Geenie's Genetics

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Historical Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Geenie Swaboda was quite content living what others considered a humdrum life, but things took a harsh turn when someone from her past was murdered.

At the shiva of her former fiancé, Geenie was approached by a reporter named Jack. Then another man appeared - with a firearm.

It seems Geenie's mother was one sought out; just as her grandmother: part of a bloodline people have tried to extinguish as far back as World War Two. Even if Geenie is a case of mistaken identity, the people after her will shoot first and ask questions later.

CAUTION: Contains intense situations; graphic action; grim depictions of war and death.

About this work:

This is a first draft of a novel I started during NaNoWriMo 2008. It may be the most "mainstream" of the current Leanpub offerings. It's a work of fiction rooted in some truths, and maybe even holds a touch of romance.

Completion status:
My best estimate is this story is 75% of the way through. It surely needs a full rewrite (or few) after completion.

Table of Contents

Geenie's Genetics

What can be better than a strangely odd combination of bloodlines, DNA, history, the Third Reich, and California? This isn't the novelization of Surf Nazis Must Die. It's a strange tale which just happens to stretch as far back as the preamble of the Second World War. American business and its extraordinarily wealthy citizens were in cahoots with Germany in that dark period - though most have them have either denied it or just lied it away. Just as the ripples in the pond; consequences for actions can last long and be far reaching. Hitler blamed America for the inspiration of his Final Solution? And who exactly *is* Eugene?
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CHAPTER THREE It was a long and miserable night.  Restful was the furthest adjective to use.  Despite the long night o... Read Chapter

CHAPTER FOUR Colin Rust's house was a nondescript place in an older neighborhood.  The boxiness and tall look of it made it prou... Read Chapter

CHAPTER FIVE Geenie is back in her car, tooling around the streets in an aimless fashion  with her own car: contemplating in gen... Read Chapter

CHAPTER SIX Geenie pulled up in front of the home of Gertrine Rust.  She was a little early but wanted to make sure she made it ... Read Chapter

CHAPTER SEVEN A day later and Geenie was getting ready early; in anticipation of making another shiva call to Gertrine Rust. The... Read Chapter

CHAPTER EIGHT A modern looking silver range rover twists around the corner where police are descending on man still laying in th... Read Chapter

CHAPTER NINE "I know.  It really was the closest place open twenty four hours, but I know females usually aren't into a pla... Read Chapter

CHAPTER TEN "I don't know if I can apologize on my behalf for such a thing...  But I accept it however."  Jack rubs he... Read Chapter