Mindless Behavior Love Story Chapter:1 (By:LayD)

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The story of 8 friends mixing the pot of drama.Ra

Submitted: August 14, 2012

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Submitted: August 14, 2012



Layla:(Jumps onto Princeton)Baby!!! I missed you so..much (Layla Sheds a tear) That tour..was to long

Princeton:(Hugs Layla tight and kisses her on the lips passionatly)I missed you too..That tour was way long

RocRoyal:Okay love birds! (Roc closes his eyes and smiles)

Layla:Oh,shut up and give me a hug! I missed you guys!

RocRoyal:(Gives Layla friendly hug) Now wheres my girl

Prodigy:Wheres Mine

RayRay:No I'm looking for Mine!

(Aurora,Denise and Cassandra run down the stairs and give the boys hugs and kisses)

Layla:And..this is the place we will be staying the whole summer!

RayRay:Damn this place is hot!There's a beach in back! 4 bed rooms 3 bathrooms,Marble kitchen,Hawwain style dining set man this place is swaggie

Aurora:You got that right babe

Layla:(Layla stares at them and smiles) Bedrooms....(Layla runs upstairs and gets her and her boyfriends room)

Layla:Ooo wow babe look at this bed it huge and it has a bathroom in it and look how big this tub is! And babe look at this closet

Princeton:Damn baby I think we got the best room

RayRay:Our room is smashing too though!

Prodigy:I'm focused on this game room...Ooo they have Call Of Duty:Black Ops'

RayRay:I bet I'll kick your A-DOUBLE SNAKES

Princeton:Not if you put that on Three players!

Denise:Well babe can i borrow three-hundred dollars,I'm gonna go shopping

RocRoyal:Damn it babe!!! We just got here give it a rest your suppose to be unpacking with the girls

Denise:Ugh! there so lame

RocRoyal:Hay!!! Stop why dont you use your all money instead of using mine

Prodigy:Guys Stop.

RocRoyal:No she's always acting like a golddigger

RayRay:Maybe she is.

Prodigy:Yeah I know right!

RayRay:Aye yo Denise that's my bro right there and he puts alot of work in for that dough!You can't just take it and spend it all like it's nothing

Denise:What ever guys he is just being cheap

Layla:Listen...BITCH! That's my best friend your calling cheap,Now he puts work in for your ass so you better respect him so how LAME IS THAT!

Denise:Whatever........(Denise mumbles under her breath) Bitch..

Cassandra:You know what girl I got this


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