A Hero's Confession

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Untold secret of all heroes..

Submitted: June 04, 2013

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Submitted: June 04, 2013




A Hero’s Confession


I can’t be strong forever. I hold your life in my hands along with everyone else I care about. I have your pain, mine, and everyone else I’ve come into contact with bearing down on my shoulders. For so long I’ve smiled, balancing all of the unnecessary burdens, letting myself be selfish with only a few. What is to become of me now? I’m falling backwards, slowly; I can see all of your faces twisted into a woeful scream. Disappointment, is that what I see? Regret? Hatred? It was only a matter of time…

 I bleed with a simple scratch; I too can have my bones break within a second. I don’t bounce, bend, or wobble. I too am human.

I have been here for you, my dear citizens… friends, and when I fall to my knees… the impossible takes me down, where are you? A cape, mask, bandana doesn’t give me the strength to protect you all or care. It’s my heart. My human, beating, blood flowing heart.

 It’s okay if I break my ribs, nose or have daggers in my back… but it’s not okay for me to be normal, to be tired, experience emotions?

I cannot keep being your Hero with these conditions… I cannot take any more disappointment because I can’t carry you all. All I ask is one person, just one to be there for me.

 When my legs buckle beneath me… when my hope in life has disappeared… the forced smile I wear is wiped clean… and I can’t find the will power to move. Then what?

Till then… enjoy life as I silently break within.

You deserve as much happiness as I do.

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