Run Away To Armenia

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I wrote this in 9th grade for my English class i was inspired because i had just come home from my country and i dealt with the home sickness by writing more and more about it....

Submitted: March 21, 2016

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Submitted: March 21, 2016



  Run Away To Armenia


The sun had barely risen, the soft orange glow barely visible. It was cold in Ohio Cincinnati in December she loved to look out the window and watch the snow fall. Angelina went downstairs into the living room, she covered her nose to the smell of alcohol and cigarettes all over the house. She saw her dad sleeping on the floor with 2 empty vodka bottles next to him, there was another one in the kitchen. She wasn't surprised at what she saw, she got used to it by now.  She was Caucasian and very short she had thick long dark brown hair that went all the way down to her hips. She looked just like her mother who was from Yerevan, Armenia. She moved to US when Angelina was only 7 years old.
Angelina looked out the window and saw a police car in front of her house. She started shaking and she turned pale her brown eyes filled with tears. She knew they were here for her dad.
"Dad wake up police are here" she said in a frightened tone. Her dad mumbled words she didn't understand. "DAD WAKE UP! There gonna take me away from you" she yelled and started crying.

Her dad woke up and ran to the shower. She started cleaning the bottles of alcohol and sprayed the whole house with an air refresher. Two minutes later there was a knock on the door. She took a deep breath and opened the door and saw two men standing, they looked very serious.
"Is your father home?" The tall one asked Angelina didn't like to lie but she knew her dad had done something wrong.
"No he's not, why is there a problem?" She asked in a very calm voice.
"Yes I was in the neighborhood yesterday and i saw your dad coming out of your neighbors house I heard screaming so I went to check what it was, I found two men bleeding on the floor they were injured really bad, your dad is one of the suspects it's nothing serious right now but we just want to talk to him and get his side of the story." He replied.
Angelina didn't like to judge people but she could tell that something was wrong and that the cop was lying. She knew that her dad would never be in the neighbors house because they weren't close with the neighbors they didn't even know there name. Her dad barely spoke English.
"Alright we'll my dad isn't here right now but I'll tell him that you stopped by." She tried to close the door but before she did the tall cop put his foot at the door and opened it again.
"You seem to be in a hurry are you sure your dad isn't here?" He argued with an angry voice this time. Angelina spoke up this time with confidence and anger.
"Yes I'm sure he's not here I told you I'll tell him that you stopped by, have a good day sir." She shut the door fast and ran upstairs to talk to her dad. She turned red because she was so embarrassed she hated lying but her dad has always been number one.
"Dad there suspecting you of murder they said nothing is final yet but the cop has his eye on you, but I know he's lying because you don't know our neighbors I told him you weren't home but he didn't believe me why are they thinking it's you I don't understand?"
"I'm being set up I saw who that cop is his voice is unforgettable." He sat down and stared at the tv.
"The cop you saw isn't a stranger he is your Godfather, we were close friends once but one day he set me up I don't know why, he got married and we went out to celebrate it was just me your mom him and his wife I went to buy us drink and when I came back his wife wasn't there when we went to find her he saw her body near the door she was shot in the head and he blamed it on me he thought I killed her when I went to buy the drinks It took me around 20 minutes because I spilled the drinks and bumped into an old friend he got suspicious because of that he's been trying to put me to jail since that night which was 6 years ago." He explained.
She couldn't believe what her dad was saying she stopped and sat down next to him.


“Dad what are we gonna do, you are gonna go to jail if he is able to actually get away with it.” she looked like she was about to cry but she knew it would not fix anything.

“Honestly theres only one thing we can do.” He claimed and he sat there thinking for a while and then finally.

“Were going to Armenia pack you bags and be ready by tonight.” He demanded.

Angelina got happy for a second she never wanted to leave Armenia she loved her country but she knew that if anything went wrong it would all come back to her dad, she got serious.

"Are you sure dad? That's not our only option." She mumbled. She hesitated to say anything else she didnt want to say anything to change his mind she really wanted to go to Armenia her whole life she wanted to live there.

