Mindless Behavior Love Story Chapter 1 l

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

This about four best friends who's dreams might be coming soon ...

(Jessica's Pov.)

It was finally the last day of school and I just wake up and that lazy ass, Vannessa, over there still sleeping and we're already 20 mins late. I gotta wake this girl up. (End of P.O.V)


Jessica got dressed first.


Vannessa: Damn what do you want!!!???

Jessica: Its the last day of school and you're still in yoo Hello Kitty pajamas ..

Vannesssa: Oh shiit my math teacher gonna curse me out !


Vanessa got dressed and started the walk to school. Their school is 15 mins away soo.

Vannessa tries to rush pass her match class but gets caught by her teacher

Mrs. Smith: Excuse me Miss Vannessa !

(Vanessa's P.O.V)

Oh hell naah God this is your time please get me out of this I don't want get a load of homework or a DAMN SUMMER DEVOTION!!(End of P.O.V)

Vanessa: Yoo Misses Sssss

Mrs.Smith: Umm Vannessa its the last day of school and your math class was 1 hour ago .... 

Vannessa: Umm I'm sorry but there wasa 106 & Park marathon last night and I couldn't resist hearin MB singin AYEEE MY GURRRL MY GUURL SHE LOVESSS MEEEE!!!

Stops and look at the floor

Mrs.Smith: Well since its the last day of school I won't give you the usual detention or book of homework ... Have a nice summer!

Winks at Vannessa ..

Vannessa: Thank you so much and you have a nice summer too!! See ya cause I'm out WAAACHAAAAA!

She walks out heading to the line of vending machines. 

In the cafeteria with Jessica..

(Jessica's P.O.V) I wonder where is Vannessa, Kate or Lexi. They should be out of history by now sine we have 32 minutes more I think I'll take a walk around the school and get some more fresh air ... (End of P.O.V)

Jessica walks to the front of the school and then walks around around the school till she reaches the back and sees Kate's boyfriend beating her up and Vannessa  and Lexi are lying senselessly on the floor. ( She is not being seen) She took up a rusty crowbar sneaked up behind Riley(Kate's boyfriend) and hits him till he becomes unconscious.

Jessica: What the fuck is going on ???

Kate: We got in a fight and Vanessa and Lexi came trying to help but both got hit in the eyes by his fists.

Jessica: Are you sure??

Kate: Yeaah (In a shy voice)

Jessica: Well you guys need to go the nurse .. You take Lexi and I'll take Nessa ...

At the nurses office.

Nurse: What happened here?

Everybody is silent ...


Submitted: January 07, 2013

© Copyright 2021 MindlessFreakyKidd. All rights reserved.

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