open door to closed things

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i am sorry but i suck at these but here it goes:
this is about a girl who live in California and she lives with an abusive person.and i am sorry i meant to put this under short story!

slap,slap,slap. the pain in my cheeks grew as he whipped his hand across them. i knew i would cry myself to sleep tonight. i could already feel the tears behind my eyes. i pushed him away and ran into my room and locked the doors.i heard him chasing after me his work boots stomping against the old floor, my mothers crying in the background.i leaned my back against the door and let the tears pour out. i knew i had to push my furniture against the door. so i stood up and i did. my bed, dresser,vanity, and chair all pushed up against the wall again.

"Open this door right now you ungrateful little bitch!" his baritone voice yelled from the other side of my door.

i hardly noticed it, i was to busy thinking about how i knew unconssialy where to move my furniture against my door so it would be impossible for him to get in to me. my wrist was broken i already knew. two weeks after it heal it was broken again.i heard a scraping out side, and imediatly reliased my mistake. my window was un protected. i couldn't move anything from my door beacuse then it would be open, i thought as i started to panick my heart raging and my finger nails digging into my palm. knock, knock, knock. i heard before his face stared into mine. the sunlight reflecting from my window gave him a hevenly glow. it was wrong. he was no angel he was the devil in desigse.

his large fingers pried open my window and he moved his body in as i cowered in the closet shaking and want this to be over.he walked over to me and wond his arm up and punched my cheek.over and over again his fist pounded into my face. my bones were breaking and so was my heart.i remembered the first time i met him as he came to pick my mother up for a date, his eyes searched for me and he looked at me and a malicius grin grew on his face. i remember being the only thing he watched.i remembered the first time he slapped me. i was walking out of the kitch holding dinner when i tripped over his work boots and pasta spilled into them he stood up and picked me up by my hair and slapped me against my left cheek. when my mom had walked in he had already dropped me and was drinking a beer watching me. when she asked what was wrong he replied "just teaching the girl a lesson." and walked back into the living room.

my face was bloody and broken by the time he finaly stopped and threw my furniture across my room and walked out.i hd to get out i thought as i went out and looked for my brother. i found him under th bathroom sink and i whispered "go pack your bags and be very quiet." he looked up at my bruising face and nodded. he ran into his bedroom and i walked slowly back into my mothers. i saw her on the edge of the bed with a drink in her and and a bottle of pills in the other, and i walked out.

my bags were already packed by the time the house was still. i walked out with my bag and grabbed my brother and his bag we didn't make a sound as we walked out. the noise was all i could here after i had my brother in my arms and we were walking down the street. houses away i still heard the snorring and i stopped and looked back, my heart tightened and i turned around and never looked back again.

Submitted: November 25, 2008

© Copyright 2020 mimi94. All rights reserved.

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I saw your work as part of the random opening lines in the upper right corner of the page. It opened to this piece. So, great start because yours is like the third one I've ever opened since I've started on this site.

Second, since I write adult material, I don't encourage you to read my stuff, however, I did want to leave a note for you because I got caught up in your story all the way to the end.

If this story has any element of fact behind it...I'm so sorry for your experiences. I absolutely hate it when males do this (and other horrible things) to females. It is not right. I'm very proud of the main character's courage to walk out immediately, even if all she had was essentially the clothes on her back and the money in her back pocket. She deserves to be in a safe place. It is her right, not a privilege.

This piece affected me and I worry for her safety. I wish I could know more about how this story resolves itself becuase I want to know that she is safe.

A fact about your mistaken labeling of it.

Can you go into the portfolio page and edit the kind of story it is? I think you can change this to make it a short story as you prefer.

Keep writing.

Tue, November 25th, 2008 12:16pm


i did a few days ago and i really am glad you like my work!!!! and i will keep writing!!!

Sun, December 14th, 2008 2:24pm


thank you and no this story is pure fiction and i hope this never happens to anyone because i think it would suck!

Tue, November 25th, 2008 10:06pm

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