The Fusion, Garnet

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My expansion of when Peridot and Garnet tried to fuse from Peridot's perspective. Hope you all read and enjoy, especially you Steven Universe fans!

Submitted: January 10, 2016

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Submitted: January 10, 2016



The following is an excerpt from the latest Steven Universe episode, Log Date 7152. If you have not seen the episode, venture forward at your own expense or go watch the episode first. I apologize for any spoilers you may run into.

"Okay!" Pearl exclaims as she approaches the enormous drill head, "We can add more support as we go, but for now we just have to pick it up on put it on top."

Amethyst turns to Pearl with that overly excited grin of hers and says, "No sweat." Suddenly she shapeshifts yet again into a burly looking organism in a unitard. I believe I've heard Steven and Amethyst refer to this particular form as a "wrest-ler", a being who's sole existence is to fight for the entertainment of others. Such a primitive organism, indeed. I'd greatly appreciate it if she'd stop fooling around like that. The Cluster is growing more and more each day, do we really have the time for such games?

"Let's DO THIS!" Amethyst says as she crunches her knuckles.

Pearl seems slightly amused by Amethyst's form, "You've got the right idea," she says, "but we might wanna be a bit more careful."

Pearl's advice to be more careful with the drill causes Amethyst to revert back to her original form.

"Gotcha," Amethyst says then clears her throat. She offers out her hand to Pearl with a slight bow, "Shall we?"

Pearl nods and the two twirl towards each other and meet in the middle. Suddenly, they become enveloped in a white light! The sudden bright light in the dark night sky catches me off guard and I land on my butt as they emerge into a large, majestic looking fusion. She walks over to the drill and lays it across the support beams, Pearl and Amethyst had set up prior to fusion. Forwarding the progress of this drill is truly a great use for fusion. However, the fused one known as Garnet and her reasons for being fused constantly are still unclear to me.

"All right!" Garnet says to the Pearl and Amethyst fusion, "That looks great! Let's take a break." 

"Wha-?!" I say as the fused one walks away from my half opened escape pod to sit against the barn on some strange material. I believe it is called "hay". Steven says that "hay" is a type of nourishment for "farm animals" but is also used as a greeting between Earthlings. Exasperated from being constantly confused, I run to where the fused one is resting.

"All right, I'm at my limit!"

"Evening Peridot," she calmly says.

"Explain it to me Fusion! I can at least make sense of your existence if its for a functional purpose, but you! You're not using your combined size and strength to do anything!"

"I'm doing something," she nonchalantly says ignoring my rage.

"And what's that?"


"Ugh, you can do that alone..."

"Don't want to," she says. She pats the available space next to her. I've seen this before. I believe she's inviting me to sit next to her and stargaze. I sigh my surrender and take the spot next to her, but instead of mindlessly staring at the stars, I sit quietly staring at the Earth material known as "grass".

"You can see Homeworld's galaxy from here."

Huh? I look up into the sky to confirm this accusation.

"You're right," I say as I visually confirm it myself.

"We're very different. I appreciate that."

"Really?" The fused one's attempts at communication with myself confuse me. We're different yet that's something she appreciates?

"If you really want to understand fusion, I can help you."

"What do you mean?" The look on her face has me worried for the answer to my inquiry.

"Let's fuse."

It registers in my mind what the fused one has just suggested. Me fusing with the fusion...

"OH MY STARS!" I fall off the block of hay and into the dirt. I quickly get up and dust myself off while trying to recover from the major shock.

"Ha, I get it," she laughs, "You're not ready, that's fair. Another time then."

Another time? But if I don't seize the opportunity now, I may never get to see another time!

"No! Ah! No, no, no! Ah... Ju-just give me a sec!"

I run to the inside of the barn to retrieve the paint cans Steven acquired for me as a good gesture to replace my limb enhancers. The fused one is quite taller than me, it'd be humiliating if I were to engage in a fusion dance with her with my current height. We move to the field and the fused one uses something known as a "record player" which emits a noise that is somewhat pleasurable yet exceedingly simple to hear. However, it is... amusing. The fused one takes my hands and spins me around while I stumble trying to follow her strange dance pattern. She has me close to her and my body is enveloped in her arms.

