Trinadee Transformer: Part 1

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When Trindee Edwards was 5 years old her mother gave her necklace before her death and told her to never take it off. But who would've known that the necklace could be the reason that she dies...

Submitted: December 22, 2011

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Submitted: December 22, 2011




Trinadee Transformer

  By: Million Renee’


 In all my life I have never thought I woul d be in this position I was only 5, so young. And it all started March 11, 2000 when I was 5. There was a big wind storm in Chicago, where I lived at the time. My mom gave me a necklace and she said “What ever you do ever take it off!” I was confused and scared then the wind pulled her away and that was the last time I saw her.


“I don’t know how to take care of a child” said my 28 year old ant, Patricia. “Well your child’s only hope” said an old woman. “And either you take her or she’s going to the orphanage”. Patricia looked at me then sighed. “Orphanage?” she said. And the woman nodded. “Okay”. She grabbed the papers and started signing them and then after words she took me and said “I’m gonna try my best”.


3 years later…

Three years later I was 8 and living in a condo with Patricia. I remember I was messing with the knifes in the kitchen and then she walked in. “Damn it Trin!” she yelled. The only thing I was wondering was, what did I do? But of course she blames me for everything even when her boyfriends dump her she comes to me. “Trinadee I can’t take it!” Patricia yelled. “Go to your room”. I threw the knife down and mumbled “dumb bitch!” “What?” Patricia asked. “Nothing” I said all cute and friendly. I went in my room and slammed the door. “I would slap her” a voice said. “Who said that?” I asked looking around. “Me” someone whispered in my ear. I turned around and there was a girl who looked exactly like me. She had long brown hair, like mine; fair brown skin, like mine; and a mole under her eye, like mine. She was like the twin that I always wanted. “Hi I’m Trinadee 2” she said. “And I’m here to be the person you can’t be”. “Where did you come from?” I asked. “Catiah” she whispered. “I sneaked away from my father after he locked me in a tower and I came here”. “Wow” I said throwing myself on the bed. Then she began to stare at my necklace. “Were did you get that from?” asked Trinadee 2. “My mom” I replied. “She gave it to me before she died”. Then Trinadee snatched it off my neck. “Hey give it back!” I yelled. Ring! Ring! Went the park bell. It was 12 o’clock. Trinadee 2 put on the necklace and then I fainted.


I woke up in a tower, and small dark and cold tower. “Trinadee!” yelled a strong loud voice. A man opened the door. “You have disobeyed me again!” “What?” I asked. “You shall not what me!” yelled the man. “I am the king and your father!” Then he began throwing fireballs at me, isn’t this illegal I thought. And I ran out the tower. “Help!” I yelled across the village. What kind of man would attack hid own daughter? Then I picked up a box and threw it at him, which caused him to pass out.


Meanwhile, back in America Trinadee 2 was pretending to be me. She put on eye liner and slutty clothes. “Hey Patricia” she said. “Trinadee what are you wearing?” Patricia asked. “And is that my make up”. “Oh don’t act surprised” Trinadee said. “It was bound to happen one day. I would rebel agents you”. “You are an 8 year old girl!” Patricia yelled. “You should not be acting this way”. “Bitch” Trinadee 2 said. “What?” Patricia asked. “Earlier I called you a bitch” Trinadee replied. “How would your mother feel if she saw you acting this way?” Patricia asked. “What happened to you”? “Life” Trinadee 2 replied. “Remember when you where young and your mom died. You were out doing illegal things, partying. And my mother always had to pay for you”. “Stop it Trin” Patricia begged. “So much she had no more money for college. And she had to go to the broke down community college”. Patricia went over to Trinadee and pushed her into the wall, which caused us to switch back bodies. She was about to slap me, but she caught herself. “I’m sorry” Patricia said. Then she walked away crying.


Dear Diary,

What the FUCK just happened?




Other than home problems I had school problems too. They would laugh at me because of the way I dressed, looked, act. I didn’t want to go to school that day but of course Patricia had to literally drag me out of bed and take me to school her. “Ewe” said Elizabeth. “What are you wearing?” “A t shirt, baggy jeans, and converse” I said. She pushed me agents the locker and then Trinadee 2 came back. “What was that for!” she yelled pulling Elizabeth’s hair. “
Oh you’ll regret that Edwards” Elizabeth said. And next thing I notice I’m in the hallway punching the shit out of her. “Okay ladies stop” said Principal Makenly. “I’m calling your mothers”. “Aunt for me!” I called out.

As we walked to the car Patricia didn’t say a word to me, I was worried. “P I can explain” I said. “No!” Patricia replied. “Don’t explain anything. What happened to you? I mean last week you cursed me out and this week is fighting? I should’ve left you in the orphanage when I had the chance”. Patricia has been mad at me but never this mad. I just wanted to lie down in die in that parking lot, so I did. I sat on the speed bump and waited for a car to pass by. “Trinadee what are you doing?” Patricia asked. “I’m going to kill myself” I replied. “You obviously don’t want me anymore”. “What?” Patricia laughed. “I didn’t mean it like that. Do you forgive me?” “Do you forgive me?” I asked. “Yes” Patricia replied. “Then you answered your own question” I replied. “Now get off the speed bump” Patricia said. “Before a car run you over”. “Yea” I agreed. The we drove off and everything was acceptable. I should’ve listened to my mom, or none of this would’ve happened…even though I did enjoy beating Elizabeth’s ass.


Sweet Sixteen? Well Not For Me

Ever since the Trinadee 2 accident I’ve been just fine. And I was now in high school freshman year. I had a boyfriend named Rashad and everything was peachy. Then it was my 16th birthday and everybody was having a great time. There were fireworks, great food, and dancing…until my dad came.


“That’s my daughter man!” he yelled. You could tell he was drunk. He was walking funny and holding a bottle of vodka in his hand. He came up to me and hugged me smelling like beer and shit. “Get off of her” Patricia said pushing him off. “Aren’t you sup post to be on house arrest”. “Fuck you” he said. “And fuck your sister too”. “Okay don’t talk to me my aunt that way” I said. “Cause to be real you should go fuck yourself”. “Ooohh!” the crowd said. And then he began to cry and he showed me a picture of us; me, my mom, and him. And he said “there goes my baby”. Then he went on the stage and began singing Usher and I walked away and went to my room and began to cry. “Okay people parties over” said my aunt.


She went up to my room and tried to comfort me. “You know I didn’t know what the hell he was doing” said Patricia. “Yea obviously” I replied. “You as shocked as I was when he said ef you”, Then I looked down and noticed that me necklace was gone! “Where’s my necklace!” I yelled looking all around. “When was the last time you saw it?” Patricia asked. “I don’t know!” I worried. “Okay calm down” Patricia said. “We’ll look for it tomorrow”. But it might be too late…what if it is?

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