hermione is pregnat

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its a short story of how hermione tells ron she pregnat well its how i picture it

Submitted: July 23, 2011

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Submitted: July 23, 2011



Hermione weasleypaced nervously around the burrow's kitchen."Hermione sit down ron and harry will be fine ,"said Ginny who was worried herslef.

Early that day when they recived the daily prophet the head story was that 7 aouors were killed and they didn't post the names of the aouors and hermione had been pacing ever since.

Hermione paced by the door and it suddenly swig open making hermione fall down. "Oh hermione are you ok!" said ron as he bended down to help her up. "I'm so sorry," he said.

"I'm fine ron,"she said as she clenched her swolling lip "I was more worried about you."

"What do you mean,hermione,"aked ron as he looked at harry in confusion.

"7 aouors were killed today ron they posted it in the daily prophet and they didn't say the names," said Ginny. Harry kissed her forhead.

"Well were all right i just can't belive that they didn't tell us we were sent right home after we sorted out a battle between 2 wizards,"said harry.

"They really lower the bars on what you aouors have to do these days," said Hermione.

"By the way ginny weres james," asked Harry as he sat down by ron and hermione who was sitting on rons lap..

"Mum decied to take him out to diagon ally soi could have a break with another one on the way i have no idea how were going to survive," said Ginny.

All of a sudden a brown barn owl came in with a letter adressed to harry and ron.

"Finally," said harry as he got the letter and started to read "Dear Mr. Potter and Mr.Weasley as you might know 7 aouors were killed today under misterious surcumstances and are by the names of Helena Smith, Jerry Sutton, Violet Makany,Theodore Binalin, Peter jones,Edward Darinby and Bruce waters.We will in form you if there is any more information about the murders. Have a nice day. Martin Licer the minstry of magic.,"

'Wow,"said ron. "I guess i wasn't that nervous until you read the names harry." All of a sudden a green fire was in the fire place and Molly weasley came through with a sleeping james in her arms.

"I think james needs to lay down,' said Ginny and she got up to go get James. "No Ginny i'll take him i'm tired as well and would like to lay down for a bit," said Hermione.

"Just rember love my firend Mr.Casworth is coming for dinner,"said Ron.

Hermione walked up the stairs silenly and tried to not wake up James she put james in the nearest wich happend to be fred and George's old room. After fred had died it was hard for george to be in his old room because it reminded him of fred truly almost every thing reminded him of fred but once he started to date aunt Angelina she helped alot with that and he was alot happier.

Once Hermione put james down she went up to the old room that ginny and she had shared when she was visting to lay down.

It had been a few hours since hermione layed down but she didn't know that. she looked at herself in the mirrior she looked terrible she had dark circles under her eyes aned her hair was a mess. she tried at least 15 minuntes to flatin her hair but she couldn't and only got it to be its regual frizziness she put on her makeup to hide her dark circles and went down to vist. As she got closer she could here laughter and talking.

"Oh hermione i wondered when you would come down," said Ron laughing.

Ginny and Molly were in the kitchen cooking or something else ron,Harry,Arthur weasley and the man who were apparently was Mr.Casworth were laughing about some other thing that hermione had no idea what it was.she went and sat down by ron. "Ah Mrs. weasley Ron has told me alot of about you, oh yes sorry Mr. Albert Casworth," said Mr. Casworth. "Nice to meet you sir," said Hermione.

"Hermione i thought you might know him, he is the head of the magical law corpation of under age wizardery,"said Harry.

'Harry i work for the department of regulation and control of magical creatures thats no were near were he works," said hermione. hermione suddenly felt a little sick but she ignored it and she new why she felt this way.

As the talk he looked at hermione she looked pale to him but as Mrs.weasley came in (Rons mother) she looked at hermione too and she looked a little worried.

After awhile hermione got up "Night ron,' and kissed him and went upstairs.

after Hermione went upstairs Mr.Casworth could tell that ron was figety.

"Oh is that the time i must be going thank you ronald for inviting me but i must go," said Mr.casworth and with that he apparated.

And ron went upstaires to see what was wrong with hermione.

"Hermione." "mmmm,"she answered.

"Are you all right," ron asked. Hermione sat up on the bed. "Ron i need to tell you something,"

"Yes," answered ron and came and sat by hermione. "Ronald, I'm pregnant." she said.

"What?" answered ron "your pregnat."

"Yes,"she said quitly.ron could tell she was nervous.

"Perfect," he said. hermione smiled.

they were going to have a child

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