Doppelganger (The Descent)

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They say that your death is near when you see an exact copy of yourself. Well, what would you do if you saw one? Or two? Or an entire room full of them?

Submitted: March 20, 2012

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Submitted: March 20, 2012



I wasn’t exactly a perfectionist. At least, I don’t think I was. I didn’t really excel or anything. It’s just that I wanted every moment of my life to be productive. I may seem to have an unhealthy OCD, but hey – that’s me. I had a set time for socializing, for studying, for work and for rest. This is all I’m limited to. Anything else would be considered spending time idly, and I didn’t want that. Though I did have a social life, I never really made many friends. The people I befriended when I was still a kid? Yeah, they’re still the people I hang around now. It’s not that I was shunned by others; it was I, who, regretfully, drove other people away. Perhaps I thought that it would be a waste of time to mingle with them. I was the type of person who couldn’t calm down when I wasn’t doing anything. It was as if something was watching me, compelling me to do better, to improve, to use every second for development.

Then came that night... It was October. I really couldn’t remember the specific day. Anyway, the carnival was in town, and my friends invited me to go with them that night. We saw all sorts of things, both strange and amusing. For some reason, I got this feeling of enjoyment – one I hadn’t felt for a very long time.

After parting with my peers, I came across an odd-looking tent. My curiosity piqued, I decided to enter it. Inside, I saw a lot of people who all seemed familiar. Looking at them closely, I noticed that they all looked like me, but with pale skin and bloodshot eyes. “Doppelgangers!” I thought to myself. Knowing that the sight of one implies one’s own death, I panicked upon seeing an entire congregation of these beings. I tried to run away, but they were everywhere. Not long after, my mind suddenly went blank.

I woke up in what seemed to be a hospital room. For some reason, I was just alone in there. There were no doctors or nurses in sight. I looked around and saw a door which was apparently a comfort room. Considering what I went through earlier, I probably looked like a wreck, so I decided to enter the room to wash my face. Right after I wiped my face dry with a towel, I raised my head to see a mirror with my reflection on it. For some reason, though, my face had this strange glare on it. It had an eerie grin, as if it was mocking me, taunting me.

Thinking that the doppelgangers have followed me, I attempted to strike the image in the mirror, shattering it to pieces. As my hand started bleeding, I began to hear laughter. The pieces of the broken mirror all had that same image. The images weren’t just grinning. They were laughing maniacally, while still staring with those cold eyes. I ran away in fear.

I ended up in the lobby of the hospital. I looked around and saw some of my friends, looking really scared of something. I asked them what was wrong, but I got no reply. Then, I saw a glimpse of that eerie grin again in their eyes. I thought that it might’ve been more of those entities, merely disguising themselves as my friends. They were trying to lull me to a false sense of security. Agitated, I yelled out, “Leave me alone!” I then began to attack the person in front of me. Just before I was able to land my punch on the face of that monstrosity, a pair of men grabbed me and tried to take me away. “We’re trying to help you,” they said.

“Liars!” I yelled out as I struggled to get away. I somehow managed to escape the hospital. As I ran into the road, I saw a bright light – one that would hopefully end this nightmare.

The light came closer and closer to me. As it reached its brightest, my body began to feel an agonizing pain. Slowly, the light faded away. The pavement, illuminated by the city lights, was covered in blood.

It was then that I realized all that I had done. Despite being on the verge of death, my mind became clearer. The feelings of guilt and shame were too much for me to handle. They were more unbearable than the pain that I felt at that time. I actually wanted it to end already.

“Well, I don’t have much time left; better not let it go to waste,” I thought to myself as I attempted to lift my arm. Then, as my eyes slowly closed, I wrote on the pavement, using my own blood, “Forgive me.”

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