Descendants of whom? (Prologue)

Descendants of whom? (Prologue) Descendants of whom? (Prologue)

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Dear God,

I can perdict the future. Why? What should I do to protect Seth? I saw him die. Light disappearing from his eyes like an extiguished candle. What do I do ?
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Dear God,

I can perdict the future. Why? What should I do to protect Seth? I saw him die. Light disappearing from his eyes like an extiguished candle. What do I do ?

Chapter1 (v.1) - Descendants of whom? (Prologue)

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Dear God,

I can perdict the future. Why? What should I do to protect Seth? I saw him die. Light disappearing from his eyes like an extiguished candle. What do I do ?

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Submitted: May 09, 2009

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 09, 2009




I looked up at the sky and thought wow it sure is beautiful! Soon everything went quiet and dark, but I swear I heard someone scream my name.......

The sky was azure blue, on the day I died.

My name is Tessa and this is my story...

Chapter 1- My Death

You probably figured it out by now, I'm dead...Now, I know what I'm about to say may sound crazy, but I try to stay positive. Dying isn't all that bad... I mean, think of the peace after dea- err let get back to the story...
So you already know my name...Tessa, it means countess now I hate to disappoint you guys, but I`m not a vampire. Originally my parents were Italian, so there is absolutely zero chance of me being a vampire in the first place. Why? The cuisine is mostly made of garlic and onions. I`m American though. Now I`ve only got one sibling. My sister Lucia, and as my father says, she ran off with a ...ahem I don`t feel that that word is appropriate enough to say.....He is a nice guy though!
Anyhow, I`m pretty average. I like drawing; I'm actually pretty good at it. The thing I like drawing the most, are my dreams. Most girls my age would be all about boys, but I'm not, I'm more into... well the world.
I blend in quite well. Blending in is quite important for me, oh yes! All thanks to a little gift I have... I can see the future and none of that “that’s so raven” crap. Take my word for it, the future is hard to see, there are “Rules” believe it or not...
1)I can't see the future of someone I don't know
2) I can't know the exact time or day it will happen
3) I can't see the future in a minute it takes hours
4) I can only tell the future in my sleep and see them as dreams
5) The future is effected by people’s decisions, thus it could be changed

Hmm... yes that’s about it.
How have I come to see the future?
It’s passed on from generation to generation. I figured it out all by myself. It's true when I was about nine I saw-ahem dreamed that my school building was on fire. (Che! frankly that’s what you get from buying cheap microwaves!) It happened the next week ... I saved a kid named Seth and we have been best friends ever since.
The thing about Seth is that he is the most unlucky kid I have ever met; he has a FIRST AID KIT in his locker!!!! It's not that he is clumsy; no it's just that he is unlucky! The fire wasn't the most dangerous incident that happened to him! Oh no! Let me tell you he almost got run over by a truck once! (I saved him from that one too. I got away with scratches)I'm the luckiest person to ever walk the planet so we are a perfect combination. He attracts an accident and I neutralize it and usually get away with scratches. What can I say I'm a lucky pro fortune teller... it's easy saving him, however it sure as hell isn’t easy to find him! The truck incident was close!
But hey Seth has lots of positive points, like reading, he loves books! Seth always calls me "Mia Angelo Custode" it means My Guardian Angel in Italian. Which, I find incorrect! He's the one with azure-blue eyes. He got the guardian part right though. Oh, I guess I should describe myself; I have brown hair and green eyes. I call Seth "Mio Angelo Della Morte” meaning My Angel of Death. Who knew I was right?

Chapter 2 – Ordinary Day

Heynow, hold your horses! I don't mean it like that!!I know what you're thinking, butit wasn't reallySethwhokilled me! It was an accident! Yeah,it was on an ordinary day like any other and as usual I was savingSeth again. Yes that’s right! That's what I was doing when the bullets got me...Yes I diedfrom stay bullets, that were about to implant themselves in Seth! So this is how it went down...

Science class was in session, when I heard a loud noise in the hallway. Well, only me and the rest of the student body of about 500 kids... Seth had this thing about not coming to science class; he always ditched and hung out on the staircase. Oh did I forget to mention Seth has quite the curiosity, so I was almost sure he went to check it out. Obviously that means I was going to have to go too. I sighed; Seth was so going to pay for this one! I loved science! What the hell could have made that loud noise?!?! I think, not believing what I have heard with my own ears. Well here I am, crawling out of the classroom so that my teacher doesn’t notice me missing ... yet. So I’m in the hallway and I see two guys with guns. What? You want a better description? Two average looking, pissed off guys with guns in their hands real enough to scare the pants of Ghandi. I wasn’t scared though, worried was more like it... My automatic thought was in action thinking: Where the hell is Seth?!?!? If they started shooting and if Seth was anywhere near here- what am I thinking he’s obviously going to be here if they do that because he has the most rotten luck in the world! Moments later Seth walks into the room. *sigh* Told Ya! Now let’s get a few things straight. Yeah I’m a girl... Yeah I can see the future.... Yeah I’m strong. And yeah I’m one hell of a fighter. Glad we got that out of the way. Oh my god! They’re aiming at him! No! Not him, not Mio Angelo! Not –


In that moment I did the most logical thing possible, I just tried to put as much of myself as possible between Seth and the bullets that were coming at him with an incredible speed and force.

