I am a person with an interesting story

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic
3 x murder attempts, homelessness, drug addiction, sexual abuse, built a successful company, divorce and hostile takeovers.

Submitted: May 14, 2014

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Submitted: May 14, 2014



I am a person with an interesting story:

This will not be quick but you may enjoy it...

I was a quiet child, I had a brother who was 2 years older than me, and my sister who is 10 years older than me.I remember as a child being introverted and shy, I found friendship came easier from girls than guys, this was possibly due in part to not having
a father figure around and being raised by my sister and mother. (Possibly not too). My father was a tour coach driver for greyhound coaches in Australia,
I barely seen him, maybe 2 or so weeks a year would he be home. As I remember back I only have terrible memories of when my father was in town, he was
an angry violent man, he would beat my sister black and blue every time he was in town.

My mother was a very loving but strict women, she worked in palliative care,doing night shifts every day for 10 days on 2 days off.

I kept to myself, always looked inward to my imagination, I would be lying if I did not admit I was jealous of all my friends when I would see them
enjoying times with their father. I had never really known any different so I just continued as normal.
I had a very good childhood, we were lower middle-class but we never starved, I attended a private catholic school, Xavier College in Perth W.A Australia.

I did very well in my schooling, I enjoyed learning and was a fairly happy child. ( I was definitely a sensitive kid ... OK I was your typical pussy as you would say).

I remember this day very well, I was 11 years old, watching RAGE on ABC when
an advertisement came on TV. The advertisement was about broken families, drug abuse, homelessness, sexual abuse, physical abuse, and had a help line number to call.
I remember saying in my head "that stuff will never happen to me or my family... And the wheels were set in motion...

My mother approached me soon after and said she wanted to talk. She asked me how I felt about our family moving to Alice Springs in N.T Australia as my father had obtained employment there. I said I was happy if at last we would be a family and all live together. My sister would not be going as she had moved out and was living her own life.

I remember being heart broken at saying goodbye to all my friends, I was also excited that we would finally be a real family.

I entered the public schooling system in Alice Springs, I was absolutely shocked at the level of curriculum. The study material and grading structure was years behind what I had been learning. When I confronted the teacher
and principal about the lack of curriculum I was told that they did not have budget to raise me up a level, but if I prove myself for 6 months they would
try their best.

I came home from school one day to find my Aunty, we will call her Aunty J, she was my fathers sister. I was surprised, why had she flown here from Perth, all I knew was there was something wrong.

The next day my mother sat me down and asked me a question " how would I feel if my mom and dad got divorced ?" I broke down in tears in anger and
screamed " you promised me we would be a family and now your taking it away, I left all my friends to have a family, I remember looking back at her in
so much anger and seeing a tear slide down her face. She replied " yes I did promise you and I will honor that promise but mummy has to go back to Perth for a little while and then I will come back."
I believed her. Naive me.

6 months has passed and I go to see my principal about my school performance, he sits me down and says he is very impressed with work and I was getting
A+ in every subject. He followed this with " uh unfortunately we do not have the resources to put you up a year level.
I was pissed off, I made a decision that day to not even put my name on any material that was sub standard curriculum and refused to do any work unless
it posed a challenge.

6 more months pass by, I had stopped even attending school, I had started smoking weed with my brother and was giving up on everything. At the end of the school year my principal calls me to his office and says he has something he wants to discuss. When I arrived at his office he has a test on his desk,"high school equivalency test for entry into a trade" he handed me an example of the test and said study it , the test is in 2 weeks, then you can legally leave school. I was 13.

In true testament to how lacking the curriculum was in Alice Springs, I a 13 year old child received my high school graduation equivalency certificate with a test score of 96%. I was no smarter than any of my friends back in Perth, I was not a genius, the curriculum was terrible.

So here I find myself 13, I do not attend school, I better find a job.

