Mindless Behavior Love Story Chapter:3 (By:LayD)

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8 friends mixing up the pot of drama

Submitted: August 15, 2012

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Submitted: August 15, 2012



(Prince and Lay moved off of eachother quickly when Grandma Sherl walked in)

Layla:Grandma Sherl!!!!

Sherl:What is y'all doing in here!!!!


(Layla elbowed prince in the ribs)

Layla:Yeah we are practicing kissing for a new play...

Princeton:Wait you didn't tell her yet.

Sherl:Tell me what!? That yall was really getting jiggy and not acting

Princeton:Well yeah..We are all dating in this house,we did this so we can spend more time with each other because we've been on tour,I missed her alot...I can't stand it when I'm not around her.

Layla:Aww baby...(Layla kissed him and gave him a hug)

Sherl:That's sweet...I miss being young did i tell y'all the story when i met ol bill in-

Princeton/Layla:YESSSS!!! 1000 TIMES

Sherl:Oh my bad!I just wanted to tell y'all a boom story



Princeton:It's bomb


(Princeton and Layla was cracking up!!)

Sherl:Well I was just coming to check on you guys and you guys are doing fine to me.


Sherl:Well bye-bye (Sherl walked out the door)


Aurora:Guys let's go to the beach!


(EveryOne got dressed) (10 min ltr)

(Prodigy picked up Aurora and put her over his shoulder)

Aurora:Ahhhhh prod put me down!!!!!

(Prodigy threw Aurora into the water)


Layla:(Pushes prince in water)AHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!


Ray:(Ray picks up Cassandra and Layla and throws them in water)HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ray:Aaayye look at these muscles (FLEX'S)

Layla:Oh so you think that just because you picked us up and threw us in the pool your strong?

Ray:Hell yes

?:Hey Cassandra ( ? put his hands around Cassandra's eyes and kissed her on the cheek)


chapter 4 coming soon questionare time!!!! Who do you think ? is!

Is it A:Cassandra's old and lost boyfriend from kansas that she never broke up with.B:Is Cassandra cheating and got an unexpected arivval

C:Is it just an creep that's trying to ruin there relationship,or D:IS SHE GETTING PUNKED!!!!! @.@ WHATS GOING ON HERE!!! COMMENT your awnser below,It could be anything :)) spread the PEACE!

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