“Huh? Tessa what’s-”

Shots rang out through the hall... was it 2? or 5? or 10? I don’t know... The sound sure was loud and it made one heck of a racket. The azure - blue eyes were looking at me in shock. The guys ran already. Me? Oh I’m okay a few holes here or there. It’s not that I wanted to die, no that’s not it at all. I still wanted to do many things in my life, like become an artist; or figure out why I can see the future. This was just one of these times when things where bigger than you and all you could do was sit and wait. I knew that, but Seth was just so much more important than all that! He was Seth, Mio Angelo with azure – blue eyes. I cared about him more than I cared about my own future. I loved Seth more than my own life! I didn’t want him to die! Too precious to let go of, to important...I realized it, when I was protecting Seth. I realized that, this time I may actually die. Did you know that the thing I loved drawing the most was the sky and the clouds? Clouds so care free, just floating there... I wanted to see it one last time, so I stepped outside.

I looked up at the sky and thought wow it sure is beautiful! Soon everything went quiet and dark, but I swear I heard someone scream my name.......

The sky was azure blue, on the day I died.

Chapter 3 – The Past

I always wanted to know how I got my gift, was I a descendent of a witch? a fortune teller? A mutant? A demon? An angel? The devil? A god? Descendent of whom??? Who gave me this gift?!?! or is it a curse?!?! No. It was a gift, thanks to which I was able to save Seth. Yes, surely it was a gift. I’ve been here for quite a while and and it’s still dark and quiet. Wait you hear that...


Tessa” repeated the voice. Hmm the voice sounded familiar.

“Yep that ME! I’m Tessa what do you want? Are you here to take me to heaven?”

Live Tessa! Please! Open your eyes! You have to wake up! Tessa! Please!”

Huh? Mr. Voice I don’t know what you mean. Oh, you must have me confused with someone. You see Mr. Voice I’m dead so there is no way I can wake up, much less live.”

“Tessa Please!”continued the mysterious voice ignoring Tessa’s words.

“Tessa you can’t die. You’re Mia Angelo Custode! Angels don’t die...!”

Ah! Now I recognize that voice, it was Seth!

“Seth is that you? What am I saying it is you! Wh-How are you talking to me? What do you mean by wake up. I saved you! I’m dead...!!But! I don’t regret it!”

Huh? What’s that? A light? An azure-blue light? Oh boy, if I wasn’t dead before I sure as hell am now. Well then-

“Goodbye, Seth , Mio Angelo con azzurro occhi ”(My angel with azure blue Eyes)

The light became bigger eliminating the dark place. Than a pair of concerned eyes. Azure – blue , hehe even in the dark. Glowed beautifully ...Huh? They looked happy ... Seth? Seth-

“is that you? Seth? Is this goodbye?”

“No, welcome back.”

Chapter 4 – The Descendents

She opened her eyes and started asking stupid questions. Oh boy is this hard to explain or what?! I had powers too. I’m a healer....

“Huh? I’m dead.”

“No you’re not. I brought you back”

“Brought me – huh?” she asked confused more than ever

“I’m a healer...”


More Silence.....

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you!” it seemed like forever until she gave me an answer

“It’s okay. I’m alive. We BOTH are. Haha! A healer huh?”

“What are you laughing at?”

“haha, ahem I was wondering how my bruises and scratches healed so fast... Thank you Seth.”

“Well what kind of looser let’s his guardian angel die!”

“ I thought I was dead”

“So did I. You know you scared the sh*t out of me!”

“So did you! You know you were about to get shot! I didn’t want you to die so I-”

“So you tried to die protecting me?!?!”


“Why? Why go so far for me? We’re ..only friends...We’re not lovers , not siblings , not” I tailed off. It made me sad, how little we are tied to each other.

“I love you Seth”


“We may not be siblings or lovers or anything else! You are still so important to me... More than my future or my life! And that’s best friends for your information! Don’t you belittle our relationship! ” she was out of breath when she finished talking.

I couldn’t hold back and kissed her. She kissed me back.

“I love you too.”


Seth and I decided that we would find out how we came to be. There are others like us with powers. However we both thought that it’s going to be too hard to find them so we’re not looking, but if we ever meet them ...well that’s another story.....

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