Looking back on it all

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This is a short story about the past 2 years of my life. It is not finished but I just wanted to put the first part up to see if there was a point in finishing the second. It helps me to deal with things better when I write them out on paper and hopefully to create a decent read for someone else.....

Submitted: January 07, 2008

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Submitted: January 07, 2008



After a long day of fixing up my brother's ragged dorm room, mom and I were finally making the drive back home. It had been a lovely Saturday spending time with my older brother and giving flirty glances to his roommates. I considered his room a masterpiece of my own mark and dubbed it the most stylish on the floor. Hopefully, he will treat it as one but I do not have high expectations. 

It was a clear, calm night but a storm had been a brew inside of me for quite some time. I focused my attention on the blur of trees to the right as mom turned up Better Than Ezra, track #7, in the CD player. We had a long night of cleaning ahead of us and I was relieved when I could see the city lights twinkling on the horizon. It seemed our stomachs had a mutual agreement on wanting to be fed, so as we entered the city we pulled into the neighborhood Applebees not knowing this would be the start of it all.

I looked like a train wreck as I powdered my nose, brushed my hair, and dabbed on some lip-gloss.  Upon entering the restaurant, we were greeted by a nice host and seated immediately and not soon after that our quirky waiter came to take our drink order. My cheeks flushed  when I saw his dark brown eyes and freckles that appropriately decorated his face.  I wanted to slide under the table with knowing how I looked. *chuckles* That did not seem to bother him, though, as he readily offered up a joke about my Kix t-shirt  only to be embarrassed when he realized he had the wrong cereal. It would not have bothered me if he made a remark about how disastrous I looked. His smile and wit had me attached the minute I saw him walk up. Mom being irritated by his humor and noticing the tension between us quickly placed her order, sending the cute waiter behind scenes.  We made small talk while waiting for our dinner but my mind was elsewhere, sipping my Diet Dr. Pepper I took advantage of each gaze I received from the waiter.

I had been struggling to keep my head above water for the past two years, ever since my first true love left me high and dry. I never had been rejected like that before and was trying my best to deal with it but those close to me knew I was wavering. I thought I was doing quite well putting up a front since all my surroundings reminded me of every memory with him and besides the fact that I had to see his ma and pa every day.  You see, I was very religious and involved in my church. Everyone I knew and every thing I did stemmed from some sort of relationship with the church. It was my life, basically. My mom and I were the best of friends, but since those two years and me waning in faith, we were growing apart.

"Will you ladies be having dessert," chimed our waiter. I childishly say there is always room for dessert. He continues to give his opinion of which one he thinks is the best and I respond by saying he better be right. I watch him walk away and moments later see him chatting and glancing over at our table with another waiter. I could only wonder what they were talking about, into which I did not have to wait long. Before he handed us our ticket, he asks if he could see me again. I did not get but two words in before ma interrupted saying quite rudely, "She is only 17 and will not be seeing you again." I was not sure of what I felt more humiliated about. The fact that she spoke for me like I was incapable or how cold she was towards him. At that moment I felt something split inside of me, I wanted to see this boy again. I do not know what it was but I had to see him again despite the consequences it would bring and to be honest I did not care. I grabbed the ticket setting it on my lap out of mom's view and thought to myself what are doing as I wrote in small digits the number of my cell, hoping he would be able to see it before he stashed it away in the register.  I'm surprised I could walk out to the car with how shaky my legs were and how fast my pulse was racing, but I knew that I had already committed my sin. I tried to act as though nothing had happened and the fact that the cute waiter asked me out in front of my mom didn't bother me at all. As I will come to find out a few weeks later, my mom could read me like I was an open book on public display.

There was silence in the air as we drove to our first cleaning job. I disappeared into the bathrooms and started the dull cleaning routine that I could do blindfolded if I had to, although tonight didn't seem so bad since my mind was being entertained with the fact of "what if" he called me. It then hit me and I rushed out to find ma to tell her that I had forgotten to sign the ticket. I was so involved in writing my number down and not getting caught that it had completely slipped my mind.

Now that I have had some time to look back on how this whole situation played out I think how funny it is that I forgot to sign the ticket. It was like I was a puppet in someone else's schemeful play to turn my life completely upside down, but the only person holding the strings was me.

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