Fallen Angel Love

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A story of a girl who lost her dad in the 9/11.

Submitted: December 31, 2011

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Submitted: December 31, 2011





She walks to school with a light glow,

Her hair tied back with a red bow,

Wearing her perfect pretty-pink dress, 

Doesn't relieve any of her stress.


She sits beside a stony wall, 

No one can really see her at all,

But she hides under a brave face,

Nobody knows how much she aches.


At night she hears her mother cry,

She looks up into the starry sky,

Seeing his face in a full moon,

Praying for the afternoon.


In her dreams she sees her dad,

Morning comes, she's still too sad,

Awakening, drenched in a sweat,

It's hard to get rid of the regret.


Filled with grief and depression,

Not sure which is the right direction,

She handles herself,

Like god himself.


At school she is teased,

Will she be forever unpleased?

Sadness spreading wide,

Will she ever confide?


Forming a small circle of friends,

Might put the sorrow to an ends,

Of the crying all night,

And shouting of fright.


Getting happier and happier by the day,

Sometimes takes the sorrow away,

Allowing her to not suffer,

As life gets less and less tougher.


Usually keeping her with humility,

No longer having the stability, 

Of loving a father who is not there,

Or loving a father that can not share.


She still loves him with all her heart,

Even though they are apart,

Him in the sky, 

From Earth she wonders why.


She will always remember,

Their last September,

That taught American's to fear,

Not celebrate and cheer.


When two planes,

Left the remains, 

Of Americans to worry,

And in a hurry.


There is still a hole in her chest,

So may her dad rest, 

In peace, 

For all eternity.

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