I was in the town center at a local bakery eating a meat pie when a stranger dressed in jeans, flannelette shirt and a cowboy hat asked if he could sit
with me, he looked approximately 40 years of age and introduced himself as Ron Hanson. (we will call him RH from here on)

RH offered me a job working on a station 300km north of Alice Springs called Barrow Creek (remember the Peter Falconio murder that was all over news about 15 yrs ago, it was that barrow creek, I was there 2 years prior to the murder of Peter Falconio)

RH met with my father and got his approval for me to work for him.

The next day I packed my bags and RH picked me up and we drove out to Barrow Creek. I arrived at barrow creek and all seemed OK, I was helping fix fences and do maintenance on the road house.
Subtle hints started to drop, he would ask me if I masturbated and other inappropriate topics.

My sister called the next day to the roadhouse and was frantic and asked to speak to me "she had a terrible dream of this man in a cowboy hat had hurt me" she then threatened RH that she would kill him if he ever hurt me.
I was very confused but just put it down to my sister being my sister and caring.

I had now been in Barrow Creek for 2 weeks, the next day he forced himself on me, he never penetrated me but did / made me do things.
RH always had a loaded firearm at arms reach, I was always cautious of this.
RH forced himself onto me many times after this.
4 weeks have gone by, everyday I am fantasizing about running away, I was very afraid if I told anyone he would kill me.
I started to see some trust in a another man that worked at the station, his name was Ken Oldfield, (we will call him KO from now) I was sitting and talking to KO in his caravan and I couldn't take it anymore I broke down
and told him what was happening.

KO already had high suspicions, now it just confirmed it.
Just as I finish telling him and I am in tears RH knocks on KO's caravan door. I am freaking out I am in hysterics in tears I run and try to make myself fit under his bed, it's impossible, but I cut myself up trying. KO sees the fear in my eyes and now has no doubt to my honesty. KO manages to get him away but now the air was so thick you couldn't cut it with a knife.

RH now had suspicions I had talked, but we had to play it cool. RH came to KO's caravan and asked if I wanted to go shooting out the back, I act normal
and say yes because if I said no he would be more suspicious. I ask KO to come with me but he declines (now I'm like WTF and I am shitting myself).

RH starts asking questions about me and KO and says it OK if I have sexual relations with him. (I am now going WTF). I act cool and say OK and as long as its OK with RH I would do this. RH then tries to lead me to a new
shooting area which I know has many abandoned mine shafts, he is holding the rifle and standing behind trying to get me to keep going. I know this
is a trap I need to get away from this spot, finally KO has come to his senses and comes looking for us, he saved me just in time.

I go back to KO's apartment, he says its too risky and we must get away ASAP or he will kill us, KO devises a plan to trick RH, tell him we are going for a drive together to Tennant Creek 200km north, then make a dash south 300km to Alice Springs.

The air is thick, you can feel the suspense, pure fear of death. We jump in KO's car and head north, we drive for a bout 10 minutes then turn the car around and drive as fast as we can for Alice Springs.
We are driving a ford falcon XC sedan, it has a very tired 250 crossflow engine with a max speed of about 160kmh.

As we pass Barrow Creek on our double back trick we see RH on the side of the road in his Ford F250 he immediately continues in pursuit of us. KO tells
me we don't have a hope in hell of beating him, we have to take a big risk.

Its 12am we can see his headlights approximately 1500 - 2000 meters behind us, suddenly we hear gunfire, RH is taking shots from the window oh his car.
KO turns all the lights off on the car and says we have to drive blind and hope to god he thinks we turned off. We cannot see more than a meter or 3 in front of us.

Anyone who has driven the great northern highway knows this tactic is a death wish, as there is always cattle always on the road.

After an hour we could no longer see RH headlights, KO says its too dangerous to keep driving and pulls off the road, we hide the car is some Bush's and sleep until morning when we make our final 2 hour drive back to Alice Springs.

We made it safely to Alice Springs, KO took me to a close friends house before I went to the police to report RH.

