First Love's Fool

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

I fell in love for six months, thought he was the one. Then he dumped me because I felt neglected, but I could never bring myself to hate him for it. Now my thought are just a mess, like this thing.

First Love's Fool

For many years, I lived a solitary life.

Love was of my biggest interest but

Fate forbade it to become my strife.

In the background was where I sat

As my peers around me fell for one

Another, spouting nonsense like this and that.


I would entertain the idea of me

Finding love one day. But alas,

No one would turn and see

The girl with the eccentric mind

And honest heart. Love was a

Fool's dream, not meant for my kind.


And so life went on.




Then, fate played a trick on my eyes

For he became the only thing I could see.

I confessed to rid myself of the lies

That I was told. That I was the only

Thing that he could see too.

Then it all happened so suddenly.


My normal life had been disrupted

By this person who was genuine

Towards me. I was distracted

Constantly by his presence

In the most pleasant of ways.

I was consumed by a love that was immense.


And life went on.




We had become the same

Person in many different ways.

"Love is no easy game."

That's what had been said.

Eventually, I got too close

And let his sweet words fill my head.


They were sweeter

Than anything I heard.

Who knew that bitter

Words were also hiding

There in the recesses of his mind?

And soon there was fighting.


And life went on.




Nothing but anger and rage

and tears and apologies.

The relationship felt like a cage.

He thought I was suffocating

But he'd never say out loud.

Then he stopped telling me everything.


He went out more

And started to exclude me.

I felt like an eye-sore.

But he was kind enough to lie

And repeatedly say I wasn't.

And so the months went by.


And life went on.




The dream was ending.

He lost interest in me

But I kept clinging.

To what? To nothing.

He and I were through a

Long time ago. But I kept clinging.


I thought I could change

But he wouldn't let me try.

Then I felt strange.

Because for the first time

I felt an enormous amount of pain.

So much that it should've been a crime.


And life went on.




I became someone's tool.

I became a game and all

Because my first real love

Turned me into a fool.


And life went on.



Submitted: December 24, 2014

© Copyright 2021 Minami Tsubaki. All rights reserved.

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