Who is this Girl You See

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I wrote this poem, goign through a tough time in my life (and still am. Instead of talking about my feelings, thoughts and emotions, I wrote them down.

Submitted: November 01, 2011

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Submitted: November 01, 2011



Look at me

Who do you see?

A girl whose life’s a breeze

Dealing with school, and homework

Just a normal girl you see

Underneath my layers of fake

You see much more that

But a girl who’s crying with pain and sadness

Who is this girl you see

Everyone’s leaving, and I’m left behind

Trapped in this world of hell

I’m not perfect, I know that

So why can’t you just see me

The me who dealt with things you haven’t

Being pushed, torn and beaten around

Called names, and embarrassed because I was me

This is the girl you don’t see

Someone who’s lost more than love and family

But also lost her soul

What would happen if I went away?

A girl you see no more

Only a name you know, and a face you’ve seen

Who is this girl, it’s me

© Copyright 2019 Milla Zhamuals. All rights reserved.

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