Grayscale hilltops

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Submitted: April 11, 2012

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Submitted: April 11, 2012



Grayscale hilltops left withering to grow desolate in the wind

Mutters the antelopehead figurine amongst cold meticulous murmurs unintelligible to onlookers

Piles of pills leave residue on the good coffee table

Until the aardvarks lick it up with slender repulsive tongues

And the cats and the dogs eat the capsules from PEZ dispensers

And their parents weep

And rot in their graves in due time

But the circus carries on, the elephants with their peanuts,

While the poultry cackle and gobble No No No! and vow

to destroy every edible rock coin and powder nose

Pecking at pills and flapping at leaves,

squawking obnoxiously and violently into the wind

Catching raindrops but seldom catch a cloud

And far off in the forest grasslands the coyotes howwwl

and yap for more

And miles into exotic deserts the snakes and cacti pine for high fructose corn syrup

And the cocks and hens are oblivious, and they do their work just the same

And I bleed, and I bleed, and I bleed

And I stain the sheets, and my clothes,

And I weep myself to sleep, and I watch the creatures starve themselves

And they burn the pages out of books with which they disagree

And they bait and tackle, chamber the sick and dying

And the animals grow ill and weak,

And they wretch and vomit all over blurred hillands,

Drowning life but never purged,

And the figurine collapses, chest cavity heaving,

Rising and falls

And a gurgle escalates in its throat,

And it coughs

And whimpers

but spoke no more

And may rest in peace

Until he is awoken by sickness once again

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