The police did not arrive in Barrow Creek for a further 2 days, by the time they had arrived RH was gone. The station owner claimed I was a liar and
made the story up. Thankfully for KO witnessing RH trying to murder us.

So here I am 13, no school, no work and now I have some serious psychological issues, I blamed myself, I questioned my own sexuality, I had terrible dreams
of him trying to kill me for years. (yeah, you know those dreams where you try to run and move a millimeter) I returned to Perth, as my sister had put her hand up to raise me.

I moved Singleton a small beach village about 15 minutes from Mandurah city. My sister wanted me to go back to school.

Life was good, I made friends at school but realized I had changed. No longer did I care about the petty school yard antics and realized that it has no
reflection on the real world. I did not hang out with the "cool" kids, I actively told them they are childish fuckwits and would not survive in the real world, their reputation means sweet fuck all once they leave school.

I chose to hang with the goofy group, you know the type, they act immature and pretend to be superheroes or were socially awkward due to social stigma.

I thoroughly enjoyed these people, they didn't have any inhibitions they just enjoyed themselves, I didn't care people said I was hanging out with nerds.

Unfortunately this did not last, I had a short fuse, especially if someone picked on a weaker person. I turned one day to see 3 kids pushing a new kid
at school who was over weight, scared and awkward. I watched as these kids surrounded him and push him around, all the while laughing.
I snapped I charged at the loudest kid who was instigating the attack, I surprised him and punched him with everything I had, he launched into a brick wall and was unconscious, I turned on the other 2 and attacked with everything I had, I woke up on
the ground.

The first kid I had attacked had an older brother who saw me attack him so he blind sided me. This led to me being expelled from the school due to my apparently violent nature.

My sister gives in and says she cannot handle looking after me and I move back in with my mother in Belmont,Perth.

I start to look for work, as I am riding my bike around I meet some guys, I started smoking weed with them and they offered me a job as a roof tiler.
I was 14 and now I had a full time job, pay was about $6.00 an hour so it was OK.
It was hard work and these guys worked like dogs, everyday I my hands were cut to pieces from the clay tiles (because wearing gloves was for pussies) I became very good at my job, unfortunately the people I was hanging around were not so good, by the age of 15 I had begun injecting meth-amphetamine and even pharmaceuticals like Ritalin and Dex-amphetamine.

I started to spiral out of control, drugs were eating my psyche. I quit my job and stopped working for those people, I found a new employer who was like a father to me. His name was Greg Hutch. Under his guidance I grew to quit all drugs and was becoming very healthy and fit. I felt a part of my life was missing, now my best friend was Greg, who was 40 years old, I had no friends my age and felt like I was missing out on my childhood.

One night my Aunty J, called me and invited me over to dinner. On the way to Dinner she started talking about why my mother left, and why she had flown to Alice Springs years earlier. The reason my mother had approached me to ask me if she could divorce my father was finally apparent, my father had sexually abused my sister. Everything finally clicked, my memories as a child of my father always beating my sister, all of it to keep her quiet.

I made a decision I was going to return to Alice Springs and hang out with my brother for a month or two and have some fun with peers my own age.

Life was great for the first month, I had a girlfriend who was amazing, I had friends but slowly I digressed to smoking weed again... and party drugs started to hit the town.

Within 1 Year there was a sweeping meth industry booming in Alice Springs, I once again became entwined in this.

I became the go to guy in Alice Springs for all things, I had made friends with a meth cook, I was 16 with an unlimited supply of drugs and a lot of money. This would continue in a downward spiral for the next 2 years. The drugs took over my life and I lost some parts of myself along the way. (please note I never stole or injured anyone during this time) I did however ruin many people's lives by introducing this life to them, I seen girls reduced to prostitution after 6 months of using, people lost their families, none of us got out without the scars to show for our time.

If any of you out there recognize who I am and remember me, I am eternally sorry for not waking up earlier and bringing you along for the ride, I was fucked up, but it was weak of me to drag you with me.
DS buddy I am so sorry, i know you are still fighting this addiction, I am so sorry mate, I will do anything to help you out bro, I am here anytime.

