Fun addiction 101

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This article is based an idea that i got whenever i saw someone resorting to drugs for trivial reasons. So, i offer simple solutions that help prevent the damages that drugs can cause. Basically, this article discusses how you can enjoy a more exciting life without artificial incentives like drugs.

Submitted: March 19, 2013

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Submitted: March 19, 2013




Fun addiction 101


We always hear the phrase "if you play with fire, you'll get burned", but we play with it anyway. In my old high school, wherever I went, there were these posters hanging everywhere. They were on the walls, in the classrooms or even on the benches, and they all gave the same message: "Say no to drugs". They almost made me want to scream, "Seriously, man, I am not now, nor have I ever been a drug addict". Anyway, despite the common knowledge that every known civilization has done large-scale awareness campaigns about how harmful drugs can be, people still do drugs. Here are the reasons why people still consume drugs even though any person with half a brain should stay way from them. I know are all expecting some phenomenal reason with big words like maybe they were not loved as kids, or they suffer from some trauma. In reality, the reason behind most cases of people abusing drugs is that they can do so. They may have the means to get drugs, too much free time on their hands, the desire to explore the forbidden, peer pressure, or just wanting to let go of the harsh reality for a little while. However, when the cost of this way to escape reality or make it a bit more fun proves to be too high, then we have to do something about it.

Now, since the old-fashioned ways to reduce drug abuse, like spreading awareness or strict laws about drug dealing, don’t seem to be all that effective, then it is time to think outside the box. So I say, "Say yes to drugs",  and before you start calling me a crazy person and stop reading this article, just hear me out. Let's adopt the approach of "Being a healthy addict for dummies" –by the way the word "dummies" doesn't mean stupid; it just means in a simple straightforward way that anyone can relate to -  and thus it is easy to accomplish. If I were to define drugs in a simple, sort of an odd way, I would say that it is something that interacts with your body causing certain effects. For example, it makes you feel really good, causes you to forget everything around you, gives you the feeling of flying on clouds –a bit over the top but it does happen, and most of all, producing an unbelievable sense of excitement. My proposition is finding an alternative for chemical drugs that can produce the same kind of results with the advantage of leaving out the harmful side effects –I knew I should have been a scientist, and now my brilliant mind has gone to waste. This new healthy drug is passion.

"Passion rebuilds the world for the youth. It makes all things alive and significant" (Ralph Waldo Emerson). Now, here are the most important steps to become a professional healthy addict. First, find something that you can lose yourself in even for just a few seconds like a talent "drawing, singing, writing, …etc.”.  It could also be just something as simple as listening to music or watching a movie during which you feel like your life depends on its end. I know it sounds silly, but it works; and my prove is that if there are people here who like football and they are watching a game, they become so involved and excited that they lose track of their surroundings and start jumping up and down like a seven-year-old child who just found himself a pirate's treasure. Personally, when I am writing, I feel my heart beating so fast; I can hardly stay put, and I smile like someone who has just won a free car. Secondly, master that passion, i.e. do it with everything you have got until it becomes a part of who you are. Finally, hang on to it for dear life. I hate to be the one to mess up the party, but life only gets harder and the older you get, the more you are going to need that drug to keep you going and  to let yourself feel the kind of happiness that we all deserve. True happiness –not an artificial one- can be found in the simplest things, so you just have to look for it.


P.s. my knowledge about the things that a person feels when he is high is purely from movies and books. So, I AM NOT AN ADDICT well except the feeling I get after pulling an all-nighter  and then even I get suspicious of myself.



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