The Spell I'm Under

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A poem dedicated to the guy I've been mad about for so long.

Submitted: July 14, 2012

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Submitted: July 14, 2012



The Spell I'm Under...


The spell he puts me under makes me go mad with lust and desire.

Seeing his face and hearing his voice makes my day better than it should be.

He's my reason to keep living.

My need for him is like a terrible sickness which I can never recover from.

The love I feel for him strikes a fire in my soul and stinging pain in my heart.

At any given moment I would die for him if I knew it would make him like me a little more.

He hates me and is utterly disgusted by my ways. He enjoys pretty girls who fancies the same things he does.

We have nothing in common.

I find him utterly distasteful.

He detests me, I'm sure.

We both repel each other.

So what is this feeling of desire?

This unquenchable thirst I have for him?

This love that tightens my chest and makes it impossible to think straight?

Why are you the only thing I can think about?

Take me!

Use me!

Love me!

The spell I'm under makes it impossible for me to keep living without him.

It makes it impossible for me to even think of how much he hates me.

How I will never be able to be forgiven for wronging him.

The spell I'm under makes me want him to be put under the same spell as well.

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