Verónica (Chapter 1)

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
A story about a young girl named Verónica in an abusive relationship.

Submitted: November 19, 2016

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Submitted: November 19, 2016



Verónica was beaten by a kid named Dave because she was in love. This was not the first time he put his hands on her. It was not going to be the last either.  He always apologized. She always believed him even though she really did not.  He said, “I am sorry baby, I just lose it when you act so stupid.”  He always blamed her for everything.  Maybe it was my fault, she thought.

She kept the marks on her neck hidden, in the heat of August, behind a turtleneck.  Her coworkers at the crummy store she works at made fun of her for wearing a turtleneck but she laughed it off acting like it was a new trend she is starting. She even posted a pic of it on instagram. #trendsetter.  She was mainly worried about her mom and not her stupid coworkers she pretended to be friends with. She knew she was better than these losers. They were all fugly anyways.

Her friend Noreen was not fooled. She knew Verónica was hiding something. She knew Dave was a douchebag.  But as usual, Verónica was not listening. She even started ignoring her. In fact, slowly but surely she started ignoring everyone.  The replies to text messages started to decrease slowly then they disappeared.  Her circle of friends got smaller and smaller and then it was just Verónica and Dave. What did these girls want from me anyways?  They were jealous and selfish. They didn’t want me to be happy. Dave loves me unconditionally. He is my fan. He is my path.  I mean he swore he’d stand by me forever. 

Verónica hated to be stereotyped just because she is Mexican.  She rarely spoke Spanish in front of others.  She intentionally did not learn to dance salsa or bachata and never really knew how.  When her friends joined the Mexican clubs at school, she joined the French club.  She joined band, played the clarinet and the flute. She stayed away from the Mexican soccer boys and definitely stayed away from all the “paysas”.

It was very difficult to stay away from them though. Verónica is beautiful. She has those big dark eyes that guys swoon over. She had a nice curvy body with a creamy silky skin. She hid her long luscious hair in a ponytail but it was futile. The way it bounced as she walked made guys want her even more. To make matters worse, Verónica had a hard time saying no. She smiled and nodded and the boys just took that as a sign to keep pestering her.  She pretended she did not want all the attention but secretly she enjoyed it.

But all that is behind her now.  She is more experienced now. She knows guys and their stupid games.  High School is over.  Now she has Dave.  Dave loves me.  Dave is my fan.

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