harry potter next generation

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just some random facts about chacters from harry potter next gereration (not real just what i picture)

In 2021 this is what grade their in.


1 years:none

2nd years: Lucy

3rd years:hugo and lily

4th years: Roxanne,Molly and Louis

5th years:Rose,Albus and Scorpius

6th years: James and Fred

7th years:Dominique



Lucy weasley


1. she is a tattle tail and like to get people in trouble.

2.she looks like a mini lily their apperances are very alike.

3.She was sorted into gryffindor.


Hugo weasley


1.He has his mother's brown hair with a mix of red.

2.he is one of the beaters for the gryffindor quidditch team.


Lily potter


1. she is a chaser for the gryffindor quidditch team.

2.She dated scorpius malfoy in her 4th year but realized rose was for scorpius and they broke up.

3.she is a big player in the school dating guys for a week.

4. her longest relationship was with scorpius malfoy.


Roxanne Weasley

1.she does not like pranks.

2.she is the other beater for the gryffindor quidditch team.

3.she has a temper.

molly weasley

1.she has no idea why she was sorted into gryffindor.

2. the sorting hat cosidered putting her in ravenclaw.

3.she is deathly afriad of flying.

4. she was made a prefect and head girl.


louis weasley.

1 he doesn't really date girls unless he asks them.

2.he becomes a prefect with molly.

3. he was sorted into gryffindor.


Rose weasley

1. she was best friends with albus and scorpius.

2.she has a temper

3.she dated scorpius in her 4th year 5th year and beginning of her 6th year and then in the middle of her 6th year and on.

4. she is the seeker for the gryffindor qudditch team.

5.she has her fathers red hair and blue eyes and her mother's frizzy hair.

6. she was made prefect and became head girl.


Albus potter

1.he changed his mind about slytherin when his father told him that he was named after a slytherin and it was the bravest man he new he was later sorted into slytherin.

2. he is a chaser for the slytherin quidditch team.

3.he was a little uncomfortable about scorpius dating rose but was fine with it in the end.


scorpius malfoy

1. he was made a prefect and became head boy.

2.the reason why he and rose broke up in their 6th year is because they had a big fight .

Submitted: July 25, 2011

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