18 Years old, I wake on a hospital bed, I have no memory of how I got there.
A doctor approaches " Hi, you are one very lucky guy" he says to me. The doctor proceeds to tell me I had a severe anaphylactic shock and died, they were very
lucky to revive me (well I was lucky). Someone had laced my drugs in hopes of killing me (Yes, I know who you are, I know why you did it).

I went home that day and broke down to my brother and said I cannot continue this life, I quit meth that very day and never looked back. I started my own landscaping business and was keeping myself busy, I was reasonably happy but hated the town of Alice Springs, there was nothing to do, so everyone was on drugs.

I made a decision to move to another city with a friend, her name was Melissa. She was gorgeous
and I admit I had a bit of a crush on her but nothing serious would ever come of that.
I moved into her house in Adelaide and started to build a life.
As the universe would now show me it has other things planned.
My friend Melissa started working for a Notorious Biker Gang "The Gypsy Jokers", she was fooled by their manipulation and soon enough was working as a skimpy bar maid. (girl at a bar who serves you drinks in sexy underwear.) This led to her dealing drugs for them and ultimately becoming a statistic.

This led to our house being watched and eventually me being homeless due to her affiliation.

This is where I found myself 19 Years old, a homeless, ex-drug addict, 3 murder attempts, sexually
abused, physically abused, broken family, person walking the streets of Adelaide.

Now remember that advertisement I laughed at and tempted the universe... all of it had come true.

I remember I was walking in a park in North Adelaide, I dropped to my knees and balled my eyes out, I had not cried like this.. well ever.
After an hour of so, I felt a calm and sense of peace
overcome me. " Dude WTF, I have a healthy body, I live in one of the luckiest countries in the world, my feet are planted firmly on this earth. Get the fuck up.

I called my mother that afternoon, we had not spoken for awhile, I was known as the fuck-up drug addict of our family and I did not expect to be able to ask for help. I asked her for a plane ticket to fly back to Perth.

The next Day I found myself in Perth, it was time to start again.

I found work as  roof tiler and eventually went back to work for my old employer Greg.
During my employment with Greg, I met a Japanese girl called Akiko, her English was terrible. but we managed
to communicate somehow. You know when you look in someone's eyes and know they have a big part to play
in your life, well this was Akiko. 3 months later I proposed to Akiko, we were married when I was 21.

Life was fun, we traveled between Japan and Australia, working on getting her residency visa.

Anzac Day 2005, I am enjoying the day off with my wife when the phone rang, a good friend from Alice Springs was on the phone, as I answered the phone I hear him scream "Call the fucking Hospital your brother has been in an accident" He then hangs up.

I call the hospital in Alice Springs and ask to talk to a doctor, after explaining who I was he then asked me if I was alone. I told him that my wife was with me. His words that followed will be forever etched in my brain " I regret to inform you that as of 2:55pm BF was pronounced dead on arrival to Alice Springs Hospital."

He was out riding his motorcycle and had a head on collision with a 4wd vehicle. He broke his neck instantly.

Life rolls on, we started a cleaning business and things were rolling along well. At 24 we had our first daughter,
Nauiscaa (pronounced Now-Ish-Ka) and at 26 we had our second daughter Alicia.

I had to close the cleaning business due to a collapse in the property market in Perth and was lucky enough to get a job with an oil and gas transmission company through a friend. I was earning great money and was reasonably happy.

I pursued this career into cathodic protection systems and pipeline repairs, I wanted to change employers as I was not happy at this company anymore and I started working with one our sub contractors.

This company did Underground Service Locations and Geophysical Investigations.
I fell into this job very comfortably and found my passion in geophysics, I stayed in this company for 2 years until the owner became ill and his daughter inherited the company.
I resigned at this company as I did not agree with the new owners business ethics.

I was offered a position at a small company, well it was even a stretch calling it a company, there was 1 guy, his name was Matt and a couple of people behind the scenes who were share holders, it was quite convoluted now that I look back.

