Time to be free

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This is a poem that relays the suffering that my country and its people have to go through in order to taste real freedom. It is a poem that shows that even though we still have a long way ahead of us,we will never give up.

Submitted: February 08, 2013

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Submitted: February 08, 2013




Part 1:A path to freedom


We have gone through a lifetime of lives wasted and tears shed in silence

Where some lived as kings while others, for a fair life, begged every day

Yet a voice dared to speak up and more have been following ever since

And now nothing, no guns, rocks or fires can keep those voices at bay

Then for our dream, brave souls willingly paid the price

So for their sake, we will fight on and make them proud

An turn the devils who killed them into trembling mice

And we will prove that an honest voice can beat a crowd

Part 2: our shadowy freedom

Nowadays before you leave home, you should always say goodbye

Because once you step outside your door, you will most likely die

Not in an old fashioned car accident, no riding the train is the new style

And more and more innocent blood is flowing in our once pure Nile

And all we have are stories of a hidden hand that can never be found

That decides who gets to go home and who lies forever underground

Who makes a mother think when she hugs her son

Oh god! Protect him and don't let this be my last one

 And if we ask, the only answer we hear is that he did this, they did that

Or about a dictator and a pile of bodies that he created and on which he sat

So our conclusion is that half the population is dead and the rest is on the way

And hoping to god that Egypt is not lost forever is all that we have left to say





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