My Wednesday Night

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A story I wrote on Wednesday night.

Submitted: March 13, 2008

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Submitted: March 13, 2008



Once upon a time there were three somewhat adult people named Alex Zack and Mindy. They liked adventure. So one day they decided to take an adventure to the local park to torment some evil children. Their favorite activity was to throw small pebbles at them from behind a bush. The children were so infatuated with their own evilness that they didn’t realize where the pebbles were coming from and this made them very angry, which in turn made Alex Zack and Mindy very delighted! After a long day of tormenting small, stupid, evil children, Alex Zack and Mindy liked to relax by eating lots and lots of ice cream. After eating lots and lots of ice cream Alex and Zack would always make fun of Mindy because she was lacto intolerant. But then Mindy would push Alex and Zack to the ground and sit on them and laugh while they cried out for help through their anguish.

But then! Zack gave Mindy a credit card! She took herself and her credit card from Zack to the mall and bought new jeans, new shirts, new shoes..and even a new bra!

Alex would eventually find a very hot girlfriend and ditch Zack and Mindy because they were not as hot (although quite attractive).

The end


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