"Get ready," she says. A bit of a chill runs through my body. She spins me outward. It's as I thought! I CAN'T DO THIS! I let go of her hand and stumble backwards nearly falling off my height enchancers. I catch myself and sigh.

"I can't do it," I admit.

"That's fine," she laughs, " Peridot, I'm proud of you!"


"Because you made an effort to understand me," she smiles. Understand her? Me?

"But I STILL don't understand you!! Why are you fused ALL THE TIME?!"

"I'm Percy and Pierre," she simply says. Suddenly, it all makes sense to me. Of course! Percy and Pierre are the ideal match for each other so if they were gems instead of humans it'd only make sense for them to engage in the intimate act of... fusion.

I share my revelation with the fused one- er, I mean, with Garnet and she nods at me. I run to get my recording device that Steven had given to me and show Garnet.

"We have to log this in! Would you care to...?"

"I'd love to Peridot."

"Great! I mean uh, thank you. Now, this device is extremely primitive and easy to use. All I'm going to do is press this red button and you're going to say, 'Log Date 7142'. Simple, right?"

She laughs at me and nods. I press the red button.

"Okay, go!"

"Log Date 7-14-2."

"No, you say it 7-1-4-2! Ugh! Log Date 7-1-4-2. I have attempted  fusion with the fusion, Garnet. I had hoped to gain a better understanding of fusion. Instead I gained a better understanding of Garnet."

I look up at Garnet and she nods reassuringly at me.

"Wait, keep it on recording. Steven," she says into the recording device, "You probably shouldn't have listened to Peridot's logs. But I know your curiosity counts as your way of caring. You should give the recorder back to her now. She's going to want to keep it."

"Wait, what?"

This concludes the episode recap. The rest is my own imagination.

She laughs again and nods at me. Garnet is still very confusing, but its not bad in any way either.

"Log Date 7182. It has been approximately four earth rotations since I disobeyed Yellow Diamond and called her a "clod". The realization of disobeying my diamond er- I mean Yellow Diamond, and becoming a Crystal Gem has lessened its powerful impact on me. Pearl calls this adjusting. The operation to destroy the cluster is going as planned. However, even with the drill's completion, the plans have been slightly delayed due to obtaining the coordinates from the diamond base on the planetoid known as Earth's Moon. It will be another day or two before we'll be able to program the coordinates into the drill. This is the downfall of modern Earth technology and primitive Gem tech, but the others seem to be enjoying these relatively peaceful rotations. I have also been trying to stay calm while we wait for the coordinates."

"Um Peridot?" Steven says. He and Amethyst enter the barn together. Steven stares at me strangely and Amethyst looks as if she's about to explode while snickering.

"What is it Steven? Can't you see that I'm trying to make a log update?"

"Yeah, but um, that's not your recorder," he says.

"What?" I look into my hands and realize he's right. Instead of speaking into my recorder I had been speaking into...

"That's a brick," Steven says. Amethyst explodes into her boisterous laughter and collapses on to the floor.

"GAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" I throw the brick blindly in their direction out of embarrassment and frustration.

"Whoa!" Steven says as he braces himself to be hit by the projectile. I close my eyes in fear that it might unintentionally hit Steven, but instead of hearing a loud noise, I hear a soft tap. I open my eyes and Garnet has appeared next to Steven, the brick in her hand right in front of Steven's face.

"Phew! Thanks Garnet," Steven says.

"Yeah, Garnet, nice save," Amethyst says as she rolls on to her belly finally recovered from her laughter. Garnet looks at them and smiles.

"No problem Steven, it's my job remember?" Garnet pats Steven on the head and he laughs. Garnet's affections towards Steven are something I also cannot understand but it seems natural. They are, after all, friends.

"Now, why don't you and Amethyst go outside and play or something?" she says as she looks toward me making me flinch, "I need to talk to Peridot about something."

"Hehe, good luck Peri," Amethyst says to me. She then shapeshifts into an avian creature known as a parrot, "Come on Steven, lets go make fun of Pearl."

"Uh, okay!" Steven says. The two then run out of the barn leaving Garnet and I alone. Garnet drops the brick on to the ground where Steven was previously standing and walks toward me. I flinch and cower.

