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A young homeless mother, teaching her young son the do's and don'ts of the streets they live on.

Submitted: April 24, 2014

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Submitted: April 24, 2014





Son ! Son ! Wake up ! Come on, we gotta go now ! Wow, you took long enough to get up. You gotta sleep lighter, you never know what could happen out here. Take this tissue and wipe your face and hurry up I wanna get a good spot out here tonight. Ima teach you a couple things today, things you need to know to survive.

I hope you grabbed all the blankets or we’ll be pretty cold goin’ to sleep later. First, we’re gonna see if them Chinese people threw out any food. We need anything we can get right now because Im starving. You need to remember food won’t find you, you have to find the food.

Hurry up and eat baby boy, we gotta keep moving. I found a watch yesterday, maybe we can sell it for a couple dollars. I can’t stand all these people walking past us watching us eat. One day we’ll hit the lottery and we’ll have a big house. You’ll have toys and a basketball and that new game that just came out and them people won’t be able to see us anymore. We’ll go on trips and I don’t know anything else rich people do. Come on, leave the rest there. Well we got $20 to our name. Want something to drink ? Alright , don’t drink too fast.

Don’t talk to strangers. If someone asks to borrow a blanket you never give it to them, they will never bring it back to you. You need to hold on to everything you get and never let anyone take it from you. Only your responsible for you out here and no one cares about you. This is your life and you need to survive.


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