Mindless Behavior Love Story Chapter:2 (By:LayD)

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8 Friends mixing up the pot of drama.

Submitted: August 14, 2012

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Submitted: August 14, 2012



(Cassandra tumbled around the room grabbing Denise's hair)

Prodigy:Let her hair go!Let it go

(RayRay jumps over the couch and tries to break up the fight)

RayRay:Can Yall stop!

Layla:Oh hell no she just punched my Bestie!

(Layla jumps in) 

(Layla slaps Denise  right in her face as her hair is being pulled)

Princeton:Babe stop! (Princeton grabs Layla's waist and pulls her back)

RocRoyal:Oh shoot wheres Ray

RayRay:Ahhhh she got my braid!!!

(They all jump in and stop the fight)

Layla:Denise get your shit and leave you don't belong here anymore

(Denise runs up stairs crying )

Aurora:I got your bags packed for you

Denise:Whatever Roc!!!! Your always so busy you never have enough time to spend with me

RocRoyal:Don't bring up that old shit

Denise:I'm tired of fighting Okay!!!!! Just stop!!!! I'm leaving

(RocRoyal throws his hat on the floor and starts messing with his hair angrily)

Aurora:Roc its ok (Aurora consoles roc and gives him a hug)

Layla:It's okay roc

Roc:No it's not okay!!!This is all because of some money.

Cassandra:That bitch was just a golddigger!It's always about the money and last year she brung up some Dramatic shit talking about you never spend time with her.You skipped rehearsals and meeting for her!!Ugh I hate that bitch!

Prodigy:Lets just all go eat and settle down

Layla:I'll cook,Yall know I love cooking!

Cassandra:Me too girl

Layla:Yeah you no I can make a mean peach cobbler

Cassandra:And I can make homemade Vanilla Icecream

RocRoyal:OOoo damn My mouth is watering

Prodigy:Damn Mine 2


(Layla and Cassandra giggled)

Layla:How about you guys go wash up and We will bring your meal to you.

Cassandra:Roc I have a friend for you

Princeton:OOoo Roc!

RocRoyal:Can't wait to meet her

Cassandra:Okay let me call her she talks about you all the time

(Cassandra dials the number)

Melony:Hey girl whats up?

Cassandra:Oh nothing me and Layla are just throwing down in the kitchen

Melony:Oh snap I miss Layla tell her I said sup

Cassandra:Ahaha she said HEEEYYY GIRRRLLL!!!!! hahah her ratchet as.

Layla: I heard that! hahahahahahaha


Cassandra:Wanna come over some one wants to meet you



Melony:Oh shoot I'll be right over it's right behind the beach right


Melony:I'll be over!

Cassandra:KK! Bye!

(Cassandra Hangsup the phone)

Cassandra:Roc!! she's on her way



 Layla:All I have to do is sprinkle the crums on top and stick it in the oven

(Layla finally puts it into the oven)

Cassandra: The Icecream has to just freeze

(Cassandra put the cream into the freezer)

(Diiiiing dong Diiiing dong)

Layla:I got it! (Layla opens the door)

Melony:Ahhhh!!!!!! whats up girl!!!!!!!

Layla:Ahhh whats up!!(Melony gives layla a hug)

Melony:Mmm it smells good in here

Layla:Your smelling my peach cobbler

Cassandra:and my vanillla iceccream

Layla:It's probably ready!

(Roc comes down  stairs rubbing his wet hair with  nothing on but a towel around his waist and jordan flipflops)

(Melony stares at roc in slow motion she kept her eyes on his wet chest)

(Roc glares at Melony and looked in her big hazel eyes and her beautiful body)

Layla:Damn..roc...I mean hohum...enough staring let get this desert up stairs to the boys

Aurora:OOoo I'm hungry(Aurora grabs a plate and to spoons) Ohh..ray look what I have

RayRay:Mmm bring all that sugar in this room (Ray closes the door and lockes it)

Layla:\"angry\" ewwww

Cassanda:(Cassandra cracks up laughing and grabs her plate) Prod open the damn door so i can feed you this food!)

Layla:(Layla laughs and grabs a plate)Help your self guys....(Layla sat the desert on the bed)

(Prince got out the showers  with a towel wrapped around him soaking wet)

Layla:You might wanna get back in that shower


Layla:(Layla giggled)BOOM(Layla puts ice cream on princes nose)

Prince:Oh wow! (Prince laughs and puts on his boxers)

Layla:Ewww I'm eatign peach cobbler dear

(Prince grabs her spoon and plate and runs)


Prince:Come get it

(Layla runs to prince and jumps on him)

(Prince drops the cobbler on the bed hold her by her butt)

(Layla kisses him on the lips and plays with his hair,the kiss was soft and slow and warm) 

(Prince lays Lay on the bed and makes out with her)

 (The door starts to open)

?:What the hell!!!!!!!!!!!!



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