"I -I didn't mean to-! I was just frustrated and embarrassed and and and!"

Garnet pets my head. Instantly, I stop shaking and open my eyes.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm comforting you Peridot," she says, "I know you didn't mean to throw that brick at Steven's face."

"Exactly! Um, you can stop that now..."

"Stop what?"

"Comforting me. What does that mean anyway?"

"Comforting someone is a normal Earth gesture," she says as her hand rests on my head, "It's when one person does something or says something to make the other person feel better about themselves and ease their troubled mind."

"You think I'm troubled? I'm fine! Perfectly fine!"

"Peridot, you were talking into a brick not too long ago," she laughs My face gets hot and I swat away Garnet's hand.


"About Yellow Diamond?"



No, I wasn't particularly worried about Yellow Diamond anymore. In fact, I seem to be more troubled standing in front of Garnet than I was talking into that... brick.

"Lemme guess," Garnet said, "Did you want to try fusion again?"

"WHA-!! NO!! I mean..." It had crossed my mind many times in the last few days to retry fusing with Garnet. The concept of fusion is exceedingly interesting since I obviously had never fused before with any gem. I looked at Garnet who kept staring at me and nodded.

"Are you sure?" Garnet asked.

"I... I think I can do it this time! Maybe..."

Suddenly, Garnet pulls me toward her and our hands are entertwined.


"Trust me, Peridot," Garnet said. Suddenly, I hear the sound of Steven's small musical instrument.


Steven, Pearl, and Amethyst appear out of nowhere. Steven plays the song he showed me how to make a few days ago while everyone sings along.

Life and death and love and birth

And peace and war on the planet Earth.

Is there anything that's worth more than peace and love on the planet Earth?

Come on and sing it with me!

The words are linked to the key.

If its a pattern!

If its a pattern!

Then just repeat after me!


"Come on, Peridot, just give it a shot!" Steven says. He continues to play the song. I look at Garnet and she gives me another thumbs up and a smile. I swallow my fear and take Garnet's hand. We bow and I join in on Steven's song.

I guess we're already here...

I guess we already know...

Garnet suddenly unfuses into the two gems Ruby and Sapphire. Each gem holds one of my hands. Ruby takes the lead first and spins me toward Sapphire. Sapphire grabs my hand and puts her hand on my shoulder and sways back and forth with me.

We've all got something to fear.

We've all got nowhere to go.

Sapphire spins me around and I'm dancing with Ruby. She spins me outwards and takes Sapphire's hand and we all link hands spinning mindlessly in a circle. Sapphire and Ruby laugh together and all three of our gems glow together. I get a chilling feeling but I continue with Steven's song. It relaxes me!

I think you're all insane!

But I guess I am too...

Suddenly a white light envelops us and I disappear along with Ruby and Sapphire.

Anybody would be if they were stuck on Earth with you...

I open my eyes and see Steven, Amethyst and Pearl staring directly at me. At least I think they are.

"What? What's wrong?!"

"We fused," Garnet's voice says as it comes out of my mouth. This feeling... Is this fusion?

"She's beautiful," Steven says. He walks up to me, er- us? And reaches out for my hand. I look down at all of my hands. There are four... of my limbs... I extend one of them and match up with Steven's hand. He's so much smaller than me.

"Isn't she?!" Pearl shouts. Her and Amethyst run towards me and I stumble backwards. Garnet catches us before we fall over.

"How does it feel to be fused with Garnet, Peri?" Amethyst asks me.

"I'm... taller without my limb enhancers..."

"And?" Pearl says.

"I feel stronger... but also funny."

"She feels it," Amethyst says to Pearl.

"Feel what?"

"Ruby and Sapphire's bond," Pearl says, "That suffocating yet warm feeling that wraps around you and accepts you."

"That's what I am," Garnet says, "That's what we are right now."

They're right, it does feel warm. It feels good. This is fusion. This is what it feels like for Garnet? A tear falls from one of my eyes.

"Its so... wonderful..."

Everyone around us is smiling and Steven starts laughing running around us. Everyone joins in the laughter. This is what its like to be a Crystal Gem? I think I could get used to something like this.




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