Population may be odd, but it's a mating Number

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"Yes, because there's someone, somewhere waiting for everyone...

I agree, the population of the world is an odd number...
but it's a mating one too!

You will say... "Yes but men/women are more than men/women..." Hah.... so... what?

Never lose hope... never lose faith...
because it may be long... but you will definitely find it one day! others find it at 15... others at 35... others at 55... and others at 75 (Believe it or not)... time only knows! If something's meant to happen, it will! But don't just sit there with crossed arms and wait..."

Submitted: May 23, 2013

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Submitted: May 23, 2013




When the time comes to say goodbye 
It's the time to tell the lie 
the lie that lies for years in you 
and never reveals what you have to do 

Sun is no longer certain 
Nights are darker than black 
and if you try to escape that hateful fate 
over again, your nightmares will be back 

Devil without mercy, 
Moon without the pale light...
Past never forgets your wrong right
When crimson blood was painting midnight

Look up, this sky 
is painted with rubicund dye..
Is it your blood? Is it your soul...
Or is it the annealed evil from below?

This picture may seem cute 
may seem harmless
but when I look at it brings me countless...
memories, thoughts, feelings, my biggest loss...

of my beloved person, my innocent lullaby 
I never was unoffending, never had an alibi
and people always told me 
"Go away, no more space for you to occupy..."

There was only one person that loved me for real
Like a floss, like a feather, that was her feel
her name was short... only 3 letters
but I always called it with great fondness

skin pale as the moon, smile great as a dream
tight as I held her, there was no word like "fear"
Eyes like the forenoon, lips pink and mere
A moment without her would be like a Year 

So this is our story... Our little life 
but when you read it, it sounds like a knife
it talks about love, like all the stories you've read
but no pain as this, can be found this red...
You saw it's not this cute, either simple
Rain in this story is not only a dribble 

But we want to teach you, You must learn
that not all beloved couples have a happy end
when there's only one person you yearn 
if you can't be together 
just let them go...
Life of course... will give you another turn...

You may hate life, you never stop complaining 
because it was only once or twice, ok, thrice!
that your set-on-fire heart was as cold as ice
because of that 4 letters forbidden word
L-O-V-E, yeah Love!

but you mustn't stop believing
that they will hurt, those who were deceiving
not only you, not only her
not only the whole neighborhood or square

I have found my girl, my woman, the one
and I'm not afraid to tell everyone 
because I'm 100% sure!
although they only knew how to dissaprove 

even I, found love... the most unexpected person
and these people... Jealousy, hatred, was all they felt...
"It won't last too long"
"They will definitely break up" that's what they said...

Because it sure is difficult, it sure is hard
for your heart to find the destined one
that doesn't mean you won't find... him or her
love is really difficult, but not that rare

Don't try just once
five, six or seven times
you must have patience and you must believe
make happy thoughts as if you were for hundreds of years to live

If you want it to happen, it will, I'm telling you
but just don't stop thinking about it, Never!
that's what I'm expecting you...
to do it with all your want, and then forever...
you will have them in your arms... you are now together!

Don't worry...
just climb this ladder...
In this world, population may be odd...
but it's a Mating Number...

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