Collecting Butterflies

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You never know when and with whom you'll fall in love with.

Submitted: February 17, 2016

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Submitted: February 17, 2016



I first met him the summer I turned fourteen. Stumbled upon him really, while I was out collecting butterflies. Turned out he was collecting butterflies too.

I had left the park path and followed some winged moths into a clearing and there he stood. He had a sort of Plexiglas cube in his hand that contained several bright yellow butterflies.

He didn’t see me at first. I thought he was dressed weirdly. He appeared to have on a white body suit that fit snuggly on his thin body. I was curious about this strange boy.

“How many butterflies have you collected?” I called out.

The way he jumped shown me he hadn’t notice me approach. He turned his head and looked at me with big, dark mesmerizing eyes. His face was very pale with a tiny nose and thin lips. He was a cutie. I thought at first he was going to run away but he didn’t.

“How many butterflies have you collected?” I repeated.

His face frowned slightly and he tilted his head as if trying to understand me. Then he held up the cube and smiled.

“Four,” he answered, in an accent I couldn’t recognize.

“I’ve not caught any yet,” I explained, “but again I’ve just started.”

I walked up close to him. His skin was so smooth. Almost plastic like.

“Where are you from?”

He again frowned, like he didn’t understand.

“I go to school at Madison,” I told him, “I’m collecting butterflies for a school project in my biology class. What about you?”

“Collecting species for exo-biology class,” he answered. His accent was kind of dreamy.

“That sounds like an advanced class. You must be pretty smart. What school do you go to?”

He nodded and pointed up into the sky. I thought he still didn’t understand. I figured he must be one of those foreign exchange students. I’d never met anyone from another country before.

“Mind if I join you?” I asked.

“No,” he answered. So we spent the next hour chasing butterflies. I learned his name was Edno and while I was collecting butterflies for a school project, Edno was collecting all kinds of species for his home planet.

Now at first I really didn’t believe he was an extraterrestrial. I thought he was just punking me. You know how guys will sometimes say things to a girl to try and impress her?

But when he took me to his ship, well I was quite impressed. Saucer shaped and carbon black he took me inside for a tour. Although it wasn’t very big inside, it did have a lot of shiny objects that floated ghost like over a solid white control board. I guess you’d call them holographs or something like that.

I wanted Edno to take me for a ride but he declined. He said he had to go back to his home this evening but would return next week to gather more species. He asked if I would be back too. I hadn’t planned to but I really liked Edno and said I would meet him here next week.

And so began my relationship with the boy from outer space. Edno taught me some of his language and I did the same for him. I had fun helping him collect butterflies as well as bugs, rocks and plants. He carefully placed each item into a cube.

Edno was a perfect gentleman and it was I who first asked for a kiss. He didn’t seem to understand so I showed him. His lips were soft but tasted of plastic. He was a good learner and soon after much practice kissed me back.

I didn’t tell my parents about him. They wouldn’t understand. But for the next five weeks, I’d go back to the park and to that clearing to meet up with Edno. And he always showed. Until that one day when I waited and waited and he never appeared.

Sadness overcame me as I walked back home, until I glanced up to see a black saucer fly by. Then Edno apparently projected his thoughts into my mind.

My project has expired and I must return home permanently. You have been very helpful and are very special. I may not understand all of your earthly emotions but I’ve understood one. Love. Please always remember that I love you.

Then the saucer vanished along with Edno. I cried but I understood.

Now the years have gone by and I’ve grown up, gotten married, and have had kids myself. I’ve never told my husband or kids about Edno either.

They wouldn’t believe me anyway, but not a day goes by that I don’t think back to that summer and that time I spent collecting butterflies with my boyfriend from outer space.

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