Did Not See It Coming

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*No Spoilers!* Thriller, Mystery, hot!
Russian Roulette at it's finest!

Submitted: February 25, 2013

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Submitted: February 25, 2013



Did Not See It Coming

By: Milo H.


The clock on the wall chimed, calling out a new day.

"Who will it be?" Hung in the air.

"Who will it be?" Echoed throughout the abandoned warehouse, till it whispered in my ear in a soft groan.

I turned my head to my right where two carcasses with bullets in their skulls were sprawled out on the floor. Flies already nested in the left over meat.

Looking to my left, the newest victim stained the ground.

"Who will it be?" The Mice chattered, as they swarmed around the new meal, tearing off small pieces at a time, filling their plump stomachs.

In front of me was the woman worth the thrill. She had black hair that reminded me of the night, which glowed almost blue when the suns rays peek through the shattered window.

Her green cat-like eyes were wide with excitement and her lips pulled up in a smile. Behind her was the prize of the game. Behind her was the envy of everyone, the devils gift-bags, pounds of pure Columbian cocaine. It was the only warehouse in miles with substance to sell as we please, and with no one to take a cut of the profit.

"Last bullets in the fifth slot." She purred, as she reached across the table, setting down the revolver and spinning it.

Just then my fate was sealed with it's ugly front pointing straight at me.

I didn't even lift the gun that pointed at my stomach, just reached around to pull the trigger, praying she didn't lie.


"One" I sighed with relief.

Next it was her turn; she licked her lips and grabbed the pistol, lifted it up, pressed the cold steel of the tip to her forehead and pulled the trigger.


"That's two." She laughed, having no sign of worries. Just so hopeful that I will be the one who will lose their life before the sun rose.

Sadly she was mistaken.

We went back and forth; taking the pistol, pulling that blissful, death-ridden trigger and passing it back to one another till we were on the last shot. The barrel with the bullet was mine to take.

"Let's make this interesting." I said with my hand on the butt of the gun.

"We'll keep rotating the barrels on the fifth shot okay? And we'll say something about ourselves with each empty bullet. One of us is bound to forget. Plus, this gives me some time to know more about you."

She cocked her head to the side in thought before slowly nodding her agreement, sealing the deal of fate once again.

I passed the loaded revolver to her after re-rotating.

She helped the pistol into her mouth and pulled.


"I was once married. He was tall like you, with dirty blond hair." She tossed the gun in my direction like a child might throw their overly used toy.

"A wild cat like you shouldn't be held down anyway. Well, not in marriage at least."


She smiled. "That's exactly what I thought."

CLICK. Empty.

"What happened though? Were you unhappy?"


"I was having and affair with a man with more cash than you've ever seen! So we ran off together, taking my husbands money with us." Sighing, she turned the barrel all the way around again and passed it back to me. "He left me almost a month later for some young skank still in high school."

"I knew there was something dangerous and exciting about you. Any one near you is lucky to be in your presence, so don't let him get you down."


"Maybe you'll be lucky enough to have the experience." She smiled, as she batted her eyes. "Now. What about you?"

"Well...I'll admit it was pretty hot when you held this in your mouth." I winked.


Her green eyes lit up as she leaned across the table, her slender fingers undoing the first button on her blouse while licking her lips seductively as she noticed me staring at her voluptuous chest. With a grin, slowly lifting the revolving pistol up, she slipped the nozzle into her small mouth.

That was the last breath she ever took.

' I found you, Areona. Your lust for excitement ended our marriage three years ago and now it's ended your life. If you ever paid attention to the world around you, you might have noticed me following you...or when I re-rotated the barrel that finally shut your mouth. '

© Copyright 2017 Milo Heroine . All rights reserved.

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