In your arms is where I want to stay.

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Again, for someone special.

Submitted: January 06, 2008

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Submitted: January 06, 2008



Daisies surrounding us.
Sun embers burning bright.
Birds singing a melody.
As the clouds tell their story.

In your arms is my sanctuary.
In your arms, I find my serenity.
In your arms, I find my shelter.

Delightful smells scenting the air.
Little critters playing in pairs.
Wind brushing our faces.
Out here there is no sense of time.

I am not optimistic and hardly ever hopeful.
But in your arms, I am sure.
I worry too much and second guess way too often.
But in your arms, worries are few and I haven't thought twice since meeting you.

Storm clouds are building.
Colors are mixing.
Smell of rain is hanging.
A picture the sky is painting.

In your arms, I find a sense of relief.
In your arms, I discover and conquer.
In your arms is where I hope to stay.

Water beads trickling down on us.
Laughter in harmony.
Holding hands as we stand.
Placing daisies behind our ears.
We shall yet again meet here.

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