Dark veil of fright.

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It's about a girl called Katie who is scared of the dark.

Submitted: December 04, 2011

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Submitted: December 04, 2011




Katie is a nice little girl, she’s always good and well behaved. But poor little Katie is scared of the night, and all the creatures that hide behind that dark veil of fright.

Every night before she goes to sleep, she closes the door and checks her bed, she closes the drawers and moves everything she sees. In the hope that the cruel creatures that hide behind that dark veil at night, will think twice before taking her away in that dreadful dark night. Then she snuggles down in her safe warm bed, in her lovely light room, and drifts off to dreamland, on those dark gloomy nights.

But one night while watching T.V with her mum, dad and cat, a horrible storm broke out, shaking the house and putting out all the lights. Her mum and dad sent her to bed, wished her good night, and hugged her nice and tight, then closed the door, leaving Katie alone in her fright. She fell against the wall shaking, unable to move. She imagined the ghouls and ghosts ready to pounce and scare her. She imagined goblins coming out from her drawers, coming to attack her making her no-more. She imagined the tentacled monster from under her bed, reaching out, grabbing her, and taking her away. She saw faces and people calling her from beyond the grave. She fell shaking, still unable to move, her head hit the cold stone floor with an incredible BANG! Everything started to spin, she felt the floor crack open, and as she fell through the crack, she felt her head spinning, never to stop, when suddenly. Everything. Went. Black.

That morning when the storm had passed, Katie woke up, and when she opened her eyes, she was still lying on that hard stone floor, her hands covered in blood. For she had passed out from the impact that was the floor. She hadn’t been taken away to a far off land, or had she been attacked by the goblins from the drawer, she was safe at home.

With blood still coming from her head, she lay back down on the cold stone floor. She felt tired and sick. And as she closed her eyes, and drifted into the darkness, to awake never more.

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