the Kingdom of Sage

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Book summary: Aisha is the new heir to the throne of Sage. But her aunt, Seraphinia, will stop at nothing to declare herself Queen. When the king is murdered, and Aisha is exiled. Seraphinia is the only one left to the throne. Was it an unruly accident or part of Seraphinia's plot to take over the kingdom?

Table of Contents

the Kingdom of Sage

Prologue Out of all the kingdoms of the world, only one has never been succeeded. This kingdom is so unheard of that even the worldâ€... Read Chapter

A Playmate's Kingdom

2 A playmate’s kingdom Eight years later. Young eight year old Aisha was running out into the public square and playing a g... Read Chapter

Who needs the King?

3 Who needs the king?   Aisha had left the soldiers quarters in the Lokid district and wanted to check on Joshua so she ... Read Chapter

the King's End

4 The king’s end   Seraphinia and Aisha were walking to the smaller public square on the east side of the palace. “Y... Read Chapter