, coming to the surface. Before he can warn anyone, he is thrown overboard. Miraculously, he survives, but the ship and crew are not so lucky, driven by a need for revenge, he attempts to find the Kraken and the sunken ship, will he persevere?


“The day was serene. There was not a cloud in the sky, and the sea was placid as the waves gently rocked the ship. A small child stared out at the rising sun. The captain of the ship laid his hand on the boy’s shoulder, “Beautiful isn’t it? Better enjoy it while you can, it won’t last long.”

“Why not, Captain, sir?”

“There’s a storm coming in. You’d best get somewhere safe. Last thing I need to worry about is my son going overboard and drowning.”

“Yes sir.” The child climbed down into the galley where the cook was. The cook looked at the child and grinned, showing three gaps where his teeth ought to have been. The boy smiled back, until the cook said, “Thar’s be’s a storm comin’! I can feels it in the ol’ knee.”

“The Captain says so too, but he won’t let me be on board to see it.”

The old cook patted the boy on the head. “Th’ Cap’n is very smart young ‘un. Best be listening to ‘im.”

A ship’s mate walked into the galley and agreed with the cook, “Th’ ship ain’t no place for any young ‘un to be, too damn’d dangerous. Th’ sea monsters might eat ye. Then where would we be? Nay, ye list to th’ Cap’n, and stay in the hold.”

Once he had left, the cook winked at the boy and said, “if’n it means that much to ye, I might be convinced ta let ye see th’ storm fer a moment.”

The boy grinned while sitting down on a crate of hardtack and asked, “Sir, are there really sea monsters out there?”

“Aye boy. Thar’s sea monsters worse ‘n sharks, a lot bigger too.”

“Have you ever seen one?”

“Nay, no ‘un alive has.”

“Then how do you know they exist?”

“Cause boy, many a ship’s been sunk by one, everyone on board with it. If you see a sea monster, better start pray’n yer pray’rs, ‘cause that means ye’ll die.”

“What kind of monsters are they?”

“Well, thar’s the giant squid, sirens, mermaids, nasty creatures those are, sea serpents, of course, and the king of ‘em all is th’ Kraken. All th’ others are friendly compared ta ‘im.”

Just then, lightening cracked overhead. The cook ushered the captain’s son to follow him, and then opened the heavy door to the deck and the boy could see that sailors were shouting, and the deck was bustling with activity. The cook saw the captain, and turned to usher the boy back inside, but the boy had wandered off. The cook cursed and the captain saw him. “Cook! Where’s my boy?”

“In th’ galley, Cap’n! Whinin’ about ye not lettin’ him on the deck.”

The captain nodded sadly and walked on by. He didn’t like to tell his son no, he rather spoiled the boy, but the boy’s safety was more important than anything, and the captain had promised his late wife that’d he’d take care of their child and keep him safe. He knew he should have put him in a boarding school, but he was selfish, and could not bear life without his son.

Meanwhile, the child was leaning over the rail heaving from seasickness. By this time, the once placid sea was roiling; the waves were taller than the ship, and crashing down on it. The captain ordered his men to throw overboard the anchors and ballast, in hopes that the ship would not sink from the water it was collecting. The sailors not manning the masts were bailing out water as fast as they could to no avail. The captain ordered his men to throw out any extra weight they could find, and the First mate immediately went to the galley in search of the child, planning to scare him with threats to throw him overboard. It took him all of five minutes to figure out that the boy was not in the hold as he was supposed to be, and he went and told the captain.

As soon as the captain asked the cook if the boy was on deck, and the cook said yes, the ship lurched.

The captain’s son was still at the rail, looking overboard, watching something rise from the deep.

The captain, cook, and first mate watched in horror as the boy fell overboard, after the ship lurched a second time. One of the sailors in the hold ran up on deck, “Cap’n sir! Something hit us; we’ve got a large hole, portside.”

Then, the Kraken emerged his massive tentacles from the water, and began to wrap them around the ship, and squeeze. All of the ship’s men looked on in horror and said their prayers as the kraken, recognizable by its octopus like shape, and its massive size, began pulling the ship down.

The captain and his men saw that the monster was the size of an island, and the captain yelled out, “I’m sorry Rosalinda! I should’ve kept the boy on land, please forgive me!”

Then after only minutes of attacking and pulling at it, the kraken sank the ship and all of its men to the bottom of the sea, where they lie to this day, with the ship’s treasures. There was no man left alive, but one very small child, a young boy named Neil.”

“Ye tell a good yarn young man. I almost believed ye thar.” A group of pirates sat at a bar, listening to a young sailor, and watching the waitresses.

The young sailor replied, “Everything I said was true. The ship, the Kraken, all of it. I need help finding the ship. You can have all the treasure you find, I just want the captain and all that is within a foot of his body. That’s all I ask for, your help, and the captains’ body and possessions.”

“Why are ye so interested in the cap’n mate?”

“Because he was my father. I am the boy, Neil, who escaped the Krakens’ fury. And I know where the ship lies.”

“If ye know where it is, why haven’t ye got it?”

“Because, gentlemen, I need a crew for my ship, a crew such as yourselves.”

“All right. I’m in, ye’d better be right kid, or it's ye next.”

All the pirates joined Neil, and began the search for the Kraken’s treasure. Neil led the men into the Devil’s triangle where his father and friends had sunk all those years ago, and the men faced a storm, just like the one that helped sink the ill-fated Rosalinda. Neil kept his eyes on the sea, while his first mate yelled out orders. Then he saw it, after 20 years, he had finally found the monster that had killed his father. The Kraken began to rise out of its watery den, and Neil ordered the pirates to attack and kill it. The pirates ignored his orders, and instead pushed him overboard, into the deep roiling seas.

Neil landed on the Krakens head and rode it, stabbing it as it attacked his ship, The Captain. The Kraken swept the young man off his head and into his mouth. As the Kraken swallowed Neil, he went quietly, without a fight, knowing that he would probably die.

Then he remembered his father, how he had died because he wouldn’t fight for his life, and he thought of his daughter and wife who were waiting for him to come back home, who depended on him to earn the money they needed to live on, and he took his sword and stabbed it into the creature’s esophagus, and using his weight, pulled the sword all the way down the Kraken’s mouth.

The Kraken had nearly defeated the ship and its men when Neil cut his way to the beast’s heart and with a single stroke severed it from the body. The Kraken died immediately, leaving the ship on the water’s surface with only half its crew. Neil cut and fought his way out of the sea monster and swam to the surface. The pirates took one look at the heart in his hands and hoisted him up.

The pirates never got their treasure, but they returned to shore a year later with the greatest treasure of all, their lives, and Neil returned home to his wife and daughter with the Kraken’s heart.”

Submitted: March 18, 2014

© Copyright 2021 mikimarie. All rights reserved.

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Jonah Ryan

I enjoyed this a lot, it was really fun to read. It is well written and flows very well from beginning to end. Nice job.

Wed, March 19th, 2014 1:39pm


Thanks, a lot.

Wed, March 19th, 2014 4:27pm

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