The Great Burden

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a boy discovers a dangerous mystifying magical power within himself and sets on a small journey to find out why he has a special gift. and what good can he do with it.

this a story about a young boy named Cornelius. now Cornelius is a young boy age 8. he has had a very hard life growing up adopted never knew his parents. came from different families and different places. but he always have been loved and cared for. he is always found of helping other people. and loves to see them smile. One day in cool windy sunny autumn day Cornelius was playing at the park. his foster dad wanted to let him have a little fun since he had the free time. Cornelius sprinting wildly towards the playground to play with the other children. his dad sitting at a bench nearby waving to Cornelius while his dad stares back into his laptop. swinging, sliding, running around, shouting happily as Cornelius slowly holts to a stop just to take breather. Cornelius: this is so fun! I wish I can play forever.. as soon as cornelius was ready to play again, he sees one of the children slip off the monkey bars ! from fall that far the child will surely get hurt! Cornelius: oh no! i have to do something!!! cornelius stretched out his hand so hard he wish and wish that he could save the child so badly his arm felt as if it were to pop out of its arm socket.. at that moment in time Cornelius imagined an inflatable bed under the little child that was plummeting down. tsshhhfffwwwpp! a distinct in and out sound has been heard at the same time a bed appeared from thin air! aahhhhhhh! ufff! what just happened? said the little child. waaahhdooomm!!! just like that the object what seemed to have appeared vanished without a trace. saving the little girl from danger. minutes later Cornelius stood there trying to figure out what has just happend. in slow motion Cornelius couldn't feel his legs and gave out his body slowly falling to the ground. as he is about to lay on the floor his vision blurred and all of a sudden nothing. pitch black. the last thing Cornelius saw was his dad dropping his laptop unto the floor as if nothing else mattered.. Cornelius felt a cool windy sunny day cover his body. his eyes pry open as it was his first time seeing the world. it was like nothing anyone has seen before. cornelius used his arms to lay up. as he stares into a new world right before his very.. eyes.. a galaxy painted in neon blues pitch back accents swirled into a billion white twinkling scattered bright twilight stars.. Cornelius: where am I?

to be continued

Submitted: December 11, 2015

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