As I progressed with this company my reputation
had preceded me and I was getting a lot of contracts based on my experience. Matt, however also
had a reputation preceding him, only it was one of bad workmanship and lies.

The company started to spiral down, but my contracts continued and soon enough I was only person
bringing an income to the company. It was decided that I and another current shareholder, we will call
him MT would buy out the other shareholders and I would lead the company forward.

I went to the bank and borrowed all the money I could and invested in the company.

Within the first year I had grown the company to have 10 full time employees, we became a major
player in the Industry. The previous year entire sales figures was $400,000.00, we did over
3 Million in sales.
I was working 15 - 16 hour days, cultivating the company, steering it, guiding it to my vision. but remember everything comes at a cost....

During this time when I was working 15-16 hr days, I had not been there for my wife or family, I was concentrated on making our investment back and giving my family the best in terms of wealth. During this period my wife had an affair with another man.

This is probably where the universe decided there's more I needed to learn, I went into damage control, I tried being the perfect Dad, the perfect Partner, the perfect boss.

All of us know that just not possible to maintain, after 1 year of marriage counseling and all efforts, the relationship broke down, in the throws of this my ex attempted suicide numerous times.

January 1st, 2014.
I make a new year resolution to better myself, I had let myself go with regards to my health, I was 20 kg overweight, unfit and burnt out. People said I looked 40 when I am only 30.

I had now grown the company to about 15-16 employees and placed managers in place and tried disconnecting
myself for a couple months so I could heal myself and get my life in order. The company is still
very successful.

Over the next 2 months I work on average about 6 hours a day, I ensure our contracts are still coming in and everyone has work and the profits are doing well.

I have arranged custody with my EX, I have the girls 3 nights a week, its hard but I can cope.

April 4th, I get an email from my business partner. He wants to declare dividends from the company,
I disagree with this action, as it is not in the interest of the company to be declaring such a large amount, it would mean the company would be insolvent on cash flow, he insists saying he will lend
the money back as a loan and charge interest. I do not agree.

April 11th, I receive an email stating there is to be a directors meeting.
I wait in my office, I am approached by my business partner and managers. I am then verbally attacked in such a way, that I am just in shock. The other owner then states he is removing me as director, and terminating my employment from my own company. WTF !!! Turns out in the share holders agreement there was a clause that gave this guy the final vote.

So I am sitting there just going WTF, I have performed my duties as managing director, the company
is successful, I am being evicted because I do not agree to dividends.
Now I know how MT got rich, he has zero ethics and is only interested in money. I do not understand as he has already seen 300% return after the first year on his investment.

I have got legal advice, basically yes he is in the wrong but it would cost me $200,000.00+ to fight him,
he is already a multimillionaire worth in excess of 10 million. So fighting him will only lead to
me going broke. A rock and  hard Place ... so they say.

I was negotiating a deal in which he purchases my shares from me, I received a phone call today 14/5/2104,
he no longer wants to pay our agreed price due to the company is collapsing. Within 1 month of me no longer in control they have already lost $2 million in major contracts and laid off 5 staff.

So basically now my share price has dropped to nothing, and I will be lucky to walk away with anything.

Was a homeless, drug addict, 3 murder attempts, sexually
abused, physically abused, broken family, built a company, lost a wife, lost a company.

Well I hope you enjoyed this little story into the madness that is my life, I would not change a thing.
I have learned so much and become a much better person because of these trials and tribulations.
Please note, I am not after any pity or sympathy. I hope through my tribulations and story some of you might see life is amazing regardless of what hardships life throws at you. The Human Experience is amazing !!!

I am doing amazing regardless of these bumps in the road, I have had amazing job offers that will lead
me to new and exciting things.

My motto in life : We live in an infinite universe of infinite possibilities. We have infinite potential.
Believe in yourself and cultivate your own future. hold a vision in your head and make it happen.

Jonathon Fitzgerald
A Person.


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