"I'm sure stop wasting time they'll be here if not tonight then defiantly tomorrow if I go to jail you are going to a foster home and I'm not letting that happen." He replied in an angry voice.

 Angelina started packing things she knew they would need, her dad was never scared of the police he was only doing this because his choice was to either run to Armenia and be free, or get locked up in Ohio state jail and Angelina getting sent to a foster home in Cincinnati. 
"We're leaving at night, get whatever you need we're not coming back." Her dad mumbled in a depressed  voice.
"Let's leave now they might come back today." She answered.
"We can't they might see us." He replied. "Let's go I made dinner."

She loved it when her dad made dinner, the whole house smelled like Kyabab a food that every Armenian enjoyed. Dads cell phone rang and he ran to pick it up. He'd been on the phone over an hour and he started yelling.
"I'm being set up you know that and I know that but there not gonna believe me, I have to protect my daughter are you gonna help me or not?" He asked.

After he was done talking he took the phone apart, crushed it and threw it in the garbage.
It was dark and it was time to go they sat in the car and saw 3 cop cars behind them her dad turned on the car and started driving he put on his hoodie and glasses so it would be hard to recognize him he started going faster and faster he knew if he gets caught now he won't be able to escape.
"Put on your hoodie and get down." Her dad demanded in a loud voice.


She wasn't scared she knew her dad escaped once before she knew he could do it again. After 30 minutes of driving they were far away from her house there was no cops around they were in an empty road it was dark and cold but her dad was sweating she knew he was worried she didn't say anything because she didn't want him to know that she was scared. Days went by it was the last couple of hours in America, they were in an empty grass field there were no cars around it was silent then it suddenly got really loud it sounded like a helicopter, for a second she thought the police found them but when she looked at her dad he was smiling she knew this was a part of his plan.

"Are we gonna get on that?" She asked in a scared voice she had always been scared of heights and she didn't want to get it. The helicopter landed on the grass her dad picked her up and and helped her get in, he got in himself looked at his car and said in a quiet whisper.

 "God is with me if he wasn't I wouldn't get this far."


It was a 10 hour ride Armenia was all the way across the world, Angelina was sick of the sound, her ears were hurting it was really loud and it was cold.

"Dad did we make it pop? She asked.

He had a smirk on his face.

"Of Course we made it look out your window how can you not recognize this country."

"It's beautiful" she whispered.


She fell asleep after twenty minutes, her dad hadn't slept in days. Once they landed her uncle was there to pick them up he carried her to the car because she was sleeping.

"I can't believe I did it I finally got here Thank you." He acknowledged to his brother.

“Now let's see if anyone touches you here it's Armenia theres not many laws around here” he started laughing and they drove away.


It was there first day in Armenia it was snowing outside, every time Angelina looked out the window there was more and more snow, cars were covered in it, Angelina couldn't wait to get her phone turned back on, she asked her dad to take it down to the the store and buy minutes for it that's how it worked in Armenia.  She was sitting with her uncle and his kids telling them about how brave her dad was and how exciting some moments were and how scared she was when they almost got caught. She got up to get a drink and she saw her dad out the window he looked really mad he was looking down at her phone she didn't understand what was wrong. When her dad came in he started freaking out and yelling.
"I told you not to tell anyone where we were going who is this person?"
He had never yelled at her like that before. she paused for a minute to think.
"My friends dad is a lawyer I thought he could help us." She mumbled in a quiet voice.
"Are you crazy you told a person who works with the law? Do you know what can happen now." He turned red he looked like he was embarrassed.

He started swearing in Armenian, Angelina didn't know what to say she knew what she did was wrong. She kept drinking her water to avoid talking. Then her phone rang and she saw the number, it was an American number, everyone was silent the phone rang again and again the caller left a voice mail.
"Angelina it's Ryan something is wrong." There was a pause for a minute then the voicemail continued.
"I'm sorry but my dad told the police everything, they know where you are and" he paused again.
"They're coming for you."
It got quit her uncle took the phone threw it out the window everyone sat quietly no one said a word Her dad kept staring at her.
Angelina put her head down and closed her eyes she was ashamed she knew she couldn't fix it now.

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