Abmormal Sights

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Abby's vision has always been a deteriorating thing, ever since second grade... but as her mortal vision gets worse, her true vision gets better. Now, as she nears closer to blind, she sees faries, pixies, and gnomes clearer, and always knows what is right. What can Abby do? Is it best to stay silent, or tell everyone the truth about her?

Everyone says I'm blind, but I'm not. Sure, even when I'm a foot away from the board, I can't see the words. But that's not what I mean. What I'm talking about is the things I see that no one else does. Like ghosts, faries, gnomes, pixies......... so you see I'm not blind. They just say I'm hallucinating. Yeah, right. I'm positive that they're real. I mean, how else would I know about the things they whisper in my ears before it even happens? Things sucha as who's going to go out with who, or when a Pop Quiz is going to happen and that I should study for it now. But they don't listen. I tried to tell them, give them all the hard evidence I could gather, but it's no use. They think I somehow got ahold of the teacher's tests and I'm a super match-maker. Mortals are just too stubborn. Only Kyra, my best friend for ever and ever believes me.

It all started in second grade. My vision was getting worse and worse, and I had claimed to see a fairy, in front of me, sitting on my desk. My teacher had told me there wasn't anything there, but I kept on insisting it was there. It waved at me, and I had exclaimed, "Look, it's waving at me!". No one believed me. My teacher said to 'calm down' and 'stop causing trouble'. As a second grader, I was stubborn, furious, and not ready to give up. I started to cry when people called me crazy, made fun of me, and now I'm still stuck with the nick-name 'Absent Abby' because of how many times I skipped school out of fear, sadness, and worry. How could my peers not see the fairies sitting upon their ears, stealing their pencils, biting, pinching, and stealing? This incident bought me a trip to the councelor.

Was I on drugs? Did I know what drugs where? Was there anything going on at home? Did I get enough attention?

I said no, what is a dreg?

It's drug, sweetie.

Mommy loves me.

Of course she does, honey, that's not what I meant.

Can you not see them? They like your hair. Very pretty and soft and very nicely dyed. Not scratchy.

Where did you get the riddiculous notion that I dye my hair? It's all natural! Did Harem not do his job well? Where can you see the roots?

What roots? I say. Your hair is not growing any trees, is it not?

Trees? For heaven's sake! Oh, what did Harem do? Where is his number?

Thus ended the conversation with the guidance counselor. Later, when I got home, I told my mom all about the day, what I had faced, what happened to me. She freaked. She kept on muttering things with the likes of, 'this early? it can't be!' or 'where is Reina's number? I swear it was right here!' or 'oh, Reina, I need to talk to you' and 'oh no no no, I wasn't ready yet! Abby was supposed to emerge at age 13! what happened to time?' and 'I don't wan't to move!'. It all ended with a 'Frank! Get your ass over here!' My mom never cusses. Only in dire situations, only when neccessary. So I got scared.'Jesus, Mary, hold on!' my dad said. A few mumbles and fumbles and I heard something like, 'Wait, get my ass over here? Uh-oh.'

They had this talk with me about what had seen, at first trying to convince me that I had hallucinated. I didn't fall for it one bit, not once. I screamed, to get their attention. It worked. My mom said that, well, maybe, it's true, and that I'm different and that just ignore it for just now, kay honey?'

~ ~ ~

I learned quickly. Not to say anything when a pixie slapped me in my face, not to tell a gnome to stop stealing Yiselle's pencils,to stay calm and silent no matter how annoying magical things can be, not to explain when someone finds a magical thing the fairies accidentaly left behind, and to never, ever tell the truth about things like that. I learned to lie well, I learned how to avoid people who remember one of my accidental flub-ups, how to do two things at once efficiently, how to talk without moving my lips, how to threaten, how to protect myslef. Yet somehow I find myslef here again in the same spot, frozen and unable to stop my dumb lips from speaking these treacherous words. "Ms. Gates? Please, you're sitting on him." Crap, I think, my sub-conscious mind is messing with me again. "What on earth are you talking about? How can you even see from over where you are?" Hell, kinda forgot about that. Well, now's the time to take that into my advantage. The poor little gnome! I mean, it's not his fault that he's so small and invisible! I don't realise that I say the last part. "Well, I guess then it was my stupid mistake. I, uh, need new glasses. Mom says that this company doesn't make good glasses at all. What company are yours from? I'm really hard to get a persciption for...." I'm babbling, aren't I? Yup, thought so. Fortunately, I manage to get off free without too much questioning. "Are you sure you're feeling well, Abigail? This has happened before, I presume?" My classmates are either laughing by now or are confused. Most are laughing at me.

Submitted: April 03, 2011

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Are you gonna write more? Cuz you should.....

Sun, April 3rd, 2011 9:26am


yeah.... i kinda forgot to write in the to be continued part... and I still don't know how it's gonna end

Tue, April 5th, 2011 7:10am

Ageless Author

Pretty Interesting.

Sun, April 3rd, 2011 3:18pm


so cool

Tue, April 5th, 2011 4:29pm


Love your writing style. It's fun and easy to read. Good story too...where's the sequel?

Tue, April 26th, 2011 3:33am


Sorry about the late update. Will continue.

Fri, June 10th, 2011 1:21pm

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